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I am continuosly amazed that anyone can claim that the US is not attacked for what she is rather than what she does

It is clear that the first question the europeans ask when a grevious wrong has been done in the world is "did the USA do it?" - if the answer is YES - the demo is on! If no - nothing to see here - move along

Cheyna is an important point. But even much worse is Dafur. Hunderts of thousands of death until now, but nobody in Germany cares. A daily slaughter of civilians, supported by Peking (oil interests) and Moskow (arms sales). Paris is playing dirty games in the Security council - it has forced Washington to accept the ICC, for not to be blamed for blocking measures. But the International Criminal Court is, at least here, only a cheap excuse. He cannot intervene, and its not impossible that the perspective for Sudan leaders to become international outlaws makes things even worse. But Paris don't cares, it only uses international institutions to fight the US.
American mainstream media - NYT and WP - are fighting to get their government engaged. Not so in Germany. People are so occupied with bad news from Iraq (=good news for old Europe), they have simply no interest to see what's going on elswhere. So if you look for a case where the socalled left has given up all its credibility, it may be not only Cheyna, but also Dafur.
When you start to realize how these games work, you start to ask yourself what the leftist agenda really is. To be on the left, to be "critical" has always meant to critize America (imperialism) or American influence (mass-culture and capitalism) on Germany. It started in the sixties. Take the socalled solidarity with Vietnamese people and other real or imagined victims of the US. This had very little to do with the Vietnamese, but very much with the victimization of the kids of German elites (Bildungsbürger) who had lost the war - against the US. They have always imagined themselves as victims. The key words are "Bombenkrieg", "Besatzung" (occupation) and "Widerstand" (resistance).
The agenda of the left has nothing to do with morality, or the will to change anything, to be part of the solution instead of beeing part of the problem. The German left simply wants to blame those who have blamed (or seem to have blamed) the Germans: America and Israel. This is the real game that is going on. Thats why Iraq is so much covered in the news: it gives the chance to blame the US. Same for other conflicts where the US or Israel are involved.
Other conflicts are not interesting. For Cheyna or Dafur you cannot blame the US (neither Israel). So it is, in this perspective, useless to report or to talk about it.

what peace movement???

oh, you mean the anti-american movement wearing peace t-shirts!

maybe we have this all wrong. maybe they don't care about a credibility gap because its all just demagoguery.

Niko, I've never heard that one. The sadly pathetic thing is it's accurate.

My grandparents were refugees from the Kaiser's war machine in the late 1880's. My grandfather, in today's terminology, would have been classified as a "undocumented" alien in the US.

If he were alive today, he no doubt would have advocated that every media outlet in this country dig up every piece of political dirt they could find against the German SPD. Alas, that won't happen, because the American MSM is every bit as dishonest as the German MSM.

I often wonder if the underlying cause for many of these marches really is anti-Americanism. An alternate explanation would be that old Europe has become such an irrelevant global power, that people protest the US because they know they'll at least get noticed and therefore feel they have at least some influence on world events. A protest against Russian foreign policy would most likely be ignored in most of old Europe, Russia and the US and serve only to re-enforce old Europe’s lack of any global influence.

Don't forget the Congo, Venezuala or Cuba.

The reason they don't speak out is simple. They don't want the Chechens comming to Germany.

@sock puppet..
good point..
also the reason Joschka Fischer supported the Kosovo war.. to prevent more ASYLBEWERBER from coming to Germany..

Yes, Congo is horror too. Millions of deaths. Not of interest for western (or nothern) media. This is another hypocrisy. We are not responsible for what happens there, politicans tell us. Everybody speaks about "good government" that Africans should introduce by themselves. That sounds good. But the fact is that in the Congo there is a bitter fight for natural ressources. You have gangs who occupy the mines. And you have western - mostly european - businesspeople who work very close with those gangs. You can read all this in two UN-reports about the exploitation of the natural ressources of the Republic Congo. The final report has not been completly published - to sensitive. Because it listed all the companies that profit from this kind business. Also German companies make their profits.
So if you had a real left that is really interested to improve life conditions of people, they had to campaign against companies and governments who support the slaughter. But thats, in fact, not the concern of the left. Because you cannot blame the US.
Tom, I don't think that German powerlessness is the problem. Berlin is more powerful than it ever was since 1945. Before 2002, Germanys new power was constrained, by tradition and by wise statemanship. Then the chancelor detected anti-amerianism as a political ressource. What followed was Schröders decision to build an anti-american coalition that deprived Washington of its legitimacy. The Schröder-Chirac-axis today is acting worldwide. They work closely with Moskow and Peking, and also with Teheran. This is a major problem for Washington today.

And where are the Karneval cars with Schroeder climbing up Putin's a..hole? That would have been a perfect metaphore here...

Speaking of Africa, I am amazed that Europe (particularly Spain) desires to be friends with Fidel Castro.

I was re-reading an old National Geographic from 1983 last night. There was a lengthy article on Ethiopia. Why do Europeans forget Cuba's direct role in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians during that long "civil" war? As a reminder, the Soviets shipped literally billions of dollars worth of military "aid" to that soverign country to enforce a communist system. Castro sent in tens of thousands of Cuban soldiers. The Cuban soldiers massacred a hideous number of civilians.


The left's answer to this tragedy was to promote a crappy song, to "feed the world and let them know it's Christmastime". So they raised a few million bucks, shipped the food, but people CONTINUED TO DIE in this stupid war. They starved to death because the USSR/Cuba buddies blocked food shipments.

Perhaps we shouldn't blame Russia for this, since the USSR no longer exists. But Castro had a direct hand in this tragedy, and he is still in power. Why do European leaders desire to suck up to Castro the thug dictator?

...und wo sind die deutschen CDU und FDP Politiker die die Freiheit für das tschetschenische Volk fordern?

"The reason they don't speak out is simple. They don't want the Chechens comming to Germany."
Oh ja, richtig, weil ohne den Krieg sicher auch so viele Tschetschenen fliehen müssten. Deiner kruden Logik zufolge müsste eine Billigung des Konfliktes im Gegenteil ein Beweis sein, dass sie sich tschetschenische Flüchtlinge wünschen.

One forgets that Germans and Russians often are related. Germans raped Russian women on the way east during WWII, and Russians raped German women on the way west. It's a family thing.

Words like human rights and democracy are easy to use as arguments against the action of different countries.
In the end countries do what they belive is in their interests. The US is not better than other countries if you look at the history.

Germany and Russia will have very close relations in the future simply because both countries will benefit from that. Germany needs russian oil and natural gas and russia can benefit from german technologies and investments.
Beside that Russia has even today a common border with the EU and will integrate more and more in the EU.

I’m hesitant to try and parse the German mind but the inconsistency in protests may be due to expectations. The Russians have a reputation for abusing human rights, especially those of other people they control. The Americans have a reputation of respect for an individual’s rights and religion.

The history of our founding, our Constitution, our national identity are all tied individual freedom and rights. Now of course the U.S. was never as perfect as we claim or would like to think, but our ideals are. Regardless of our blunderings in the past, for us to act cavalier in regards to people in another country in this day and age flies in the face of expectations. The idea of American promises more and more is expected.

I have to say that the very same issue is true here in the U.S. The American left protests everything the U.S. has done in Iraq & Afghanistan - but not a word about Chechnya, and very few words about Darfur. I think that the torture of prisoners in Abu Ghraib and other U.S. controlled prisons is despicable - but granting that, why not also condemn what the Russians have been doing for years to Chechnya? I think it's simply because it's not the U.S. that's attacking Chechnya. If the U.S. were involved, there would be massive marches in the streets of New York. And somehow when leftists here in the U.S. make lists of the worst human rights abuses in the world, Israel and the U.S. end up on top, while Chechnya, Congo, Darfur, etc. don't even make it on to the list.

`One forgets that Germans and Russians often are related. Germans raped Russian women on the way east during WWII, and Russians raped German women on the way west. It's a family thing.´

This isn´t true. The German soldiers killed Russian women. They would have never raped them, because of the racistic nazi ideology. They saw them more as animals.

Today our Minibrain Schrödie hopes that the former KGB- man Vladimier would donate jobs to Germany while the socialdemocrats continue ruining the German industry.
How tragic that the German people voted two times for a kid from the gutter who always starts talking before he puts his brain into action.

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