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David, Thank you so much. I don't know why this guy picked me of all people to smuggle a letter to. And I didn't know what to do then except stand in the middle of the blogosphere and scream for help. I really appreciate your stand for freedom of speech and a free press.

Being the bitch worked for a communist paper, the only thing the american soldiers did wrong was not get her also.

OOPS got this on the wrong story. Sorry meant to be for the Italian reporter.

No, this one is about a Yemeni editor who longs for democracy.

I am truely sorry. This was the first time I had posted anything on this blog and got on to the wrong subject.

I now get down on my knees and ask for forgiveness.

Yes I read about her on Fox News. Wish I had the resources to help her. Most of the regimes in the ME are barbaric, but with persistance with politions who have some fortitude (guts) maybe things will change and things will change.
Civil rights is something they do not yet understand expecially when it comes to women.
When a father gives his daughter to some man for marriage and there is not love I compare it with the sex slave trade. nuff said.

Really funny stuff nadom, i've not seen such hypocrisy in a long time.

Advocating shooting a reporter who happens to be of the opposing political side in the first line - then as soon as you realize the person does not have a different view, 180 degree turn, start brabbling about the protection of civil rights and moral superiority.

I agree with CCTV above. Nadom's a big bigot.

And btw - Thanks David for a great blog.

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