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No, don't tell us you've been acquired by General Blogs Corporation.

Dum Dum dummmmmmmmmm !!

I hope you guys are aware that some would classify this as torture!

I just can't take it anymore!

You have an exclusive on the Michael Jackson trial?

I don't care what that Grand Jury asked me about you. I'm sure the money was properly well spent, the girls were all 21, the films grainy, and who could believe someone could drink all that champagne?

Must...not...cry out...Must have...patience...is a virtue...AAARGH!

It is funny until someone gets hurt. Then it's hillarious.

You are the target of a unfriendly takeover by Elf Aquitaine?

You saved a bundle on car insurance by switching to GEICO?

Or that Michael Jackson is innocent?

Time check

Aren´t the 24 hours up?

You two must be on one of those European holidays or a 35 hour work week. So I guess we will find out when you are back.

The day time stopped!

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