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"The opposition alleges many of those who came started working illegally"

But I thought there were no jobs in Germany.
Does this mean if they didn't allow all these people in there were more Germans with jobs.
The CDU/CSU could really use this. But I doubt it will hurt the Greens. As someone else said, "the Greens are true believers".

My name is Florian Çanga and i am a Sound Engineer age 27 from Tirana, Albania and i have my own bussines for Sound & LIght Rental in Tirana. I have my bussines partner in Koeln Music Store Gbmh and HK Audio that is a German
Brand for Louspeakers which i have done a bussines of 18.190 E that is a big amount for an Albanian Economy. I want to visit this month the Frankfurt Music messe 6-9 April but the German Embasydo not give me visas. I have sended all the docs they wanted and still not. They are not clear on what they want and leaves a lot of spaces for abusements.They refuse me because they say that 1000 E is not enough for 3 days of visit and that my docs are false. I have sended othe docs from my bussines partner and after my complain still refusement (from some one called Schmid. Everybody in Tirana nows a lot of Drug dealers and Trafficants that goes in Europe like in their homes because they can buy visas (and the German and other embassy personel knows it and the people that want to build something can not. . I have payed for the visa 35 E and they do not give me a bill for that and no refund.. I have been a student in Europe (Milano) and for concerts in Greece and still not. Outside of embasy are people that say that can find you a visa for 2000 E. WHAT IS THIS.

I have to say to you that by my opinions the abusement starts from inside and especially from German employers. This is very bad because the German and Euope image to us have a very bad view. I want to tell you something else for curiosity. The director for Relation ships between Germany, Austria and Albania in Albanian Foreing Ministry CAN NOT HAVE A VISA. He should stay in row and can take the visa only by invitations. If you want more come in Albania and i can find you someone to sell u a German Visa.
Trafficants and drug dealer can travel Europe where they want because they can buy anykind of vise and people that want to create contacts can not. This is German embassy in Tirana

I hope u will do smth about it.

Florian ÇANGA
Sound Engineer
Audio & Light Engineering

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