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Wow! "Imbezil". Neues Fremdwort gelernt und direkt zweimal geposted, was?
Ehre, wem Ehre gebührt, Intelligenzbestie.

Note from David: I have - as always - deleted the amihasser comments. It would therefore be helpful not quote from his comments.

BTW, Amihasser has become more agitated, more ... outspoken lately. Apart from his worsening psychological condition this is certainly linked to the re-election of President Bush.
I just regret we are not able to offer him the professional help he so urgently needs. Hopefully the staff of his hospital ward can come up with new and more efficient medication...

Hi Troll!

Wenn die beiden tatsächlich an Imbezilität leiden sollten, dann kann ich bei Dir in Relation nur Oligophrenie oder Kretinismus unterstellen...

I have written a similar letter to Stern because of their article. Haven´t received an answer till now. And I don´t really expect one.
They know exactly what they are doing, and they are doing it because 1) it sells and 2) anti-americanism is a "way of life" for the "journalists" working there.

you should let some of us sign it next time.


I suggest that those who share our sentiments contact Stern:

Contact Stern

I have also included a link above at the end of the article.

---Ray D.

I really do doubt they will respond - they probably laugh at your letter because as they all know Bushchimphitler is the evilist man ever

In the US we have Time and Newsweek as major news magazines

Is Stern comparable to one of these in impact and importance?

Does it have a direct competitor?

Perhaps some effort on this side to publicize what Stern is up to and to publicize their activities - lets see how Parent Bertelsmann, publisher of major US titles like Parenting Magazine, will enjoy being linked to such trash?

Here is from the Bertelsmann website


Gruner + Jahr is an international printing and publishing corporation that produces more than some 100 magazines and newspapers in 14 different countries. With a staff of approximately 13,000, it achieved sales exceeding 3,048 billion Euro (5,961 billion DEM) during 2000/2001. About 62% of this revenue stems from operations outside Germany. Many international renowned magazine brands are owned by Gruner + Jahr, like "Geo" (geographic, traveling), "PM" and "Focus" (popular-scientific), "Gala" (people magazine), "Parents" (parenting), "Inc", " Fast Company", "Capital" (business), etc.

Gruner + Jahr is owned by Bertelsmann AG in Gütersloh (74.9%) and the Jahr family in Hamburg (25.1%).

Some 50 magazines are produced for markets outside Germany - including France, the U.S., Spain, Italy, Poland, Russia, Austria and Netherlands. The two most important non-German companies are Prisma Presse in Paris, now the second largest magazine publisher in France, and Gruner + Jahr USA Publishing Company of New York.

In Germany, Gruner + Jahr publishes about 40 magazines, including "STERN". In spite of the great diversity of products, Gruner + Jahr publishes only quality titles, each of which leads its respective market segment in terms of both journalistic content and visual presentation.


Heres the website for Gruner & Jahr USA - I wonder if the US readers of Parents Magazine would like to know Bertelsmann is making lots of money calling their country a facist murdering regime back at home in Germany


"...exploitation of German anti-American sentiment for profit...". This line says it all. Similarly, Schroeder exploited German anti-American sentiment for political gain. Thanks to Medienkritik for it's on-point analysis.

To the exploitees of these tactics, remember the old bromide about playing poker...if you don't know who the sucker in the game is, it's probably you.

"Stern.de quickly made the right decision. Kudos!"

Well done Medienkritik!

It is clear - you are watching them and will hold them accountable for their casual slanderings of the soldiers, citizens and officials of the United States in their ever constant effort to pump up sales with inflamatory hate rhetoric

Very well done guys!

But I still think that the US consumers of these Bertelsmann publications should be informed of this situation

Maybe LGF would run with this a bit? And if we could get it onto Fox news ( the one watched by those 60M+ dumkopfs that re-elected Bush you know ) we could probably make a nice dent in their circulation numbers over here

Congratulations gentlemen, I am deeply impressed.

Well, David and Ray, you were much more polite than I would have been. Congratulations. Forgive my cycnicism but for people who make their living with word-craft, they knew exactly what they were doing the first time out. I think it speaks more to the influence of your site than their integrity that they changed it.

I'm such a 'Bah, humbug!', I know!

Well done, David! Thank you from a grateful citizen of the US :).

Thanks David for pointing this out to the Stern. If only there were more people like you who had the courage to do this. The relatives (some of the younger ones) I have in Germany have also fallen into the trap of "America is Evil". I am so disappointed and discouraged by their behavior.

Well done!

Congrats, gentlemen, you've just chinked the armor.

AND - considering what the Italian military has just said, me thinks there's lots of egg on lots of faces.

Via LGF:
Italian Justice Minister Roberto Castelli said today that communist reporter Giuliana Sgrena should stop making careless accusations. (Hat tip: Nancy.)

Didn't the US spend a good deal in blood and treasure ending the NAZIS rule over the German people (while I know that many Germans look on this as a bad thing, there must be a few who consider it a good thing), rebuilding West Germany after WWII and protecting West Germany (Oh! and West Berlin - remember all the airplanes - from Soviet aggression and eventually helping Eastern Germany to become free and Germany reunited?? Did we do that for the oil? or was it just more cowboy agression against peace loving people by crazed Americans?

Buddy, you're preaching to the choir.

Please just shut up about condemning what the Nazis did, since THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT AMERICANS ARE DOING TO INNOCENT PEOPLE AND TOWNS AND CITIES IN IRAQ. US troops lay siege to them, post snipers that gun down anything that moves including ambulances, dogs, pregnant women and children trying to escape, bomb families, use cluster bombs to kill kids and white phosphorus that literally melts anyone in the vicinity, steal their valuables and their resources, perpetrate rapes and assasinations, shut down hospitals, electricity and water. Your modern-day Nazis even laugh while kids die or get maimed. Remember the Warsaw Ghetto? Iraq is a replay of that, the american military must have been following Hitler's manuals word for word. US TROOPS IN FACT DO MURDER AND TORTURE INNOCENTS, JOURNALISTS IF THEY GET IN THEIR WAY, YOU'RE IN IRAQ TO COMMIT MASS MURDER, STOP PLAYING THAT "WHO ME? I'M THE VICTIM" SONG AND YOUR "CHAMPIONS OF SHAMOCRACY" PROPAGANDA, THAT'S NOT WHAT YOU'RE ALL ABOUT.

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