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Welcome to the US, Hermann. It's good to have people like you here, showing the world by simply going to work every day that freedom, opportunity and hope are the three things America has over the sad sacks like Germany and France. It's just too bad you're going to be vilified for it over there.

While I echo Gary, I wish it wasn't just the ex-pats who felt that way. If the politics of childishness were set aside and the chancellor would talk straight with the Germans about Germany, as oppossed to talking cross with them about america, they might get something done. The seems dismally far off at the moment.

I am a german citizen as well, living in California since 1992, and love this country. During the run-up to the Iraq war, it became clear that 'Germany' no longer represents my interests as a german citizen. At times, I was ahamed of being 'german' because of he hateful rhetoric coming not only from the Schroeder and clan, but also from the looney left in Germany. I also have applied to change my citizenship to shed my german natonality. America has offered me more opportunities than Germany ever has during my lifetime. I will never hesitate to defend the interests of the USA rather than that of Germany. Obviously, Germany has forgotten all the good deeds of American soliers etc..

@Inge Maras-Crutchfield and Herrmann G.

Welcome to America. You do us proud by choosing to become Americans. Best Wishes and good luck to you.

I couldn't agree more with what is written here. I'm in a particular position, because I have both French and German citizenships! Luckily, I've studied in the USA and now live in Taiwan. I continue to vote to make things change, but I'm definitely not going back as long as these States tax far more than half of what you're making.

Welcome to America. We're proud to have you.

I second that welcome to all concerned.

Hermann and Inge,

yes welcome to the US. I just returned home from Germany after twenty years. I don't mean to whine, but I really wish that some Germans had welcomed me to Germany as you guys are truly welcomed here. Call it a human flaw, but it's a nice feeling to know you are welecome.


I fully understand your thoughts, and I have to say this about German people: There was always a dismay towards 'other nationalities'. I remember well while I lived there, not to mentioned the 'names' germans had for other immigrants, contrary to the behavior of America towards immigrants. It always bothered me, but knowing that many Germans were hostile towards other nationalities is nothing new. This is what makes America so great, and its people so 'loveable', as long as you are hardworking, honest, and open minded, America is the dream country. Sorry for posting this, it has nothing to do with the IG German Metal issue, I just wanted to express my warm regards to Trish.

Thanks Inge

I would like to say thank you to all the positive comments to my post I read on the web site.

When I left Germany, I had no intentions of leaving Germany for good, just to see the world, which I did a fair amount. When I got to California, I simply recognized a good thing and "forgot" to move on.
When Germany "fell into the wrong hands" (democrats), the decision to stay became easy.


About three hundred years ago, my ancester, Heinrich Funck was kicked out of his home in what is today Germany and went to America. His Great-Great Grandfather was kicked out of Switzerland about one hundred years before. For the last 5 years I have lived in Germany working for the US Army. For the first two years, I wondered about seeking German citizenship. Those days are gone. As one friend has remarked, in 50 years, Germany has gone from National Socialism to Socialism. People around the world like to say that they like Americans but hate the American government. I have found Germans to be generally very nice people, but in the last few years the German government has managed to convince Germans that they should hate Americans and the American government. The combination of Socialism, hate of everything American, and the poor performance of their economy, due directly to governmental control, has put Germany squarely in the camp of.. of... Cuba. One day we will find German vacations to be very reasonably priced, though the help staff at the hotels and restraunts a bit unhelpful. Meanwhile, a vacation in Warsaw will be fun and exciting if a bit expensive.

It will be the Poles vacationing in Germany - using their economic power to live large as guests of the social welfare disaster on the Rhine

Trish, I am an American who lived in Germany from 1979 to 1992. I had the same experience as you. You are not the only one who felt unwelcome there. And that in spite of being the "poster" immigrant: I loved Germany, I spoke fluent German, I even in my silly youthfulness thought of becoming German. I am back now, and feel like I "dodged the bullet" by not staying, considering how much MORE anti-American they have become. Sad.

David: Great Blog.
Hermann and Inge: Welcome to the US with me in abstentia since I am presently -- where else -- in Germany.
I'm a US serviceman, I've been here since 1981 and I can tell you that anti-Americanism was not always so common. The Reagan years were a little rough with so many of the looney left violently protesting against cruise missiles, Pershings, etc. although this was not a uniquely German experience, see CND and others. From my experience, the high point in US-German relations was during Bush 41.
During Clinton the Germans were too busy with themselves. The relationship was neglected on both sides, but certainly not yet bad.
IMHO, Schroeder sacrificed the trans-Atlantic relationship at the alter of domestic political expediency to win an election. And this was easy for him to do, as the German media, trade unions, SPD, and Looney Left have consistently portrayed the US as the bad guys, and -- I'm sorry to have to say this, but the typical German voter is a sheep just waiting to be told what his opinion is supposed to be.
Culturally, economically, politically, demographically... Germany is on the absteigende Ast. Hard to be an optimist here. All the optimists emmigrated.

Hermann, I am very sad to read such a rather pessimistic estimation of
You, concerning things here in Germany.
You are right with every single word!
For me it is a very frustrating experience to see, how this '68er generation'
drives the whole country into a complete desaster.
There used to be a generation of sober-minded, hard working people, who were not at
all anti american; but they are about to vanish. This was the
generationof our fathers (I'm 41), that created the so called 'Wirtschaftswunder'.
Almost half of the people of my generation, however, has abandoned those virtues
and still dream of a welfare state; as if the eastern part of the country had
not suffered under a socialistic experiment for over 40 years. IMHO this
behaviour is the result of a long time brainwash by german media, which I blame
a lot for many of the problems, we have to face here.
Still, this is my country, I love it's landscapes, I like most of its people;
and let me please tell you, that there still are a lot of very hard working people
here, who are not at all lacy, dumb or even weasels, as we are often called in the U.S.
Thank You for Your attention.

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