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It's no wonder Germans think of American and its people the way they do. I used to read der Stern when I lived in Germany, and while it doesn't exactly lie about our coutry, it tends to exaggerate, focusing on extreme examples and thereby creating in the minds of Germans an image of the United States that really is nothing more than a caricature. This is fundamentally dishonest, but most Germans are completely unaware of it. My question is, why doesn't Davids Medienkritik make this expose of Stern's "reporting" available AUF DEUTSCH? It's the Germans who need to read it.

I am German, and I can assure u that we aren't bombed by the media with tunel-viewed anti-americanism. Like in the States,(I've been there a couple of times and have some friends over there) there are different kinds of media, which are political more right wing or left wing. The Stern belongs to the political left wing, but I don't see anti-americanism at all in those portrayed extreme stereotypes, which exist in the one or other way in every nation on this planet!. I think that Fox News for example is often much more misguided than the Stern magazine could ever be. I don't read the Stern magazine myself - they still have got problems to be taken serious after the Hitler diary disaster, but nevertheless many Germans have got relatives and friends in the States and even those without aren't that silly to believe all that is published in only one kind of media. - Unlike many Americans who believed that Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9/11 or was threatening the US with weapons of mass destruction, which was affirmed by Bush-administration friendly media. Towards those with their stupid statements on WW1 and WW2 or the ones who insult the Germans as Nazis: Has this anything to do with the topic?? Isn't it as misguided and close-minded as the author of this so called "Medienkritik" alleges the Germans and their media to be? And why the hate that is spread out out by those kind of people? A German proverb comes in my mind: a hit dog begins to bark.
By the way the heavy criticism on the Bush administartion and that's it - this is no anti-americanism - is common in whole Europe not only in Germany! West- and Central-Europeans still see the North-Americans as their friends and closest relatives on this planet. Perhaps the conservative americans should begin to ask why there is criticism on the current US foreign policy and US Government and not blame the Europeans for criticising. The Americans have to keep in mind that the Europeans suffered too many devastating and cruel wars, which makes us very careful in our decission to begin a war. Perhaps the 'Nam lesson is too long ago, but don't forget that many people on this planet don't want to be 'freed', democraticised and americanised, but want to keep to their own way of life.

It's actually not NEARLY as bad as it could have been. I mean, it could've been morbidly obese people (like the ones in Wall-E) blowing each other away with uzis.

I strongly, strongly, strongly suspect that each subject in each photo is a German, and (this goes without saying) the backgrounds are cut-outs.

What sad dorks the Euros are, to use a good portion of the space in their media to mock another culture day after day after day. That's not news (especially when it's not even accurate).

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