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Yes I understood just what you were saying.

For that reason I think it was brilliant.

Not much the other side and our "so called allies" can say about that.

Hey guys, how can you have a demonstration without having someone with a rasta hairdo? You all look, well so...normal. ;-)

@ those ridiculing number of demonstrators :

well, you take your usual , run-of-the-mill leftist / enviro demonstration and subract :

- children under 10 years of age, who are being misused by their parents
- professional hardcore protesters, who have been in the trade since 1968
- members of trade unions, Leftist/Communist orgs. , who have got an order to attend
- punks, drunks and rabble rousers ( longing for a fight with police)
- adolescents, who generally are clueless on everything and return home to Mommy afterwards


you will have

about the same number

************************ Protest in Germany? ************************

Ray + David, have you thought about organizing a protest in Germany? It would certainly put you on the map (I mean, even more so than now, if that is possible). The protest in D.C. was valiant and well-organized, you have my utmost respect, but I think a Germany-based protest would be very interesting and possibly more effective. Isn't it time to go to the source? Is there an event, say in the upcoming 2-4 months, that one could target? Like a journalists's meeting, or maybe the Frankfurt Book Fair, October 19-23, 2005? (I've never been but have seem to recall pictures of stands of Israeli protesters last year? Or am I imagining that?) I think the stand format could work out quite well - less confrontational, more informative.

Where were the giant puppets, the misspelled signs, and the protest babes? You could have at least had an effigy of Schröder crawling up Chirac’s ass or something. Some demonstration!

Zu dem Typ mit dem Helm: hätte er das in Deutschland gemacht würde das unter "passive Schutzbewaffnung" fallen und eine Straftat darstellen.

>>"Zu dem Typ mit dem Helm: hätte er das in Deutschland gemacht würde das unter "passive Schutzbewaffnung" fallen und eine Straftat darstellen."

Pfoten weg von dem Typ mit dem Helm. Er ist naemlich Experte in Baumpflege, und hat mir viele gute Tips gegeben, wie ich eventuell aufhoeren koennte, jedes Jahr ein oder zwei von meine Obstbaume umzubringen durch meine dilettantische Behandlung. (Klar, wir haben nicht nur unbedingt ueber Politik gesprochen bei der Demo.)

@ MJ:

Click here.

@ franz:

Click here.

Actually, the small number of protesters attests to the bravery and commitment of these people. After, it doesn't take a lot of guts to stand around in a crowd of 10,000 like-minded people. But to make some noise and make yourself heard with a handful of people - that takes guts and seriousness. Kudos!

After all, ...

@ Ray D:

Thanks for the link, actually I am/was quite aware of that event/protest. Again, kudos to you.

My point however is this: Why not be more *proactive* instead of *reactive*? It's nice to have a kind of reception for George Bush, but in the end that's not really what you're about, now is it? There is certainly a need for big, emotional protests and movements (I don't mean that in a negative way), see for instance what you're organizing at the Checkpoint Charlie monument. My point is that if you want to credibly get the word out about anti-American slant in the German media, in my opinion you need to pick your protest/event wisely. (I mentioned potential mixed messages in the comments about your D.C event). What about a nice, rational, well-planned, coherent event, where you can get the message out at a non-confrontational stand, give out some brochures/bumper stickers/etc., and I am sure get a bit better media coverage? Seriously, I think the Frankfurt Book Fair might be the way to go.

@ MJ:

Fair enough. You've got a good point. We should always look for the most effective and relevant way to spread our ideas. I think the book fair is actually an outstanding idea.

Sorry, fals ich jemandem zu stark auf die Füße getreten bin, aber die Bilder waren nun doch zu rührend....

Nur am Rande, ich bin durchaus pro-amerika eingestellt. Dies bedeutet jedoch nicht, daß man alles und jedes gutheisen muß. Es gib schon einiges, worüber man hier allseits den kopf schüttelt. Fliegen zum Mars, aber den Kreationismus predigen zum Beispiel.

Der IRAK-Krieg war ein tiefgreifender Fehler und eine Verletzung des Völkerrechts allemal. Wie groß der Fehler ist, wird irgendwann dann doch mal eingesehen. Aber wieviele Soldaten müssen noch umkommen bis dies begriffen wird. 1700, 2000, 5000?

Gott sei es gelobt, jetzt gehen aufrechte rechtsgeflügelte "Journalisten" in den Irak um endlich mal "die Wahrheit" zu berichten....

Ich glaube, daß die nach der ersten Mörserattacke ganz schnell die Hosen voll haben werden. Vielleicht verkriechen sie sich ja auch im green belt so lange bis sie wieder heim dürfen.

Und GWB fehlt mir fast. Da hat ers noch mal geschafft und was hört man von ihm...nichts...ruhe sanft....wirkt irgendwie kraftlos. Nichts mit all den konservativen Wunschträumen?

Homos gehen immer noch über die Straße, Darwin wird immer noch gelehrt und bei Gott, die größte Pornoindustrie der Welt is immer noch in Amerika...

Gott sei dank

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