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Found in WamS today
Denk ich an Deutschland in der Nacht ....



Success is determined by forces outside of one's control? That's loser talk.

This is sad and quite pitiful. I cannot imagine feeling this way. I don't understand how anyone could feel powerless in a free Democracy.

wow. that report is really interesting read. thanks!
regarding internal vs external guarantor of success, only the US, Canada, and Japan thought internal actions determines success. interesting.

maybe germans define success differently than americans...

Definitely not surprising that the Japanese and, for the most part, the Anglos, feel the same way.

Also not surprising that the former Eastern Bloc feel the opposite.

Hmmm, German attitudes mirror those of the former Communist bloc.

I guess that is not surprising when you have 'cradle-to-grave' social systems. "Uncle State" will do everything for you, ergo, nothing is my fault.

Anon at 3:42 am: "maybe germans define success differently than americans..."

Americans define "success" in a number of different ways. But most of us agree that if our families are healthy and happy, we're successful.

The definition of "happy" is another matter. My father was a career Marine who was making $25 per month when I was a small child. We were often told that we could not afford this or that, but I never knew we were "poor". The idea never occurred to me, even though I can remember one Christmas when my mom and dad bought each other a new tire for the car as their presents. We were happy, and to this day I regard my parents as a brilliant success.

I never married or had children of my own, but I have lived my life as I please, worked in precisely the field I wanted to work, and have been charitable. I regard that as successful.

How do YOU define "success"?

Interesting that Canada is more socialist than the US, but as individuals they feel more responsible for their situation.

You might want to look at it more carefully James.


meant to say "equally" +/- 2% thought no one would really split hairs.

The question asked is a standard on any personality test including the MMPI. To me, the results given really say it all in terms of the current state of European affairs. The fact that the responses between the US and Germany are exact opposites precentage wise says even more.

I wonder if the famous post-WWII generation of Germans would have shared these "modern" attitudes. Given the economic miracle they pulled off, I highly doubt it.

Oh and the attempt by one poster to rationalize the data by an appeal to ignorance: "maybe germans define success differently than americans..." is lame and pathetic. It should be bleedingly obvious (thought apparently not in Germany) that regardless of the values one chooses to define personal success, the only way to acheive it is through personal intiative and drive.

Excellent article. I've downloaded so I can show my wife and my mother. Wife is German and we argue often about such things as whether Europeans rely on the Govt to take care of them. My mother is a dedicated Catholic who thinks that religion is much stronger influence in Europe than in the U.S. This survey will open both of their eyes (and I hope minds).

Thx, czdude

URL: http://www.fr-aktuell.de/ressorts/nachrichten_und_politik/die_seite_3/?cnt=664438

"Antwort auf die Wut
Münteferings Wirtschaftsschelte ist nicht nur ein SPD-Wahlkampfakzent, sie soll geistige Klammer für das Parteiprogramm werden

Linken-Sprecherin Nahles indes verweist gleich auf praktische Konsequenzen: Mindeststeuern auf europäischer Ebene, Mindestlöhne national, zudem (ganz auf des Kanzlers neuem Kurs) mehr Geld für Entwicklungspolitik. Europa, meinen die Linken, werde versagen, wenn es nicht endlich auch sozial- und wirtschaftspolitisch gelinge, "Multilateralität zu organisieren". Einfacher gesagt: Es müsse dem weltweiten Anspruch des Fortschrittsmodells der USA etwas entgegen gesetzt werden."

Against the US - as always.

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