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Everything you wrote about, I experienced too! I moved to Germany in 1979, and left in 1992. I started out loving the place, the architecture, the language, everything. As time passed, though, I noticed that not a day went by, when anti-Americanism was not hurled at me. Eventually I couldn't take it any more, and left. Left a very good job, with great benefits. People here in the States thought I was crazy and/or stupid for having done that. Nobody understood. It was kind of lonely in that regard. But I never wavered, not once did I regret coming home, even during the tough times. Glad to hear others have made this journey too. Too bad I didn't know you while I lived there.

They hate capitalism and they think Karl Marx is #3 on the list of greatest Germans of all time (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/3248516.stm)?

No wonder they have 12.5% unemployment.

Ohne Fleiss kein Preis.

If the German ruling class choose to portray Americans as hook-nosed bloodsucking vermin, I suppose that is their privilege, even if it is in exceedingly bad taste.

However, when push comes to shove, I am blissfully certain that Yanks will not react in the same manner as the last group that was so caricatured.

@ Joan,

The funny thing is that I am feeling more and more like a real human being the longer I am here (back home). I don't expect everyone around me to agree with my views. The great thing is that you can agree to disagree and enjoy the discourse. If people disagree with me they explain why and for about 8 weeks now those who disagree with me no longer base the difference in opinion on my being a big bad stupid uneducated captialist pig and now locust - American. And you know what I like it!

An American who has a smile on her face again!!

Those profit seeking, job creating foreign investors have once again struck at the heart of the social welfare state. One can only ask, “Is there no social justice left in Germany?”

The chairman and chief executive of Deutsche Börse, the operator of the Frankfurt stock market have been forced to resign.

One might ask why and the answer is they wanted to pay too much to take over the London Stock Exchange. This was a waste of shareholder value. They pushed ahead with this takeover plan. This was done in typically German manner on the assumption that support from Deutsche Börse's own shareholders could be taken for granted. What Mr Seifeit, the CEO of Deutsche Borse, hadn't appreciated was quite how much his share register had changed. Most the shares now are held by non Germans.

So the restructuring of Germany continues.

Another example for those protectors of mediocrity to attack the "Anglo-Saxon model" of economics.

>Date: Thu, 12 May 2005 11:31:13 +0200

>Will the German Disneyland be this year's winner in the political "Basket Case of the EU Awards"?
>You are leading the competition. Congratulations!
>Since you despise capital so much, maybe you could fund all those lovely
>workers benefits with the tremendous farm subsidies you pay the French.
>It would be a win /win situation.
>You get more money for your workers and increase membership in your union.

>And the French would become serious contenders for the Basket Case award.
>Go for it!


You are too pessimistic,
Germans are like New York Times journalists. Dumb liberals. No reason to lose one's temper. Stay cool , counter with facts and friendly questions, you'll realize soon they just know Jack Shit.

Guido Westerwelle is right this time, but he's a smoothie,too. If there was a genuine right wing party here like the Republicans or a newspaper like National Review we wouldn't have these problems.
There are pinkos everywhere, but no real counterweight round here.

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