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Ernie continues:

" If the New York Times turned around tomorrow and became perfectly objective in 100% of their stories, or even leaned slightly to the right, conservatives would still use it as a strawman to claim a raw deal. So clearly, reforming the professional media won't satisfy conservatives anymore, and having a media where the Limbaughes, Hannities, and Crossfires dominate public opinion is just as biased against liberals and cheapens public discourse. But it's got to be one of these options."

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Sort of like the strawman you have created here Ernie? I am always amused at how well liberals know what conservatives think and what their reactions will be before they even happens.
I get positively giddy when I see what I consider an alternative/ or conservative thought spoken on a MSM news program. It is just that except for specific programs, it is so irritatingly rare. When it starts to happen with a semblence of regularity I will settle down into a level of comfort about the
"objectivity" of the "reformed" MSM.

You seem to miss the same point most from your side of the argument miss. I choose none of the above.
I am not arguing for a "conservative media!" I am not arguing for more liberal bashing shows. I am arguing for alleged objective MSM news and political shows to present a more genuinely diverse set of opinions than are currently being presented. I would like to spend my half hour or hour and walk away feeling informed or curious and thinking about what I just heard.

As far as Crossfire/Hardball/et al, all the argumentive formated shows are clown shows. When FOX started I enjoyed it tremendously, but now it is little more than a running clown show of Michael Jackson exposes, Charles and Camille redux, and any missing child anywhere in America. That FOX is still cited so often by the left is instructive though. (maybe you all, inspite of your incesant complaints about it ~ don't really watch it? or listen to Limbaugh??)
THings that make you go HHHhhmmmmmm..... Bottom line, there is still very little genuinely conservative thought happening in the MSM.


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