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just was a tv-B-movie "24 hours"-style under-average ZDF-crap....

I thought instilling fear of terrorist attacks is the administration's business, with all that Orange-Level-crap. Besides that, if Fox is involved, you better medienkritiser them. Sacrilege, i know...

"Oh, and, by the way, lest anyone wonder, the misspelling of "stoopid" is intentional and an indication of extreme sarcasm."

OK, Homer, whatever.

The most interesting thing about nuclear power and Germany is the brain dead attitude of the "Greens." (The quote marks around "Greens" is intentional and an indication of extreme sarcasm.) They want to "preserve the environment" by shutting down Germany's nuclear plants. Doing so will mean that fossil fired plants that could otherwise have been shut down instead will continue to pump out greenhouse gases, particulates that kill tens of thousands of people every year, and lots of other assorted poisons. Shouldn't surprise anyone. For the "Greens" the pose is everything, and the reality nothing.

Helian... yup. However, the position of the greens... and environmentalists everywhere... is spelled out in a book called Small is Beautiful. Their position is to return to nature, have everyone grow their own food on a plot of land, completely abandon power in favor of passive solar and other presently unviable energy systems, etc. What they're completely missing is that the land would not be able to tolerate a setup like that, especially in densly-populated areas like Europe, which would mean killing off a few billion people in order to make their scheme work. Of course, they don't mention the "killing off" part, but can you imagine the world covered with 2-acre garden plots (per human mouth to feed)... and nothing else? Smart! (/sarcasm)

Nice "dream", huh?

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