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mehr schein als sein..
all schein no sein


I'm going to find that list and not do business with any of them ever again. I suspect quite a few Americans would join me, too.

indeed. I'm going to want that list too. to spread around

Try howtobuyamerican.com


right on! How dare those krauts invest in the US! Outrageous.

So that's what the IGM is! I only see them at PDS rallies in town. I literally always figured it stood for "International Gesellschaft den Marxismus" or something.

@ Ernie,

Guess again, they are probably the most powerful union in Germany along with ver.di Scary, isn't it?

"right on! How dare those krauts invest in the US! Outrageous."

Well, in fairness, it wouldn't do them much good to invest in Germany would it? Although there is an excess of workers there, and a shortage here, it seems easier to produce something here than in the socialist utopia of Germany. I understand that German business is moving a lot of operations to Poland too. Curious isn't it? Why move it out of Germany if the SPD is doing such a wonderful job?

I don't boycott Germany goods. There really isn't much point as there aren't a lot of them around anymore. But DB bought Chrysler! Well, Chrysler bought DeSoto, Packard, Rambler, and AMC. They also had dealings with Renault some time ago. What do all of them have in common? I wish DB well with their acquisition.

Settle down fucher and have a Pepsi. Maybe stop off at Pizza Hut and have a bite to eat. When you finally get a Walmart in your town maybe you can stop down there and shop your way to happiness.


"Schroeder Casts for Votes at IG Metall Ceremony"

In all fairness hes not likely to be candidating for the CDU now is he? I would prefer him to ask for SPD votes than ask them to vote for the NPD.

Of course if the NPD started so openly suggesting that an elite of blood sucking vermin was destroying the German Volk with a secret plan then there would be outrage. In fact if the NPD openly published stuff like this then the very same Uncle Gerhard and the Fishy Fat Man would be calling for a ban and demanding people to make a stand against this populist anti-Semitism, calling them minority extremists and arguing that the mass of the Germans have learnt from the past. Whether NPD or IGM there is no excuse for this rubbish.

But he of course has to ask his "base" for support and pointing out the hypocrisy of this in terms of the adds in the USA and the visit next week is 100% correct. Shame on you Gerhard

One fact has been overseen: The IGM seems to "hate" Schroeder, they even support (inofficially) the leftist party called WASG.

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