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Very nice posters :)

Not all fighters are created equal. That should be obvious, but not obvious to non Air Force types is the fact that some fighters are bigger, heaver, better armed (F15) and some are lighter, more maneuverable, more lightly armed (F-22, SU-35, Rafale, Eurofighter). From the first dog fight, smaller, lighter fighters have had the advantage in a dog fight. But take off one F-15 from Britian and fly east, and 4 Rafales from Poland and fly west; 2 of the 4 Rafales will never know what happened, the other 2 will know what happened, but it woln't do any good. The F-15 will watch the whole thing and go home. The F-15 has been shot at a lot, none has ever been shot down. The Eurofighter has never been shot at. Could an F-15 get shot down in a close in dog fight? Yes. Could anyone get into a close in dog fight with an F-15? Never been done. The Retired US Air Force Major in me says that the only pilots who could do it are in the US Air Force.

@ David Funk:

Are you in the right comments section? I think you want the next article down...

@funky dave: diagnosis: brain dead by watching top gun too often.

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