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All fringe political kookism comes from Germany. In general, political existensialtism. In particular, marxism and nazism. Marxist and nazist regimes killed 131 millions in the 20th century. around 4 times the amount of people killed in battle during all the wars in the century.
There is something rotten in the state of Germany,

There's a curious contrast here: German Neo-Nazis grow in power and buy buildings to stage anti-US demonstrations that a decent part of the populace might find appealing, despite the emcees; in Japan, also sluggish economically for many years now, the nationalists (in their flag-bedecked trucks blaring old martial music) are but an annoyance that most people write off and they certainly don't hold big rallies in buildings they've bought beside US bases. I'm glad I'm here and not in Deutschland (heck, now I almost regret spending 6 years studying German).

you need more info,

When I was in the Military I lived in Wurzburg, I noticed that Uwe Meenan is from there. In Germany, people from Wurzburg have a reputation for be A-holes, so it adds up. Also been to Graf a few times, it was the only live fire range in the country. Maybe a stray round or two on July 2nd? Been known to happen every now and then:)

I'm in Nuremberg, Bavaria, near Grafenwöhr.

The people here and in the parts of the country where US bases are are generally pro-US.

I can't believe how some folks here really think that because of a couple of NPD idiots buying ONE hall somewhere there's gonna be a war soon ... :D man alive, you really need to get some info about this country ...

What about US Neonazis? Can you prevent them from buying property in the US? You certainly can't, because it's a free country. So there you see the problem the people of Grafenwoehr have with those NPD morons. Believe me, they don't want them there, but it's not easy to get rid of them either.

And don't tell me Americans are scared of a couple of dumb bald guys ...

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