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OT -- Did you see the report on John Kerry today and his grades at Yale University?

Do you remember that Stern (or Spiegel) pro-Kerry article entitled "Zu Klug fuer Amerika?" (Too smart/clever for America?)?

Wall Street Journal's "Best of the Web" has it as its lead story today.


Congrats, everyone. How do you like being trailblazers?

It's Focus that you should really be watching, its online edition easily beats Stern and Spiegel. Today, Spiegel has as top news the CDU/CSU lead in the polls; Focus prefers to concentrate on Hillary Clinton's lead in the US polls, where elections are not that imminent. Focus does have a feature on German elections, showing a grinning communist from the PDS with a title, Is Miss Parliament Back? As if elections were a sort of Big Brother show, or Eurovision song contest... The presumably highbrow Cicero journal is choking on postmodernist literary witticisms on Schroeders suits, Fischers sneakers and Merkels DDR origin. Nobody in German media seems to offer political analysis as such, like, what does China want, how will Japan react, what did we do wrong -- you know the book -- no, just shallow devices to promote useful political idiotism. Politics real fun, real easy!

randlose, can you even READ? It is clear that "This alone tells you they must be good - so check them out" was referring to the site/blog "Achse des Guten" -actually, this is the damn point of those weekly blog promotions by David's Medienkritik. Jeez. Relax, and as for your last sentence, keep your straw men at home already. Do you think you can manage that if you really tried? Practised?

Oh, and only because there is maybe like one good article in some paper in a blue honeymoon doesn't mean we should all swim in crap pretending there is nothing wrong like you do. Not going to happen. Come up with something more substantial if you have a point to make or give it a rest.

@ randlose,

Um, I wrote the post, and I was referring to Achse des Guten. I added the italics because I was trying to be tongue-in-cheek, a little humor. I guess that all went right over your head.

So just to be super clear for you: I would never say that a German newspaper is the only one worth reading just because it praises us. I would also never say that a German newspaper is NOT worth reading because it criticizes us. Alles klar?

---Ray D.

As if trying to prove me right, Die Zeit has published a long story by a photographer-turned-writer (formerly with taz), explaining why one should not vore for Merkel. It has everything about 'biographies', clothing, punk music, whatever, the only thing not there is... politics.

God, I hope that woman makes it. Tell you some, from the number of people I've run accross in my life, some of the best of them came from former East Germany. By pure coincidence, I'm sure, it also tended to be those among them who understood why their people got shot at the wall, and why the thing was there in the first place. Those people I'm talking about could teach a good lessen to a great many of West Germans, including myself. Another one is Ukrainian - when she came here, she didn't speak a single word German. Now she studies the law while serving drinks to guys in the night who themselves think they are done for. I'll be damned if not one day, when she's done studying and drives a nice big car, there won't be at least one person coming up with the usual line "Oh look at those damn foreigners, they got it better than us."

What I'm trying to say here is that if I'm not completely mistaken, Angela Merkel is one of those former East-Germans who actually have an idea where they are coming from, and where they want to go. At least that's my impression from some things she says which you didn't hear from the mouth of most West German politicians. Want to remind here on the open letter of support for example she wrote during the beginning or run-up to the Iraq crises. Tells you she's either mad, or a person with principles. Cause one thing is for sure: She didn't exactly broaden her circle of friends with that one. I believe if anyone can clean up the mess here, she is one of those and can be a blessing for this country with the help of God.

Make that war. Iraq war, not crises. The war was about to start or in the beginning, don't recall now, when she wrote the thing. Was about how America has proven itself to be a force for good and freedom in the past. About what kind of "peace" there is in a country as long as there are people living under a dictatorship. And about how she thought Germany should figure in with all this. I had to read it twice, cause until then, the only other person I knew who shared that view was myself.

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