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---"How to safeguard yourself, unless you want to trust your fate to weapons"---

Well considering that she was both, kidnapped by terrorists and shoot at by Americans, it looks like she has a good fingerspitzengefeuhl on the situation.

Hey! We owned a Volare stationwagon when I was a kid. And there weren't any Communists in the back seat...

I asked some questions in the discussion board of the "Zeit" (Zeit-Forum)

http://debatte.zeit.de/WebX?13@[email protected]/1725

http://debatte.zeit.de/WebX?13@[email protected]/1729

http://debatte.zeit.de/WebX?13@[email protected]/1728

http://debatte.zeit.de/WebX?13@[email protected]/1729

and was told, that if I would´nt stop, I would "get the chop" in the "Zeit-Forum".

http://debatte.zeit.de/WebX?13@[email protected]/1732

So, I´m not a very sheepish person, I asked further questions

http://debatte.zeit.de/WebX?13@[email protected]/6185

and surprise ! surprise! got no answer.

David: great blog (but you know already ;-))

PS: David, wie kann ich hier funktionsfähige Links einstellen?

Thanks, merci, danke schön, grazie, grazias, dank, obrigado ;-))))

Just seen (at www.achgut.de)

How a Dutch reporter experienced Giuliana Sgrena in Iraq.


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