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Thanks Niko, we've updated the article to read "2 to 5 years."

---Ray D.

Wow, Antje Vollmer...what a babe! Heidi Klum, Michelle Hunzinger, Britney Spears, MOVE OVER!

Funny, Miss Chador Vollmer...

on your webpage you don't seem to like the "Kopftuch" so much


As for the rest: She really sets new standards for bullshit.

Like Vollmer's pic. Notice she's using her left hand to keep her right arm from saluting. (Her right hand is ready to go.)

Wow. Please tell me she doesn't act in any James bond movies, or have a shoes with switch blades in the tips of the soles.

As for her statements, I used to think Spiro Agnew was one weird sucker, She easily surpasses any of his weirdness. A grade a kook.

The worst thing is that Ms. Vollmer's ravings are representative of much of the German Left.

Hey, this conspiracy goes ever deeper. Here's an item from January 24, 2003, before the Iraq war. THEY were trying to silence Scott Ritter.
Crimen Falsi Blog:

Posted 7:36 AM by Omnibus Bill

Yadda yadda yadda?

Scott Ritter claims it's all a big conspiracy to silence him. Yeah, he's so right. The administration is using kiddie porn and child molestation charges to silence the anti-war movement. I suppose the arrests of Pete Townshend and R Kelly on similar charges were for the same purpose -- to silence their opposition to the war.

Sure Ritter's right - he must be. It never has anything to do with their buggering little kids or knocking boots with 14 year old girls you meet on the internet. Just like Martha Stewart's insider trading investigation has nothing to do with Sam Wachsal giving her inside information to help her sell before a precipitate drop in Imclone prices. It's just a typical prurient Ken Starr type witch hunt about sex. I'm betting Jeffrey "I'm His Wife Now" Skilling is wishing that he could have used this excuse.

One wonders, how long before some Colombian drug lord figures out that if he registers Democrat, publishes a political blog and screws sheep, that he will be able to assert that as a defense to drug trafficking and murder charges... "Yeah, sure I am Carlos, and I killed her. But thees eenvesteegations is just about dee sex and dee Republee-can weeetch hunt. Ken Starr, esse. Ken Starr."

The New York Times would buy it, that's for sure.

On the other hand, it's not like Ritter had much to say. It was just the same old tired message - Saddam's a good guy, no weapons here, millions of kids suffering -- and it's all the U.S.'s fault. If I wanted to hear that I could watch anti-U.S. demonstrations on C-Span. At least some of the dippy hippy chix are okay to look at, once you turn the sound down. And at least the (oft naked) hippy chix aren't lying about their sexuality.

On the other side of the coin, why can't the Republicans have any good sex scandals? An "R" gets outed as cheating on his wife, he quits Congress. Why the hell don't the "R"s fly the "It's just about sex" excuse? Oh well, I'd better stop making this argument or my S.O., if she reads this, will think I'm making plans.

The Neo-cons have to stop the threat of Pete Townshend and R Kelly. Man, those guys are smart.

She's got a very self-satisfied smug while wearing the hijab. This proves to me that leftists in Europe, particularly the Greens, are exceptionally stupid people. They think living under Islamic tyranny is "cool", preferable to western-style democracy.

Two actual Newspaper Articles about Islamism and the German Government (in German Language)


Great find!

I (futilely, I know, Greens are impervious to logic) blogged about it, with a brace of glaring sore thumb facts that totally unravel the entire moonbat theory (like, hmmm, didn't the pedophile scandal kick off about 20 yrs ago when Dubya was still on the sauce and Rove still had hair?)


From the Australian paper “The Age” February 18, 2005:
“Late last year, police in the Democratic Republic of Congo decided to find out if it was true that United Nations peacekeepers and aid workers were raping girls as young as 12.
They set up a sting: a child was sent to the home of senior UN worker Didier Bourguet, who was thought to be among the worst offenders.
Bourguet allegedly tried to have sex with the girl, prompting police to raid the house. They found his bedroom set up like a film studio for making pornographic films. There were mirrors on three bedroom walls, and on the fourth wall, a camera that Bourguet could operate with a remote control.
On his computer, they allegedly found dozens of videos and photos of him having sex with children. In one photo, tears are rolling down the face of a victim.”

Now I understand the real cause of Didier Bourgeuet’s problems, the United States. Its much more logical to believe that the US government set up a senior UN worker in the Congo than to believe a selfless UN official could establish a kiddy porn studio to take advantage of refuge children.

Anyone reading Bat Yeors new book - "Eurabia"?

(1) Since when did the Greens give a damn about the Catholic Church?
(2) Jacko is black? Could've fooled me. I though maybe it was just a goth thing.

It all makes sense to me now. Cohn-Bendit was a CIA agent the whole time...

There's really nothing new about any of this. This is more Great Powers stuff, which has been going on for centuries. Everyone gangs up on the dominant power to restrict its activities. This is a Gulliver- Lilliputians moment.

I'm glad Vollmer is getting accustomed to wearing a burka. With the declining birthrate of native Germans and the continuing influx of Muslims who hate their guts, she's going to need it.

My theory is that Antje Vollmer is a CIA plant, put in place to make the Greens look like a bunch of buffoons. Mission accomplished!!

A) I didn't know Cohn-Bendit was Catholic.

B) Ms. Vollmer is the reason Saudis insist on FULL coverage. These guys go through their whole lives seeing only their mothers and sistres faces in the flesh and when they finally get a chance to see an unrelated female in person, this is the face they're faced with. It's enough to make a grown man marry his camel.

C) With respect to the stupidity of the Left, Mr Kerry has yet to be outdone. Please see:

and find out that the instances of voter intimidation he was referring to actually came from a satirical piece in The Onion:

Kos: "I (futilely, I know, Greens are impervious to logic) blogged about it, with a brace of glaring sore thumb facts that totally unravel the entire moonbat theory (like, hmmm, didn't the pedophile scandal kick off about 20 yrs ago when Dubya was still on the sauce and Rove still had hair?)"

Yup. But you KNOW that it all comes down to the fact that the US government (no matter who is in charge) is psychic, and therefore is supposed to know ahead of time what is going to happen 20-30 years down the road and what the results of any given action is going to be.

At least, that seems to be the major complaint against the US these days. Every complaint I've read against us in recent years reads like a conspiracy plot where the government just knew what was going to be happening today, and therefore are guilty, guilty, guilty!

Oh, yeah: D) Halliburton did it.

@Kosmopolit: "didn't the pedophile scandal kick off about 20 yrs ago when Dubya was still on the sauce and Rove still had hair?"

This just proves how far Rove and the neo-cons plan ahead.

Birt Hume actually had a brief bit on Volmer on his Fox news show this evening/afternoon. He had a more flattering picture and reported only the facts.

Charming picture of Ms Vollmer. How nice of the potentates to put together a little after-infibulation soiree for her.

Frankly, I thought it was OBVIOUS that there was a Zionist-tinged media campaign (not merely "neoconservative", by the way) against the Catholic Church AS A WHOLE (not just the Pope). This is not to deny that the Catholics have a problem - but Where, O Where is the same media-driven hysteria about Jewish and Protestant clerical abuse, which is just as much a problem?! Hint: the rabbis and their end-times evangelical dupes support wasting American blood and treasure on destroying *potential* threats to their first love: the nuclear-tipped race-based Jewish state. Go ahead snicker...all your arguments amount to is laughing and threats to vomit - but I never expected reason from you cultists and power-worshippers.

Good post, except for:
> Antje Vollmer, the highest ranking woman in Germany's parliament
> (and a real beauty by any definition)
Huh? No that's a real non sequitur. What do her looks have to do with anything?

Hey, Mr. Common Sense (Ms. Common Sense?) - what, pray tell, do the "Zionists" (and then you tip your hand by referring to "rabbis") have to do with the topic under discussion? Or is this just under the general proposition that "the Jews are to blame for everything"?

Gee, it would really be nice to be as powerful as all the anti-semites think we are!

Yours truly,
a member of the nonexistent Jewish world conspiracy

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