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Korrektur: Spon quotes CDU politicians, "describing the situation in Schroeder's government as one of "helplessness, perplexity and naked panic."

What to do, what to do? Hey, I have got an idea for Schroeder and his cronies. Why not blame G. W. Bush and Co. and all of America, oops that has already been done. Who will they blame now? What can they really do to change the economy around? What will the masses be ready to accept or in many cases give up, to have more jobs available? Regardless of who or which party controls the Government in the next election in Germany, there will be problems of biblical proportions with the economy. I won't envy the next Chacellor who ever it may be.

With regards to the media putting pressure on the coaliton government of Gerhard Schroeder and Co., look at what happened to the J. Fischer debacle. His guilt or innocence will never be known as long as the SPD has a stranglehold over the German media.

I watched a television presentation that tried to put Mr. Fischer in a better light and that he had no culpability in the "Visa Affäre". I missed the news conference or report where G. Schroeder stated that J. Fischer will remain the "Aussenminister" Basta!

There will be no change in this government when it can't recognize that its members will and can do wrong. The first step to correcting problems is to recognize that you have them.

I think that the current German government needs to take a "12 step program", Basta!

dang this system, I need to check it better when I post so that my url comes up.

You wrote: "Right-wing extremists are gaining strength with every passing day,..." The recent elections in Schleswig Holstein proved that right-wing extremists are a relatively minor problem of german society compared with the failures of the Schroeder-administration. I think one should be more concerned about the rising popularity of socialist views in germany which are part of the reason why so many people believe that SPD/Grüne are the lesser of two evils. There are three main right-wing parties (REP, NPD, DVU) which, even if they combined their voter-potentials, would have difficulties to manage to climb over 5 % nationwide. Moreover, voters of these parties are not exactly all nazis but are attracted to these parties because of their populist views of which many could also be easily portrayed by left-wing-extremists, especially anti-americanism, anti-israelism and anti-capitalism. The real problem from my point of view is a populist shift to the left when adressing the failed policies of Schroeder. That´s what the Jusos, trade-unions, SPD-backbenchers are doing. Not at least because there are countless parties and organizations which are pressuring the government from the left and offer socialist alternatives as solution for germany´s economic problems. Compared to the "people´s front" consisting of PDS, ATTAC, BÜSO, die Grauen and SSW, neo nazis seem to be nothing but a bad joke. BTW, national socialists are also socialists. The only difference is that they limit equality to a certain race or nationalty. The mainstream media is obsessed enough with hunting down "nazis", whether they live in Hoyerswerda or the White House. Real nazis are bad enough but most of the whole antifascism-thing is nothing but well prepared distraction from the actual problems germany is facing.


the economic situation is indeed not very good, but the recent increase in the number of unemployed is mostly due to changes in the statistics. I also have to point out that the German industry per se is pretty strong; the problem is that you have to be highly productive to be worth employing, given the high taxes and tight regulations.

As to your other points:

- Arms are only a small part of German exports (including exports to Arab countries), and Germany isn't the only country to want the embargo on sales to China lifted. It shouldn't happen, but considering the high percentage of foreign readers it is unfair to make look loke Germany the main or even
sole culprit.

- The rightwing extremists are also not gaining much ground and are unable to get voted into state parliaments, let alone the federal, except some cases in the East. And even there their presence wilol be short-lived.
It has by now sunk in that the economic crisis is completely home made, and not even rightwing voters think that the NPD etc could offer a better economic policy. What worries much more is the current leftwing hegemony in the media and politics - this is where the new anti-Semitism mostly comes from, for example.

@ N. Hale

You were kidding about blaming George Bush for the economic misery in Germany, but guess what - I've heard this absurdity more than once from otherwise sensible Germans!

I can't remember the arguments (they wouldn't stand up for 10s. in a serious discussion), but it went somewhere in the line of "The USA hurt Germany's economy with the war in Iraq throwing the world economy into recession and then keeping German contractors from doing reconstruction business in Iraq" and "German products are being boycotted in the US."

These were not the rantings of some leftist kooks, but these people were honest SPD and CDU voters who actually believed what they were stating.

That's the point it's gotten to among German intellectuals and Mainstream Media consumers.



Germans usually cure unemployment by putting the people in uniform and having them all take long vacations in France. Try it again. This time the U.S. will applaud.

As it was said already, the Neo-Nazi "renaissance" is bad enough, but even worse is the prevailing Socialist mindset of the society. It's not bad because I don't like, which I don't, but because its failure to improve in any shape or form the present ailing system.

How much longer will Germany tolerate the SPD's economic debacle?

History shows that Germans have an uncanny ability to cling to false ideas to the bitter end, inspite of repeated failures. All normal people hope they will awake in time, but will anyone bet that the present RedGreen government will lose the next national elections? Especially when they have such strong allies in the Media.

The words that best apply to the German media consumers who are strongly in the hold of the German media come from Dante: Abandon hope - that you'll ever be informed -, all ye who enter here.

The idea that "German products are being boycotted in the US" is, unfortunately, true to some extent. I believe it is a phenomenon that is spontaneous and gradual in nature, arising from a growing disdain for anything European among American consumers. I, for one, have made a decision to never again buy a German automobile, and I'm certain many other Americans have also made a similar choice to limit their purchases to either American or Asian vehicles. I also try to not knowingly purchase other European products. This sentiment has been slowly building within me, and it is directly related to a very natural response to the hysterical anti-Americanism that is cynically used by European governments, and their subservient media, to mask their own failures with a fog of foolish hatred. Germans need to realize that their cherished anti-Americanism cannot be maintained cost-free.

"the most unpopular government in German history"?
I love your site, but I would think that the NSDAP in early Spring 1945 would likely be less popular with the German people than the current crew...

@ Whatdoiknow

It seems that Herr Goebbels has trained some very able apprentices for the media worldwide?

I'm glad 5.2 million Germans are unemployed. Here's how I'm making a contribution to the numbers:

A friend was looking to buy a new car. I talked him out of buying a BMW 330i and instead got him to buy a Mazda RX 8 (Mazda is partially own by Ford), using the Germans' anti-Americanism as a factor in the arguements, as well as the superiority of Japanese workmanship over the Germans'. In January of '03, I ended my lease of a BMW 330i prematurely and took a loss (sometimes principles matter more than money, a concept unknown to Europeons.). I will never, ever own another German car again...even though, growing up, I've always lusted after Porsches and Beemers. And I will avoid Nissan and Infinity as long as Renault owns a piece of it. What am I drving now? Subaru Impreza WRX Sti (Subaru is partially own by GM). And for anyone out there looking for a new car, keep in mind that the Volvos are made in Belgium (even though Volvo is own by Ford), another erstwhile "sunshine" 'ally'. Boycott Old Europeon products and add to their unemployment lines!!!

Re: Americans boycotting German products causing its economic downturn.

Why wouldn't we boycott German products? What reasonable businessperson insults and slanders some of their best customers on a daily basis, and then expects to stay in business?

Germany is unreal. Yes, we boycott your products. Yes, we've noticed how much you hate us, and yes, we prefer to take our business elsewhere as a result. Fancy that, what a shock!

Even the French were smart enough to at least try to reach out to US consumers with that stupid Woody Allen video a couple of years ago. Germany doesn't even do that. It's just, "We hate your guts, you evil baby-killing Nazi pigs -- and by-the-way, would you like to purchase one of our cars?"

Umm, no thanks, Toyota has just as nice cars and Japan is acting like a real ally these days. Get over it.

To some extent, I've been boycotting the European products. I planned on touring through Germany by bicycle this summer, but due to the radical views of Germany's govt. and people, I have chosen instead to vacation in the US. I don't plan on traveling to Europe in the near future.

Iberian notes from Spain notes a similarity or two between Germany and Spain regarding welfare-


check out the post from Tues Mar 1.
great reading.

Ralf wrote - Arms are only a small part of German exports (including exports to Arab countries), and Germany isn't the only country to want the embargo on sales to China lifted. It shouldn't happen, but considering the high percentage of foreign readers it is unfair to make look loke Germany the main or even
sole culprit.


A fair point - but somewhat hollow in the light of the prevailing conventional wisdom of most Germans that the US uniquely in the world has done business with repressive regimes ( like Saddam or...Pinochet )

One should also be able to ask what greater purpose is served by some unsavory policy

For example - in 1942 we gladly shipped thousands of tons of war material to the mass murderer Stalin - so he could use it to slaughter lots and lots of Germans
So one could say the US and UK were wrong to do business with Stalin - but understand that the alternatives were worse

Or lets take Pinochet - the poster boy of evil despots created by the USA in the Cold War - what was the alternative? A Castro clone like Allende clinging to power to this very day - throwing political dissidents into jail

Now lets consider arms sales to China - what greater good does this serve? What worse alternative is prevented by such a policy?

If the answer is none, as I suspect, and its just about making some money - there is no more morality in Europe

Jim Kuran, Irene, and some others,

you personally may be boycotting German products, but Americans in general are buying more of them than ever before. Germany is exporting more products than any other other country in the world.

An addendum to my comment above: And please don't be tiresome about this. Google some terms like 'blogs', 'boycott', 'German products' (just some suggestions); everything you could be coming up with has been said already, and it all was wrong.

That share of exports will slow once schroeder snuggles closer to china's bum. Propping up a dying welfare state like germany's with technical weapons sales to china is truley insane. And a sign of desperatness beyond measure.
A society is best judged economically by what it people CONSUME, employ and invest in, rather than what gets shipped away via export. Exports on their own, mean nothing.
You drop germany's exports by even a fraction (as we'll soon see) and you've got yourselves a significant conundrum.

I cringed just slightly when I recently purchased a Krup's waffle maker, so I can enjoy a recipe I have for Belgian Waffles. I am a consumer who likes a good waffle. But the hell if i'd travel to either of these countries to spend money and consume any local crap or listen to local diatribes. Though I have been forced there on business recently and heard just that.
Then I thought about a few dudes on a Lebanese street waving a sign which said "Syria- you are next" and thought about setting up a street cart vendor thing in Beruit and to start selling "freedom waffles" to the masses.
I can say with great certainty that there is a hash blend in beruit known locally as "liberty bush". It's the most expensive and most sought after.
German hysteria against the US of the last 4 years has propelled the entire country into an abysmal hole in the ground.

Re: boycotting German products

German casualties in Afghanistan

March 6 2002: 2 dead
December 21 2002: 7 dead
May 29 2003: 1 dead, 1 wounded
June 07 2003: 4 dead, 29 wounded


Some of you seem to have forgotten: Germany is an ally of the US. And sometimes we pay for it. Dearly.

Pato, here is the link to the article Iberian Notes was referring to:


And excellent reading it is indeed. Here's a tidbit:

Hitler gained overwhelming support with his policy of running up debts and explaining that it would be others that paid the price. He promised the Germans everything and asked little of them in return. The constant talk of "a people without living space", "international standing", "complementary economic areas" and "Jew purging" served a single purpose: to increase German prosperity without making Germans work for it themselves. This was the driving force behind his criminal politics: not the interests of industrialists and bankers such as Flick, Krupp and Abs. Economically, the Nazi state was a snowballing system of fraud. Politically, it was a monstrous bubble of speculation, inflated by the common party members.

Bless those that have fallen for the GLOBAL cause of protecting afghanis AFTER the US crushes the taliban with non-gemran allies.
mr fuchker- don't you claim to have been helping Bush out, thats BS and you know it.
Germany is NOT an ally of the US, your damn press even says so, fucher.


there were German commados in Afghanistan before the Taliban were crushed.

@ralf- can you advise a date, a link or what their purpose was? I have not read nor seen anything on this "before the taliban fled" german precense.

.. and my point is still that if the 200 germans were there at some point in history.., it was for the afghanis security and well being.
.. and not for the benefit of the US or bush as the little fucher, and others have said.


"KSK is known to have sent over 100 operators to Afghanistan to aid in the fight to destroy the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda".


KSK soldiers, whose past overseas missions have reportedly included deployments to the Balkans and to the Middle East, are widely reported to be engaged in combat operations in Afghanistan together with special units from the U.S., Britain and other allies, but the German government has been largely silent on specifics.




Correct numbers to 100 from my 200 mention.
If true, that is a contribution of .000016 of a soldier per german citizen to the afghani cause.
The US, having roughly 5 times the german population has 350 times that amount of soldiers who have been gurading the UN DMZ between north and south korea.
Why not pony up a couple of your boys and send them to assist the UN korean "mission" as simple security fellows, thus freeing up the 35,000 US boys and great girls to go and snap some jihadi necks? That might be construed as something an "ally" would do or volunteer to do.

I really don't feel any of us has a right to engage in a pissing contest over which country has lost more dead in the war

I think I can speak for all the posters here in saying we mourn all those lost in the cause of liberty and freedom around the world

Having said this I still think that "Old Europe" should be joining the US led CoW as we plant the seeds of freedom in the ME - since they will reap the long term benefit of peace and stability in this vital region

I wonder how long the German media will be able to hide the face of the ME that loves W?

1. i own an a4 avant quattro. i will never buy another german car again for political reasons.

2. germany is an ally in afghanistan, and i know that it was quite difficult as it was to muster even that much german troops for oversea deployment. thus clearly demonstrating that even when germany wanted to (supposedly) she can only muster so much military force. my conclusion, germany is a limited military ally.

3. so a limited military that benefits more from economic trade with the US than the reverse should be honored why? because they say such nice things about us? have such positive sentiments regarding us?

4. pull all our troops out of germany now.

5. turn our diplomatic, economic, and military interests east ward. germany has nothing to offer us.

Where were the Hun during the UN blessed Korean War?


Yes you are correct about Germany in that it is not the only nation in the EU who supports lifting the arms boycott to China.

What you did not say however is that if Germany did not want the boycott lifted, then it would not be lifted.

So again as Germany supported the french at the UN, it is once again supporting the french.

The difference this time is the UN vote did not create a single job in Germany. The fact that selling arms to anyone willing to buy them might not create any new jobs but save existing jobs.

Since Germany has chosen not to invest in its own military and given there is an overcapacity within the German defense industries lifting the arms embargo is a simple answer.

I hope at the end of the day, Germany will find that this decision has far great ramifications than a few simple jobs.

I am grieved to see the decline in US/German relations. I am sorry to see the numbers of unemployed citizens. I would not go to Germany or France, because their leadership in politics and media has created an enmity between our peoples. That said, I cannot fathom that German voters re-elected Schroeder with his abysmal performance. We had the sense to get rid of Carter after the first term. But having lived through Carter, I can sympathize and hope Germany's media/politics connect prosperity with freedom again. We called it the Reagan era here in the USA. Here's hoping that your Reagan will come!

Ralf: Toyota is kicking German automakers' ass in the US right now:


Like I said, Japan is acting like a real ally, and their cars are just as nice as Volkswagen's and BMW's.

I don't know any Americans who buy German products regularly. We buy from the Asians where I live.


The German soldiers in Afghanistan I was taking about where no fighting troops. That does not make their sacrifice one bit less valueabe.

"don't you claim to have been helping Bush out, thats BS and you know it."

I do make just this claim. These guys are doing an important job. If they weren´t there, somebody else would have to do it. It is in the interest of Afghanistan that the Taliban don´t come back, it is in the interest of Germany, and it is in the interest of the US.

You say it is not enough. Well, it is certainly not nothing. How many soldiers would it have to be in order to gain ally status? Is Hungary an ally? Bulgaria? Japan?

I have a question...While I see that Germany was very generous with the tsunammi victims, how much has Germany given to the Iraqi people? How many police and military is Germany training? Are you supplying equipment to the new force..Just where is your generosity for the poor Iraqi's? Let me guess, since the US invaded Iraq, and Schroeder has to uphold his anti-american views for which he was elected, just the hell with those people, right!!!!
I dont think I have ever been more disappointed in so called allies..I have spent many vacations in Germany, but since the re-election of Schroeder I have not been back. I have no idea if your tourism industry is up or down but this is one american family that is refusing to visit old Europe. Last year my vacation was spent in England, Estonia and Poland and it was a nice vacation, and I plan on going back. I am not as angry as I am hurt by the people of Germany, it is truly a sad time in the history and relationship of our two countries..I really hope Germany never experiences a 9/11 but if you do, you will understand Bush a hell of alot more..The sad thing is you lost a damned good ally and one that will be reluctant to help you....

Maybe an explanation for Germany' rabid anti-Americanism and irrational economic policies is found here:

Surprising response to the poll question, "Who was the best German in history?"

(Well, maybe not so surprising to readers of David's Medienkritik)

I have noticed a bit of German-bashing today, so I had to comment. Now, SPD and Grüne bashing, Schroeder-bashing, Nazi-bashing and Commie-bashing I'm all for - and I think most here reasonably are. However, I do have to say that in all fairness the low numbers for SPD do say that there is at least a pulse among the people (who in most cases are more sensible than their neighbors on the continent). I might add to that a recent poll which came out a few months ago among those living in the former West Germany which indicated many felt the country had declined due to the socialist policy changes that occurred as a result of the Einheit with the more Leftwardly-leaning East Germans. And in fact, a goodly percentage wished they could actually rebuild the wall, sticking the Ossies back on the other side, no less! I can't say I disagree with choosing not to buy a particular product that happens to be made in Germany since that often is a very legitimate and effective tool. But I also think Germany is far from a lost cause. (France, we might need to discuss at a later time.)

Now I do think it is time for the EU to begin to take up responsibility for their own protection. The EU is one of the most prosperous regions on the globe and there is no reason why the US through NATO should be giving old Opa a free ride.

As for German attitudes about all matters foreign and domestic, at the end of the day it is the duty of the man on the street to see that he is fully informed and not the duty of DW, Pro-7 or any other faux-journalistas. It's my hope therefore that the blogosphere or something like it takes hold and turns over that apple cart just as it has in the States. The Germans are very sensible people, given the right information. They just need to stop going with the flow. D.h., manchmal ist's ja besser wenn's alles nicht in Ordnung ist, äi? ;-)

Reading this thread, I think, why do you complain about (some) germans "hating" america, if you guys "hate" germany


My guess is that Germany is giving quite a lot of financial aid to Iraq (anybody know any details?). Though I think that German generosity has been somewhat reduced by the fact that German firms have been excluded from rebuilding contracts in Iraq.
Germany is already training Iraqi police etc forces. However, the training takes place outside of Iraq, in the United Emirates.
Germany will provide the Iraqi government with armored vehicles of type "Fuchs".

So your guess is wrong, it´s not "just the hell with those people".

americans do not hate germany, and definitely not to the extent of anti-americanism in germany. we just don't care about germany as much as we used to. there isn't enough of a german presence to warrant hatred. we have moved on with our once adoration of things french and german.

@anonymous 12:28 AM

I do not "hate" Germany. The point of my earlier comment, which should be plainly evident, is that virulent anti-Americanism is no real help to a nation whose economy is weakened by the incompetence of its own leaders, ones who whip up a scapegoating propaganda press to pull the wool over the eyes of the citizens they don't trust. Manipulating European people with anti-Americanism only delays the inevitable truth telling, as well as stupidly alienating the American public. We are not concerned with hating Germans, but are, instead, casting them, and other Europeans, out of our cares and consciousness. We do indeed hate the French, though.

Many of Germany's industries have been excluded initially from Iraq (note, as fuchur pointed out, that indeed some of that has already been reversed) because of Shroeder's winking and nodding at the Hussein government, which greatly helped I'm quite sure the Oil-for-Food scandal. It also helped arm Saddam's army prior to resumption of hostilities (12 years after the 1991 cease-fire), which led to American casualties. Why souldn't American foreign policy be to shut the SPD government out?

Here are some examples from that era to support my point:
-Germany Exported Nuclear, Chemical and Other Technology to Iraq (http://www.dw-world.de/dw/article/0,,716376,00.html)
-Playing both sides against the middle:
-German Suspected of Aiding Libya with Nuclear Arms
-Germany to Trade Nuclear Technology with China

The German people need to start feeling a little outrage, I should think. Particularly because their government's hypocrisy is not only costing them jobs, but is endangering them by entangling them into a very complicated web of geopolitical power-playing that is going on right now. Berlin would do well to not go anywhere near it.

Yo fuchur !

Go to www.techcentralstation.com/030105D.html for some insight. It'll do you good.


The MIGHTY 100

Would you please provide a reference for your statement Ralf.

The way you keep rewriting this soon the MIGHTY 100 are going to have deployed before the US did.

BTW do you work for german M$M as you sure sound more and more like them.

I look forward to your reference.


Irene A rocks with her comments above.
A letter I sent to Deutch Welle News 1 year and 2 weeks ago on 2.13.04 when they once again, cast blame for their economic woes on the US- I promised these people something then that holds true now...
Dear Sir/Madam-
I watch your news service here in los angeles broadcast at 2.30 PST on a daily basis on ch. 266 on a DirecTV feed.
What I heard coming from the mouth of your correspondent Ulrich Barths today was totally un-acceptable from any "news" stand-point and fully unworthy of broadcast reception via any US satellite.
Your correspondent begins opening comments as thus- "once again the Americans are to blame for today's downside..hrr, yes, but they due help on the upside at times, he he..."
"..and yes, of course at home, all Germans are worried that the americans will hurt their economy as well..."
Can you tell me what the living hell is wrong with you people that this is permitted? How "old" is this correspondent? I would respectively request answers from your management staff, as a viewer of your service, as to why this juvenile nonsense is permitted on the international airwaves, OR why it is that you feel this absolutely pathetic "tossing the blame" type of delivery is actually considered news to you people? It is nothing but child like school yard hot air, and you peopel wrap yourselves in it like some kind of badge of honor.
I am astounded that this type of coverage, which permeates germany itself like a cancer, is sent on an international level also, thus bringing the world down to the sophomoric and pathetic state of the german media services today.
There is something horribly wrong with your culture when you consistently, over the decades, cast blame for your own enormous failures across the sea to the US. What is it that prevents you from understanding that it is ENTIRELY the policies of your OWN government that has brought such dismal economic realities to your country of germany.
It is such an indication of the desperateness of your people to see and hear this kind of news in a modern era.
You are successfully turning your entire nation into bastion of half-wit nationalists with nary a clue as to what realty actually IS. Some one needs to have pity on all of you.
What is it that creates your need to spend so much time looking outside your sterile little world in germany analyzing and tossing criticisms to the US as your own country falls pitifully apart and the problems you accuse others of all sit right in your own backyard within your own country.
You would all be well advised to begin to create any kind of environment within your OWN country worthy of mention. IS your problem that there isn't ONE DAMN THING coming out of Germany worthy of world news? Except your bumbling PM's most recent failures.
What is YOUR contribution to the world in recent times, Germany?
Seems like all you people have is a desire to sell a nuke plant to china. another acheivement was your building the Iraq nuke plant. You ban these within your own country but then sell them like toys.
Shame on you pathetic and obviously desperate fools. Keep your eye on germany's great economic, political and social fall over the next 6 months- hopefully your news organization will go down the toilet together hand in hand.
well maybe not fullly down the toilet. But 12 months later and it has at least been "knocked off the viewing shelf" of most german toilets...

I don't hate Germany. I do have a hard time understanding Germans though. I do think the Greens and SPD are a waste. Schroeder is a waste of human skin and good hair dye. He would sell his mother to stay in power. He is a spineless political whore.

I have 2 VW a Super Beetle and a Transporter parked out in front. I don't believe in a boycott of German products. I just don't buy that many. Here in this house it's hard to find things that are not made in Asia. Asia is out producing and exporting Europe.

It's sad to think of that many people out of work. But when I read that most Germans go to school until 30 and then refuse to work outside of their area of expertise I just shrug my shoulders. Add to that a huge immigrant Turk population for "jobs Germans wont do." I shrug my shoulders again. Germany accepts this as being "normal" apperently. I just get confused.

mr puppet-
I bet a portion of those VWs were assembled in Mexico, and along the same lines- my brand new Krup's Waffle King waffle maker is made in China. Even my Bosch drill is made in China.
Chian's new nuke reactor will be made in germany, assembled in china by 40 state engineers and 2,500 4 dollar-a-day workers.
The majority of arms technology germany wants to pimp out and sell to china is made in the USA, shared with germany via NATO, now about to be pimped to china.
Great thinking and great thinkers have now put germany in her rightful place.

Hey fuchar, it's not the number of german soldiers who died in afghanistan that matters. It's the number of german soldiers who are ALIVE in Iraq that matters. When a friend ask for help to put out a fire, either answer it or get out of the way but don't put your foot out and trip him as he answers the call (like what the euro peons did with Turkey. God only knows how many American soldiers would be alive today had the 4th ID been able to enter thru the north and pacify that regioin before the terrorist took it over.).

And if you euro peons lift your arms embargo against China, those arms will eventually be used to kill American soldiers, airmen, sailors and marines. Because when China invade Taiwan, the US, as an ally of Taiwan, will answer that call.

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