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OT, via Instapundit.

We haven't been watching the other hand, everyone. We are watching a really, really deep chess game.


This is a very interesting viewpoint on Iran's influence. First, it seems that the Horn of Africa was always viewed as a playground for al Qaeda, not Iran. Was this view wrong? Did the US just not clearly state who its possible detractors there were, referring to them generically as terrorists instead? The Horn of Africa is always a source of interest, so it bears even closer scrutiny in light of this theory. The next point about combined French, German, and US action against Iran is also interesting. The Combined Joint Task Force - Horn of Africa has been in operation for several years now, and its existence is no surprise.
The Iranian maneuver to dominate the Central Region and isolate the Arabian Peninsula started in the Horn of Africa in the early 90s. By aligning with warlord Mohammed Farah Aideed’s forces, Iran hoped to gain a foothold in Somalia that could potentially threaten shipping moving through the Red Sea. Following the US strategic retreat from Somalia after the “Blackhawk Down” ambush in 1993, the remaining UN peacekeepers withdrew in 1995 and abandoned the country to the terrorists and their Iranian sponsors. After 9-11, the Coalition was forced to use Djibouti as a base to secure the shipping lanes on the Western side of the Arabian Peninsula, and to interdict the movement of terrorists into and out of the region.

There are strong indications that the efforts of Combined Joint Task Force – Horn of Africa (CJTF-HOA) are starting to push Iranian operators out of the Horn, if they have not gone already. United States naval and ground forces, French commandos, and Die Deutsche Kriegsmarine (German Navy), through a combined series of special and conventional operations, naval power, and humanitarian assistance projects, have established the conditions for the introduction of up to 7,500 troops from the African Union and the Arab League. This is a watershed event for the Coalition in this area, and shows that the Somali people are anxious to finally rid their country of bandits, terrorists, and Iranian agents, and are looking forward to having the government-in-exile return to Mogadishu....

Talk about a coalition of the willing....

If Victor Hansen is looking for contradictions like that, he will find them everywhere. Nothing in this world is 100% coherent.

The New World Order from the US POV:

States that Matter: China, Russia, France, UK. Possibly India, Australia.

Comers: India, Brazil, Japan, Eastern Europe, South Africa

Fading: Germany, France, Russia.

Given this what are the prospects for Schroeder's 'permanent' UN Security Council seat? Not good. There are already three European permanent members - the UK, France, and Russia. I think Japan and India have far stronger claims to an additional seat than the German one. I would argue that both Brazil and South Africa also hold stronger claims.

What do we need Germany on the Security Council for? Because the French cannot be trusted to veto everything the US does?!!! True enough, look at what is happening with Syria and Lebanon.

Chirac can see which way the wind is blowing, a gift neither Schroeder or Fischer has demonstrated. Schroeder is going to run against Bush again it appears. It worked in 2002, so he'll keep repeating it until the Deutsch learn that all the anti-americanism in the world will not restore the German economy. On present form Schroeder will probably die in office sometime in 2024 when Ireland's GDP passes that of Germany.....

former german chancellor Helmut Schmidt about America and anti-americanism:

watch the video (in german)


"Given this what are the prospects for Schroeder's 'permanent' UN Security Council seat? Not good"

Cheers for that whole comment. I read the above sentence and laughed because i remembered some TV interview with Bush and a reporter (perhaps German?) just before the Mainz visit. Bush was asked what he thought about Germany´s security council seat ambition and he just started laughing and then sort held it back and with a big grin said something like having a lot to talk with Gerhard about... Perhaps somebody else here saw that interview as well. I am smiling now just thinking of it and would love to see it again or a transcript. Bush is such a funny man.... "Anybody want any wood?" LOL

It's amazing how anti-German the American respondants to this article are. Yet we wonder why the Germans are so anti-American?

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