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You gotta love that perfidious Albion - I wonder what de Villepin's fave would say about the current situation?

When Blair is good, he is very, very good.

A really impressive SOB. Britain has had tremendous good luck in her leaders for almost thirty years.

It makes you wonder what he's going to do when he's not PM anymore.

How come the Brits always get it? Are the French and German innately defective in some way that the just like being depressed sour-pusses determined to go down the path of least resistance indefinitely? Yeah, the 20th century sucked big-time for Eastern and WEstern Europe but if the Brits can pull up their socks and get on with it, why can't the "Euros"?

Hurrah for Tony! He gets it. He is right. May his words be heeded.

They can't get on w/it cos that would mean the English were right all along. They've been fighting each other for 1000 years as to which vision would reign supreme.

The Anglos can't be right.

Because that would also mean America is right.

Interessanter Artikel!


Das eigentliche Amerika I
Rudolf Maresch 20.06.2005

Sam Huntington korrigiert einige der Amerikabilder, die hierzulande Jahrzehnte lang herumgereicht wurden
Es war ein überwältigender Sieg, den George W. Bush letztes Jahr im November eingefahren hat. Und das trotz massivsten Gegenwinds, der ihm vor der Wahl aus New York, Hollywood oder Boston entgegen geblasen hatte. Zudem eroberten die Republikaner die Mehrheit in beiden Häusern und jagten den Demokraten obendrein auch vier Sitze im Repräsentantenhaus und fünf Senatsposten ab. Darunter sogar den des Oppositionsführers Tom Daschle, was es seit über fünfzig Jahren nicht mehr gegeben hatte.

5 years ago, I almost had no respect for Blair. But, man, he has climbed up my respect ranking like a mountain goat on the Everest...

You people are getting too high on Tony. Although he is a better politician and better person than Gerhard and Jacky, Tony doesn't really want to trash the corrupt elitist anti-democratic Euro superstate that is dragging the continent down. Tony just wants Britain, not France, to call the tune in Brussels.

@ CJ

Which makes this whole EU business somewhat ridiculous in the first place.

France and Germany "claim" they are for the EU and European unity, but flaunt EU the Stability Pact mandate.

The politicians can ramble on about the EU unity, but the bottom line is the individual country's own interests ultimately will come first, especially, as politicians are want to do, if they want to get re-elected in their home countries. Some people out there act like they are shocked.

You may be right about Tony B. wanting the Brits to call the shots (which he will for six months coming up in a few days), but one thing is for sure: Britain's economy is thriving and receiving investment capital. One cannot say the same for France and Germany's economies.

I've been waiting for this for over sixteen years. Germany is at the Rubicon. Will it cross over and open itself to the real world, reforming itself as it knows it should, or will it turn back, turn inward, and die? Tony Blair and many of us likeminded "liberals" are waiting on the other side to move forward. This may be the last chance for Germany to get it right -- the last metro. My prayers are with Germany and Germans this year that they make the right decisions. There is so much that is right here that it would be a crime to squander it clinging to the past.

The rhetoric from the ideological left will become loud and shrill in the coming months. It already is. One hopes the German voters will see through the mist (warning: pun intended) and give the CDU/FDP a chance to finish up what Schröder started -- in a way that is more effective.

I'm moving on one way or the other, even if I stay here in Germany. I have no more interest in and no more patience for the babbling, hate-filled illusions of the superstitious, ignorant ideologues in this country. Compared to Blair's clear-eyed view of Europe, theirs is medieval.


I would give Germany to the Russians before I give it to a french or british ruled EU superstate.

CJ posts:
"You people are getting too high on Tony. Although he is a better politician and better person than Gerhard and Jacky, Tony doesn't really want to trash the corrupt elitist anti-democratic Euro superstate that is dragging the continent down. Tony just wants Britain, not France, to call the tune in Brussels."
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Just," you say? As if it were that simple.
The difference between a relative free-marketeer and the elitest, dyed-in-the-wool Socialists of Germany and France is not insignificant and will have repercussions for generations. Just like Germany and Frances attempt to "standardize" taxation among the EU would have repercussions for generations.
I think Blair will be eaten alive during his 6 months as the head of the EU. France and Germany have not hit bottom yet. The criminal Chirac and his feckless statist twin Schroeder will not go quietly.
They should show up, humbled, heads bowed and announce to the next G-8, meeting, "Bonjour Je m'appelle Jacque et je suis une socialiste!"
The group would welcome them with a hug, "HELLO JACQUE!" We know you have no control over this!
But first they have to (apparently want to) hit bottom.
So stand by for some spectacular American bashing as they, once again, necessarily shift the blame for their own miserable failures onto the worlds favorite rohrschat blot as election time nears.


PS: Is it just me or has the Euro/American MSM gotten awfully quiet as all the world leader/ Bush supporters who were suppose to be thrown out of office have been re-elected, and the only folks paying a price are those who came down on the side of the criminal hussein regime?

Is it just me or does it seem the preferred story lines of the MSM rarely match the day to day reality out here in the real world?

This is classical Tony stuff. He's better then Jacqy or shredder, but he still remains a "third way" socialist. He still doesn't get it.

Tony : "The issue is not between a "free market" Europe and a social Europe"

I think Reagan must be turning in his grave if he hears that crap. This is the essense of the whole debate, but Tony thinks that's not what it's about ! In a way he's right though : that isn't the issue anymore, the entire world, except Europe (including Blair) understands that free market economics and thus freedom is better then socialism or any other ideal.

Tony : "Of course we need a social Europe. But it must be a social Europe that works."

What a BS !! He clearly means to keep the pampering, but in a way "that works". Well Tony, allow me to tell you something : IT DOES NOT WORK. How many times do these idiots have to run against the wall to understand that ??

Blair is NOT the leader that will make Europe work again. He's some kind of Clinton amicable guy, speaks well etc, but he's just a classical power etatist politician like all the rest.

Tatcher is the only Brit that would have made sense in this debate; all other sensible politicians are situated at the other side of the Atlantic. The Americans must be dying of fear from Europe, BRRRRRRRR.

Tony Blair is a great man, in the right place at the right time. Europeans, and the rest of us, are lucky to have him. The EU statist model is not sustainable. What is the good of a comprehensive social system if it is not sustainable, if it is only going to last a generation or two? (If they are lucky). Blair is completely right about reforming the EU. The only other options, doing nothing or doing more of the same things that caused the problem in the first place, will only lead to chaos and ruin.

Blair delineates his principles and stands by them, as much as a politician qua politician can do. The others--what were their names?--are common weathervanes that spin creakily with each momentary zephyr.

This is Melanie Phillips' as always interesting opinion:
"In the fight to defend democracy from supra-national institutions that undermine national parliaments, Mr Blair is still firmly on the wrong side."

...nice picture mirror, I think it's a reflection we see...of thee...

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