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Seeing that the US and Japan (who is behaving like a true ally to the US) both are the largest contributors to the World Bank and both support the nomination, who really cares what Europe thinks? One could just as easily say the Europe is also being unilateralist (especially France) in opposing just about everything the Bush administration does.

(OT) Quit calling Americans fat, you obese krauts. ;-) It's official, GERMANS ARE FATTER THAN AMERICANS.


Seriously, people everywhere need to get off their fat asses, quit eating crap and lose the weight.

@ Lou

Thanks for the link. I have been arguing this for a while when Germans talk about "Fat Amis" that people in glass houses etc.... These stats will help but the answer will be the same: "Europeans are only fat because they eat(or are forced to eat!) an American diet!" Puke. Europeans are not responsible for anything.

@Doughnut Boy Andy

I think we must be talking to the same people. Blame it on McDonalds, as if all that cheese and sausage has nothing to do with the problem. What about that 1000+ calorie döner kebab?! Pommes anybody? If it's not a subconscious form of prejudice, I'm lost for an explanation. Can somebody help me out?

As for all the voting in the middle east, I think it's been played down quite effectively by the media. It might make Dubya look good. I hope Condoleeza decides to run for prez. She'll keep the pressure on the despots. I have this feeling they are just trying to survive Dubya.

Part of it is diet, of course. But I think there is a direct link between obesity and the types of jobs we have. People historically earned a living by the sweat off their brow. It wasn't until very recent times that people earned a living by working in the "service industry". Most people in western countries now work at desk jobs, or in other places that require very little physical activity. America got a jump start on everyone else when it comes to these "service" jobs, and now the other western countries are catching up to us. Now most of us have to find time FOR physical activity.

the fattest people on earth live in the usa!
Some look like whales - i was shocked when I saw that, you will find overweight people in europe but very rarely "Fat-balls" like you see them anywhere and anytime on the streets in the usa!

Since the topic of which country with millions of inhabitants is on average more obese is - though no doubt amusing - somewhat below the normal level of discourse in the comments section here, this might be a good place to follow up on a discussion that took place a few weeks ago concerning the bombing of Dresden. I just finished reading "Dresden: Tuesday, February 13, 1945" by Frederick Taylor, available in English at Amazon.de for €13.50 and in German for €26.00 - both versions shipping withing 24 hours. It is absolutely essential reading for anyone interested in Dreseden. I couldn't put it down.


By the look of the book reviews on the amazon site it promises to be a good read. Sold!

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