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Has this anything to do with politically incorrect observations on reporting in the German media? Anyway, please enjoy the march and let's hope it will do some good.

btw. Why is it a "March Against Terror" but not a "March For Peace" (or Freedom)? I'd prefer that one.

"Has this anything to do with politically incorrect observations on reporting in the German media?"

This might be the only place you will hear in the German media of anyone willing to protest for the WOT (Apart from the Mainzer elite Krawallos of course:-)) The media here shows "good" activists vs "dumb bad" uncaring cowboys. Anyone who shows enough dedication to go on the streets has to be anti-Bush in this media landscape with very few exceptions. Especially sad is that the Iraqi demos against terror never seem to get reported. Guess they just dont fit the overall picture that is being portrayed.

I don't hate all Americans. Just 51% of them.

Biased reporting in the German Media??? I guess you consider yourself the embodiment of objectivity.


Here's something great about the Bush. At least the hypocrite is consistent, and is hypocritical not only in foreign policy, but also in domestic issues. Here is a great example of Bush masquerading as a Good Christian.


what a loser, as Helian would say.

Well, I'm not from the US so forgive my ignorance, but as far as I know there's still no secret police monitoring the bedrooms of the American people. You however seem to be one of those who'd rather burn down all churches before accepting that there might be someone somewhere with values YOU do not like. Get a life Jason. You seem to get pretty easily worked up over things. No surprise you are of the angry left - they can't deal with hard times. Just one tip: It will not just go away, regardless how often you close your eyes and wish for that.

(OT, but I think it fits quite well)
Here´s an article with a picture from last Sunday´s neonazi-demonstration in Munich. The nazis are those in the middle :-).
And you think you had a hard time in Mainz, Ray&Co ;-) ?

Wish to be there but unfortunatley I am "imprisoned" in Germany...pretty the same situation as in the awesome movie Shawshenk Redemption...
Have a great time in Washington D.C. and show us the photos you`ve taken there!


Ch. Arm

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