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OT: David - more eeevvvilll Bush American hegemony.


....Tales of old

And Germany, by all accounts, is struggling. Plagued by persistently high unemployment figures and unpopular social welfare reforms, it's hard to shake a collective smile out of the older generations who recall an altogether more sanguine existence.

Wolfgang Peschel of the German Federal Youth Council said the new wave of self-interest among the younger generation is a direct consequence of having witnessed their own parents' struggles.

"Young people see that their parents have to move because of work, and they see how rare it is to get a job for life," he said. "Because of that, they are looking for a vision which includes security, a relationship and family."

Trend analyst Retzbach says the desire for the family idyll of spouse, children and a house with a garden has been gaining ground over recent years. He said Germany is experiencing a perceptible return to traditional family values in which youngsters are not only willing to wait for a serious relationship before having sex, but in which they have begun looking to the church -- and its intrinsic values -- as a point of orientation for their lives.

But Peschel rejected such claims as unsubstantiated....


I don't know what's happened to the LA Times. This is twice they've sounded reasonable.

Sandy P,

This is an old lefty trick. In this case, but true of others, after supporting Schroeder et al, the Lefties Times is just recognizing the obvious, now they must do damage control to their reputation, like something out of Orwell's 1994. Schroeder is done, no use, to be discarded for the cause. Nothing Lenin, Stalin, Mao wouldn't of done.

The media can be fickle (look at how the some of the German media "turned" on Fischer and Schroeder, the darlings of just a year or two ago).

But, indeed, a rather surprising piece from the LA Times.

Keine Gnade fuer Schroeder! (No mercy for Schroder!)

I'd bet it has more to do with circulation, of which the LAT has some left, than reputation.

Don't flatter yourself, Deutschland. Ninety-nine percent of Americans don't even think about Germany. They one percent that does has generally unfavorable opinions.

@prj: They one percent that does has generally unfavorable opinions.
i couldn't care less.

The LA Times is facing a reduced circulation, it shows on it's editorial page from time to time, but not enough. I can count on one hand the number of copies I have bought in the last year. I used to subscribe but they got to be so far left I had to give it up as it was useless for real news.

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