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He REALLY needs to resume jogging.

Fischer is fat!

Looks like Herr Joschka Fischer has been hitting the "Bier, Brot, Käse und Fleisch". Doesn't look like he has missed a meal in quite some time.

Germany's best liked politician - Joschka Fischer
number one hit song of several weeks - schni-schna-schnappi
No. 1 tv personality - Gunther Jauch

ja that sounds like a Land von Dichter u. Denker to me!

Isn't it ironic that when it comes to Germany and Iran, it's all about oil? For all of the international howling at the US about "blood for oil," at the end of the day, for Germany, it's all about maintaining a ready supply of oil. Germany, which imports 96% of its oil, would be in a world of hurt -- big time -- if its supply of oil from Iran (or Russia, or Libya) were to be disrupted (like it was from Iraq).

Of course, the "normal" price of gasoline in Germany is nearly twice that in the US. But, consider that, even though the price of oil has skyrocketed in the last year or so, the price of gasoline in Germany (at least, around here) went up only around 10 Euro Cent (about 13 US Cents) per liter. Now, it's back to where it was before the price of oil shot up. Not too shabby.

Oh, and then there is that other thing: oil business.

From the 2004 "Iran Oil Show:"

"Welcome to the 9th International Exhibition of Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industries and Products in Tehran. The Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour (BMWA) provides once again for the possibility that German companies participate officially at one of the most important exhibitions of its type in this region"

"The large-scale presence of German companies at this year's show is a clear indication that the German industry, with its advanced technology and high quality products and services, is aware of the immense potential and of the co-operation possibilities in this sector."

"Some 45 of Germany's most pioneering companies with high quality equipment and facilities in design, engineering and consultancy and new technologies seek tighter co-operation with Iranian companies during the event."

"You are cordially invited to visit the official German presentation at this exhibition."


Knowing that, this type of behavior is understandable.

What I like about Joschka Fischer is that, as a Green, he has had to abandon many of his party’s policies. Since Fischer is forced by his position to accept responsibility, he is also forced to abandon many of the irresponsible and unrealistic policies of his own party, thus proving that many of the policies of his own party are irresponsible and unrealistic.

on good days I view him as a pragmatist, on bad days I view him as a power hungry moral hypocrite. To be honest I have more bad days than good ones ;)

fischer is no longer the most liked politican, christian wulff, a conservative is.
german music and television still blow though, one reason more to move to the states.
50`` plasma, HDTV, TiVO, XM-radio and less angry left hippies here i come.


"it's all about maintaining a ready supply of oil. Germany, which imports 96% of its oil, would be in a world of hurt "

Just so you're aware, the left here in Germany contends that 96% of their oil comes from Norway (who supported us in the Iraq). In their view, it's the rest of Europe's oil comes from other places like Russia and the Middle East...

"Just so you're aware, the left here in Germany contends that 96% of their oil comes from Norway (who supported us in the Iraq)."

Hmmm, that is interesting...and juuuust a little bit off. According to statistics from the German Federal Statistics Office, recent imports of crude oil from Norway represented only about 19% of Germany's total imports. Russia comes in at a whopping 28%. Libya (!) comes in at 10%. Syria (Syria?) comes in at 7%.

Incidently, for many years (almost a decade), Syria's own crude oil production has not been enough to account for the oil Syria "exports." Golly, I wonder where Syria gets that oil?

Oh, and by the way, Germany is Iran's largest import "partner." With Italy (?) and France close behind.

And, just so this doesn't sound like I'm trying to beat up on Germany, Iran does twice as much export business with Japan as it does with anyone else. My point was that Germany has a lot at stake in its relationship with Iran -- and it's mostly about oil.


Just passing on a view held by my one of my loyal-SPD colleagues, he claimed to have read it from the paper. I knew that couldn't be right but I got distracted with other problems and wasn't able to resume googling... Do you still have the link from the German Federal Stats Office? (Thanks).

Ironically, Israel get much of it's oil from Iran. One of the countries which supports terrorism against their own country...

"Der Einsatz von Militär als „ultima ratio“ auf der Basis des Völkerrechts lässt sich
nicht immer ausschließen. Ohne begrenzte und zielgerichtete militärische Maßnahmen
gegen die Infrastruktur terroristischer Netzwerke werden weitere Anschläge nicht zu verhindern

Wer schreibt das wohl?

Hier ist die url:


I found this more of a bad one by the Greens. The Article from the BZ

Gerhard is out in Saudi Arabia trying to promote Germany and secure oil (no blood for oil my ass!) and there is a picture of Antje Vollmer from the Greens wearing a headscarf. I just found this interesting on two fronts:
Firstly on the same day the BZ Berlin paper is also talking about the sad case of Mrs Sürücü, killed for not wearing a very same scarf here in Berlin and how the Turkish-German community here is trying to face this and speak out against violence and descrimination against women.
Secondly it reminded me of Cond Rice in the Middle East where she didnt dress down and looked a powerful, forceful emancipated woman. This says a lot about the difference attitudes and positions of the USA and Germany towards the ME.

As far as the Fischer goes the man is incredible. He formed a government with the principles of pacifism, anti-atom and environment and has been foreign minister for a (too) long time now. Rather than stopping atomic energy he merely promised to phase it out over 25 years. This is of course meaningless because 25 years is enough time in politics to think of another reason to delay. He promised/ threatened to pull out of NATO but actually fought the war in Kosovo and has troops in Afghanistan. Despite that he was important in the mucking up of US German relations in the desperate rush to win the last election and just makes crappy speeches at NATO conferences. As for the environment... well the cans have gone but thats because of a very old law and some frogs have tunnels under motorways. Apart from that I havent seen anything. Now add on top the Visa scandal, the pictures of his youth that came out, his change from fit jogger to almost unwell looking bloater and the general state of Germany and you would think that he is cruising for a press bruising. Anyone outside Germany can be excused for thinking that but the sad reality is that he is still loved here. A normal conversation with average Herr or Frau on the street will show that they think he is a great guy and a good leader, a succesful politician and a good coalition partner. Try telling them the above, that his party have dropped all their policies, that they have contributed nothing and that Fischer is also responsible for the bad relations with the States and the poor state of the economy and .... well you might as well just smack your head against a brick wall. People still love this guy.

BTW in my above post I do not find it sad that the Greens have dropped a lot of their policies. Perhaps a few sneer quotes round "principles" might have made my point more clear. I just cant stand being told how great this guy is and am just judging from a neutral stand to show that even if these people I talk to were die hard green LLL then even they must think the man to be a bit of a tool.

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