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The attitude is evident in the Architecture. It is a monument, a kind of denkmahl to the IDEA of work and industry.
A lesson long learned - US Steel (now USX) built a state of the art mill north of Philadelphia just as the steel industry here was collapsing. It was a kind of "Hail Mary Pass" in an effort to stop the industry from moving to asia altogether.
BMW's asia is Slovakia.

to be fair that sort of thing goes on in the States too.. but you are right,
this is hypocrisy of the first kind

Hey sounds like some US State government trying to keep a favored (workers pay lots of taxes) industry in the state from moving to Alabama or Miss. Just on a much grander scale. Welcome to California.

This is sort of on topic. These are some interesting quotes from a recent BusinessWeek article, "Germany: Looking For Scapegoats:"

"Popular hostility is escalating toward private-equity funds, which buy companies or subsidiaries and turn them around. Never mind that the Social Democrat-led government has itself bellied up to the private equity trough, which last year was worth $27.7 billion in Germany. Since 1998, the government has sold two businesses to New York-based Apax Partners Inc. -- Tank & Rast, a chain of Autobahn rest stops, and the Federal Printing Office. The attacks on foreign investors are not about facts so much as emotion. Most of all, they're a desperate attempt by Chancellor Gerhard Schröder's government to cater to red-meat, left-wing voters in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany's most populous state, which includes Gelsenkirchen and hundreds of other hard-hit communities.

"Schröder & Co. are desperate. Polls show the state will fall to the opposition Christian Democrats in May 22 elections, possibly bringing the end of Schröder's coalition government with the Green Party. "[The attacks] are coming from someone who has his back to the wall," says Peter Hammermann, Munich-based managing director of Barclays Private Equity Co. in Germany.

"Why single out foreign buyout firms? It's true they have laid off workers and moved production to Eastern Europe or other lower-cost locations. But Germany's biggest job exporters are blue-chip names like Siemens (SI ) and Robert Bosch.

"Private equity has also helped German companies restructure by providing a market for noncore holdings, often with beneficial effects for employees. Wincor Nixdorf, a former Siemens software and services unit, was floated on the Frankfurt exchange last year after a restructuring led by KKR. Wincor more than doubled its workers after KKR took over in 1999, to more than 6,000, mostly in Germany. Nor is it true that private equity is a U.S. game. More than 80% of private equity funding in Germany last year came from German investors such as banks and insurance companies, according to the German Private Equity and Venture Capital Assn.

"Having fanned the flames, though, the Social Democrats will probably have to make at least a token show of curtailing the buyout firms. "We need incentives to create jobs, not incentives to make a quick buck," says union official Schleu. At the moment, it's hard to convince anyone in Germany that the two might go hand in hand."

OH, the HORRORS? Taxpayer money being used to help creat about 10,000 new jobs! God help us.

Jaba - were taxes lower, the jobs would create themselves.

Sure government subsidies are commonplace in the US as well. Lower corporate taxes would certainly help. But if a subsidy is absolutely required, why not tax increment financing????

Joe N.

I think a few people might disagree with that.

This is all about social justice and the responsiblity of business from the perspective of the European "model"

Have you noticed how the grills of BMW cars
seem to emulate the Hitler mustache

uhhh, Hitler again

How the Germans determine and implement their form of social justice is a matter for them to determine.

Here is another way to look at these 10,000 jobs.

You could have purchased a 300K annunity for each worker. At a 3% annual rate of return this would have provided an annual income of about 20K per year for 20 years.

nice try joe, but it doesn't work

Have you noticed how the grills BMW cars ...

Actually no I had not. I still don't....

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