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She's right to point out the convergence of the reds and the greens (Islamicists, not treehuggers). But I've got to say that there's no better way to make an argument seem trivial than conveying it via Powerpoint (or a powerpoint-style) presentation.

@Anton V
Ha, thats the same I thought. This thing is so ugly it reminds me of the dull business presentations I have to see every week at work. If you have nothing to say, say it in Powerpoint. So presenting an important issue in that manner is not a good idea.

A highly problemativ presentation. It shows Israeli boders not even Sharon would claim and it grossly exaggerates the extension of Muslim majority areas (more that half of India!, a country where only a few districts are dominates by Muslims).

Have to agree with the criticism I am afraid.
Anyone who is convinced by a PPP is likely to be equally as convinced by a different one any time later.
This is a great little site though with a well informed intro presentation:


And, because it can never be linked enough in my opinion:


Is it safe to assume you are critiquing on style because you pretty much agree with the substance, even if the borders need some adjusting?

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