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- 100,000 may seem a little exaggerated, but 20,000 is still a catastrophe. And this isn't a myth (see Iraq Body Count).
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If 100,000 is a "little exaggerated" and 20,000 is a "catastrophe" . . . what is your take on the 350,000 sets of remains uncovered by the Coalition so far?

Haven't heard any of the compassionate "true believers" express an iota of concern in the direction of the criminal hussein regimes victims.
Kind of make one wonder about the depth of your alls concern? Will it last longer than the human shields "concern" did, or will it too fade once it is no longer useful as a dull blunt club to wield against the U.S.A?



My take on the victims of Saddam Hussein's terror regime is the same as everybody else's.

But one interesting question is: How many inoccent people would died since March 2003 (when the invasion started) if there had been a different invasion, one that showed more respect for the people in this region and that didn't have this smack of arrogance and ignorance which further fuels violence instead of fighting it.

If you put out the fire with gas, people won't take your fire fighting ambitions seriously.

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