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There was a great criticism of this film and its prize in German in Die Jüdische a while back but i cant find it at the moment :-(

Parts of it were translated in this article for the Jerusalem Post:

"But a correspondent for the Austrian Jewish newspaper Die J dische was harshly critical of the film, especially the decision by Abu Assad not to show the victims of a suicide bombing that takes place at the film's end, as the screen fades to white just before the blast takes place.

"Throughout the movie, Israelis are invisible; you can only see them from afar, only as figures, not as human beings," wrote Tobias Ebbrecht. "You are not allowed to get to know any of them, neither the civilian at the bus station, the soldiers in the bus, the little girl next to the bus driver, for otherwise the audience could empathize with them.

"In this film, Abu Assad consistently shows only the perspective of the suicide assassin... the suicide assassins do not appear as perpetrators but as victims in Paradise Now, whereas the Israelis whose senseless murder disappears into sacral white do not appear as victims but as perpetrators," he wrote."

Once... just once! (dream on, girl!)... I would like to see a film set up the same way this one is, setting up sympathy for the bombers, but with a totally abrupt 180-degree ending:

Picture two Israelis wandering through the bomb damage, one a policeman, the other an academic-looking fellow, discussing the trajedy. The academic is saying...

"This is an incalculable tragedy! Yonny was on the Palestinian side. And he had found a solution, he said, that would be acceptable to Israel, that the Palestinians would have been ecstatic about. But the cd's with his notes were destroyed along with him. Now we'll never know what his inspiration was..."

And ending something like this complete turnaround would serve to shock film audiences everywhere into realizing how easily people can be suckered into sympathyzing with the wrong parties... sometimes to tragic and incalculable loss.

This is a very alarming article in the TaiPei Times

" Islamic terrorist groups are becoming increasingly active in Germany, coordinating with militants across Europe to recruit fighters for the insurgency in Iraq and to supply the recruits with fake passports, money and medical supplies, security officials say.

One of the best examples of the cross-continent cooperation involves an Algerian man arrested in Germany and now on trial in Italy for allegedly helping Muslims from Somalia, Egypt, Iraq and Morocco recruit some 200 militants from around Europe to fight in Iraq.

Many in Germany's Islamic communities have shown sympathy for Muslims who took part in the war in places like Chechnya or Bosnia, but authorities say since the 2003 US-led invasion of Iraq, a growing number of sympathizers are taking an active role themselves.

"The war in Iraq has somehow mobilized this scene so that people who before just had some sort of contact or sympathies with extremist groups now think they have to do something," Manfred Murck, deputy head of the Hamburg government agency that tracks extremists, told reporters.

"It's a main topic that brings people to action that they otherwise might not have taken. In past years they were talking about jihad, but not doing anything," he added."

I think they mean the reporting in Germany of the war in Iraq that has lead them to think they have to do something!

""The Islamist scene in Germany is very well connected, and not only in Germany," a senior German intelligence official told reporters, speaking on condition of anonymity. "Muslim activities are more globalist -- more pan-European -- than Europeans are.""

Is there an AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL award for the best online-game? I think I would know the first price.


(sorry very sick)

the movie shows you how it's there, alot of killin both sides...i say go bock in time 50 years when they came while the english roled Palestinian land they gave them power. with no respect for ppl who lived there and killin started...u know if u have one cell in ur head workin, you won't call a patriot a terrorist, and as they say ur terrorist is someone else hero

if u see the whole picture the Israelis got fighter and tanks, guns and bombs and trained me
but the Palestinians they got stones and know the buy the bombs from the Israelis with drugs..
it's a whiteman's world

if u live any where close to there u would know about wat's really happennin, alot of kids die and they r all under 15, with stones just stones from the house that the Israelis leveled against the mean guns and gas bombs

The Islamist scene in Germany is very well connected, and not only in Germany it's all over the world..Muslim around the world r like one body if a part gets ill all the other parts go down with him until it's get's better,

any real believer of jusses would understand me, so wat would jusses do now, the same ppl that killed him(bne Israel: r the ppl that god picked his messenger from and they killed alot of them until he picked jusses not from them and u know the rest)the same ppl r in the same place still killin ppl who worship the god and only god

Funny But Importent
(Jews Christen and Muslim pray for the same god)
take that

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