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Germans and Russians deserve each other. Socialism makes strange bedfellows, and I do mean fellows.

Isn't the full name of Nazism National Socialism? Both of their leaders use whatever means, including torture, to impose their wills on the populace. Won't it be ironic if by the middle of this century democratic Iraqis have to come to rescue the West from their socialist slave masters?

Hmmm, seems to me a certain slogan might be appropriate here, too: "It's all about oil." Well, maybe not "all," but since more of Germany's oil comes from Russia than from anyplace else (almost 30%, I believe), such behavior is expected. Something to do with "biting the hand that feeds you."

Along those lines, I continue to be amazed that the price of gasoline in Germany has remained virtually unchanged in the last year, while the price of oil (and gas in the US) has skyrocketed. Just imagine the hot water Schroeder would be in if the "man on the street" in Germany had to deal with a 30% increase in the price of gas. It already costs us 72 Euros to fill the tank of our little VW (equivalent to roughly $94, for those of you in the US).

Of course, it could be the ideological similarities...who knows.

Gas remaines unchanged in Germany because of the Euro. It has been rising against the dollar and that keeps your prices low because oil is traded in dollars.

If the dollar starts to gain ground on the euro, And it will someday, put your seatbelts on!!

The official German "forgiveness" toward Soviet Russian atrocities finds its beginning right after World War 2. After the Red Army devastated the former East German provinces with the officialy condoned rape and slaughter of 2.8 Million civilians and the expulsion of 12 Million. The German political Left justifies this horror with the opinion that Germans had also killed countless Russians during the war. Never mind, that this expulsion of innocent German peoples was the largest in recorded human history.

However, this kind of bestial "relativity theory" is not acceptable to international or national juris prudence. As a matter of fact, no civilized nation can find any justice in killing Millions of innocents with revenge as the only justification. Unfortunately, this has been the custom of warfare by Eurasian powers (particularly Russia) for many centuries.

What is the disquieting novelty in this matter is the acquiescence and agreement with such a horrible methodology of warfare by western politicians. They are fearful that the loss of possible, lucrative export markets in Russia might ensue after a sharp rebuke and criticism of Russia by Europe as a whole.

It is this kind of unholy alliance of Capitalism with Marxism in the West which prevents the West from protesting loudly and with one voice against the still remaining results of the Red Army's holocaust in the historic East Germany as well as against current inhumanities which are again displayed by Putin in Chechnya.

Peter P. Haase
Boca Raton, Florida

Henrk M. Broder mentioned a very important point:

"Bei der Reise von Gerhard Schröder nach Saudi-Arabien fiel mir übrigens auch auf, daß unser Kanzler umso besser gelaunt ist, je reaktionärer das Land ist, das er gerade besucht, je weniger es die Menschenrechte respektiert. In China lächelte er, in Russland nahm er seinen Freund Putin lange in die Arme, in Saudi-Arabien strahlte er beim Besuch des Nationalmuseums, wobei er sich besonders für die Rolls-Royce-Sammlung der königlichen Familie interessierte."

Are we supposed to be surprised by this???

In Russia it is conventional wisdom that Germany (and particularly Schroeder's government) has a special relationship with Putin. To begin with, Putin was stationed in East Germany for much of his KGB career and he knows exactly how to talk to Germans (in German too, I believe!) What's more, Schroeder has positioned himself as Putin's gateway to the West and often acts as an intermediary when Putin is trying to negotiate with the EU or USA. They have a nice little geopolitical + economic bloc going and they're hesitant to wreck it.

So nobody should hold their breath waiting for Schroeder to condemn Putin's campaign in Chechnya. Alienate a major trading parter and political ally over something as trifling as a few major atrocities? Forget it.

Well said. Let's not forget Germany's dependence on Russian natural gas as well.

Ja, es geht um oel und gas!

Putin has more than enough leverage to keep Schroeder quiet and obedient...too bad the German press does not point this out to its own people.

When did it become the German media's concern to tell Germans anything but that they are a reasonable, sophisticated, enlightened beacon to world civilization?

The reason Schoeder (and a host of others) can criticize and demonize America and Americians is because it is safe to do so. There are no consequences.

The US notified Germany a while back that they were closing some of their military bases, which would have resulted in a ten BILLION dollar loss to the German economy. You would think the German government would have been glad to have the hegemonist occupiers reduce their presence in Germany, but (GASP) that was not the case. The US agreed not to close the bases, but there was no obvious quid pro quo. The inflamatory rhetoric and crap continues, and will continue.

Morons like Noam Chomsky, Ward Churchill and others of their ilk constantly accuse the USA of being a fascist state. If that were true, they would have "disappeared" a long time ago. Their mere continuing existence refutes the charge. The fact is, the American government generally respects freedom of speech, even when it it harmed by misrepresentations.

Schroeder will soon discover that demographics are dooming his country. It will be interesting to see how the blame for this will be attributed to the US.

Stupid drunks are always taunting the big guy in the bar, secure in the knowledge he won't deck them. Sometimes, they go too far. And sometimes the big guy leaves and the small time hoods come in and wipe the drunks up.

@Scott and Hector

You are on target gentlemen - it is about nothing but oil. The same was true of the French/German opposition to the liberation of Iraq.

For example the killing of rebel leader Aslan Mashadov. Russian troops murdered the moderate Chechnyan

What was so moderate about Maskhadov??? He didn't even renounce Basayev after Beslan.

Russian president enjoys great trust...

After 50 years of Russian occupation of East Germany, one could ask an east German 'who's your daddy' (both figuratively and literally). Could this be the perverse bond between an abused child and an abusive parent?

I'm guessing France is still west Germany's pimpdaddy of choice. I wish more Germans would come forward on this site and explain such results to bewildered Amis such as myself. I'm thanking God some German I never knew had two brain cells to rub together and booked a oneway ticket on a leaky boat out of Stettin.

For the love of Limburger, what the hell is going on in Germany?

On the bright side, I'll bet that not one of those "disappeared" Chechens has had to suffer the <strike>torture</strike> indignity of underwear on their head.

@ Ray D.,

These are very good points you make. The Zeit article is interesting and I remember another fascinating (and disturbing) piece in last weeks print edition. It concerns the genocide inflicted by the Turks on the Armenians during WWI. So far the Turks have never admitted to it, yet the Greens and the SPD couldn't care less since it would not fit into their worldview of Turkey belonging to the EU.

@ Niko,

You're right. I didn't have the time to summarise the whole article. Thanks


Do you have a primary source to support your statement about the US blocking international efforts to call it a genocide.


The silly thing here is that Germany "borrows" much of it's media information from the broader American media and then rebands it as it's own. Ironically, the German media then willfully chooses to then ignore the original source of this information and claim that Americans are "gleichgeschaltet." One only need to look to the sources like Mike Moore, Susan Sontag, Chomsky, et al : all popular figures within Germany's "intellectual" circles.

Following 9/11, the US hit back in Afghanistan. Planning required cooperation with the Russians as the US needed access to military bases in the former Soviet Union. Part of the deal was that the US would "tone down" it's criticism of Russian attrocities and plentiful human rights abuses in Chechnya. Not a perfect deal, but it was what the Russians wanted in return. I don't think that the Germans were required with such an agreement, they arrived after Kabul had been taken.

Since the US Govt has stopped criticising Russia, so has the American press also stopped it's criticism. We never hear so much as a peep about Chechnya in Germany.

Note that the US Govt remains very critical of "genocide" in the Sudan, whilst our German and EU allies choose different words to describe the systematic goverment driven rape and murder. If the UN were to find genocide in the Sudan, according to it's charter, it MUST act.

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