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Monday, hopefully.

I don't know if the drawing of Jackson on the banner is useful, lol.

Tabloid blogism. It's your blog guys, but is this really a story worthy of Davids Medienkritik?

Comic relief? Geezus.

Hey, only in America can a poor young black man grow up to be a rich old white woman.

@ beimami:

I'm just going to tell you what I always tell anyone who makes that kind of comment. You are welcome to ignore postings you don't like. I think it is perfectly alright for us as bloggers to have some fun occasionally and do something less serious or off topic. It is our blog after all. Again, if you disagree, you are welcome to just ignore the post.

---Ray D.

Er, why is Vampire-Jacko bending to suck the blood of a tiny Mao? Do I really want to know?

@ Sgt. Mom


That's just so very...sad. If I were a German tax payer, I'd want a refund of whatever goes towards the school system.

Nice to know people are nuts in every part of the world.

Germany fights with everyone.

The best showcase of the crowd outside the Michael Jackson trial was done by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog

Unless I have missed it because its more of a TV subject perhaps, would it be fair to say that the potential on this case for the media to have depicted Americans as absolutely barmy by getting every eccentric Jacko fan out there to make a statement was immense? Add then statements from a few law and order types willing to use the words "kiddy fiddler", "wierdo" and "pervert" while making an issue of his skin colour/ lack of it and the media could have had a field day portraying the USA as a crazy country where Jacko has no chance of getting a fair trial etc...

I didnt see any of these types of programs here myself, nor have I read loads of such articles or even heard anyone much such silly statements in a pub. Perhaps its what I watch, read or who i hang out with BUT I am pretty sure that the media has actually behaved itself and not used this as a chance to trash the USA. Not saying that the media deserve praise for not being anti-American but its nice to note.... unless I missed something?

@PacRim Jim

"Germany fights with everyone."


Well, actually noticed the same thing with the Newsweek hoopla as well. There wasn't much discussion in either way about that on the News here.

I swear that the Michael in that poster slipping that baby some tounge! :)



Well, the trial is over. The supporters can all go back to where ever they came from and Michael can go back to buggering boys.

So you guys here belive that Jackson is guilty i don´t klnow abd don´t care.

But i wait for the official postings bashings about the failure of the american court system etc as you did with the german some days ago.

So here a headline:
with enough money you don´t have to fear justice.
The unfair american sstem from O J Simpson to michael jackson

You belive that such a posting would be not true or simply stupid biased and wrong
That´s true but you guys don´t care when you post the same biased childish shit about germany.

@ anonymous:

Where did we ever say he was guilty? We just wanted the darn trial to end finally...

And as far as the justice system goes: It is true: In every nation in the world those who are wealthy have the advantage. It helps to have money, no doubt about it.

It's just that the German media sometimes makes it appear that the USA is the only nation in which that is the case. In fact, the German justice system has many issues and problems of its own and that is what we wanted to point out.

25 million Iraqis under the boot of a murderous criminal ba'athist regime aren't worth demonstrating over . . . but . . .


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