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I have only one thing to add. It's not just American politicians that meet combat veterans. It's also just plain ole' Americans. And many of us ARE the bereaved.

That concentrates the will.

I found a post on the blog (link provided below) to be most insteresting. It is a good summary of several articles I have read. What is interesting is there is not wide spread coverage of the conference in Munich like one would expect.

The message from Europe was that a fresh start in trans-Atlantic relations would require the U.S. to swallow European viewpoints hook, line and sinker


--We need a "social Magna Carta" to bind the globe." --

How arrogant you elitist white man, what makes you think they want your definition of social?

--Unless we tackle global poverty, long-term security will remain elusive."---

ahhh, throw more money, that'll work!

Asshat - what does he think we're doing???

Good, hope someone called on lowering CAPS.

To quote this article from the Times that Joe pointed out in the N24 thread earlier:

"It is time to see what is happening in Iraq on its own merits, not in the context of an irrational hatred of the United States and George W. Bush. Like it or not, President Bush has got one thing right: give any nation a chance to choose democracy and it will."

Did you miss this???


"Deutschland sieht sich heute im europäischen Verbund als mitverantwortlich für internationale Stabilität und Ordnung. Und wir Deutschen bezeugen diese Verantwortung durch aktives Engagement in zahlreichen Krisenregionen der Welt.

Gegenwärtig sind rund 7000 deutsche Soldaten im Ausland eingesetzt.

Aber aus der Mitverantwortung folgt auch Mitsprache. Unser Wunsch, Deutschland als Ständiges Mitglied im Sicherheitsrat der UN zu sehen, entspringt diesem auf Legitimation abzielenden Zusammenhang.

Ich meine, dass die transatlantische Partnerschaft solchen Veränderungen Rechnung tragen muss. Und wenn wir es ehrlich betrachten: Bisher tut sie das nur unvollkommen.

Das wird beim Blick auf die Institutionen deutlich, die dieser Partnerschaft dienen sollen. Die Nato hat zwar durch die Aufnahme neuer Mitglieder ihre fortdauernde Anziehungskraft bewiesen. Und sie unterstreicht durch ihre Präsenz in Afghanistan, wie hilfreich ihre militärische Organisation auch in entfernten Krisen sein kann.

Sie ist jedoch nicht mehr der primäre Ort, an dem die transatlantischen Partner ihre strategischen Vorstellungen konsultieren und koordinieren. Dasselbe gilt für den Dialog zwischen der Europäischen Union und den Vereinigten Staaten, der in seiner heutigen Form weder dem wachsenden Gewicht der Union noch den neuen Anforderungen transatlantischer Zusammenarbeit entspricht. Ich hoffe, dass in beiden Fällen am 22. Februar beim Besuch des amerikanischen Präsidenten in Brüssel neue Impulse gegeben werden können."


@ Gabi

Perhaps you will find this at No Blood For Sauerkraut interesting? Its based on the SPON report of the same story I think.

Ja, danke, Doughnut..., habe ich sofort festgelesen. :-)

MICH fehlte. Sorry.


Anyone else get an email back regarding the Mainz parade???

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Thank you for your e-mail.

Your fear that the President of the USA or the leader of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) might possibly not have reacted to the motif of the carnival float with humor, or even taken it as an insult, has not proved correct. Neither US government representatives nor Ms. Merkel's office have gotten in touch with the City of Mainz.

As is well known, there is really no accounting for tastes, and thus opinions on the motif of the float that dealt with the CDU chairwoman's relationship with the US government can certainly be divided. However, the times when the city hall decided on the admissibility of political caricature are fortunately over. The political-literary carnival and with it the quite crude criticism of political decision-makers have a long tradition in Mainz of which we are proud. Precisely in Mainz, following the political events of 1848, under the protection of the jester's cap it proved possible to break through state censorship. The subject of satire and caricature in this connection is not only the city's mayor, but are also precisely party leaders or heads of government.

We would therefore ask you to address your criticism directly to the Mainz Carnival Club (Mainzer Carneval Verein - MCV) as the organizer of the carnival parade on the Monday preceding Ash Wednesday. The City of Mainz is looking forward to the announced visit by the President of the USA and will certainly be a good host.

That clown Fischer sure manages to say some incredibly stupid stuff. Check out this interview from March 24, 2003 (http://www.gruene-partei.de/cms/default/dok/10/10932.amerika_hatte_kein_verdun.htm), in which he says:

"Those who know the history of Europe know about the many wars here. The Americans had no Verdun on their continent. Wer die Geschichte Europas kennt, weiß um die vielen Kriege hier. Die Amerikaner hatten kein Verdun auf ihrem Kontinent."

How pitifully stupid can you get? What did he mean to imply by that statement? That the Europeans had learned some kind of valuable lesson from Verdun? Excuse me? Wasn't Verdun part of the FIRST World War? And has Fischer never heard of the American Civil War, which had battles that matched verdun in bloodiness and futility? I hope that loser manages to stay in office, his incompetence is good for the USA.

"I hope that loser manages to stay in office, his incompetence is good for the USA."


Sorry, the previous post about Fischer's "Amerika hatte kein Verdun" comment was from beimami.

@Sandy P

"Precisely in Mainz, following the political events of 1848, under the protection of the jester's cap it proved possible to break through state censorship."

Who is the fool who wrote that response to your email? The makers of the float weren't "breaking through state censorship", they were presenting the state's position.

Fischer's comment about Verdun makes sense about the historical roots of European pacifism.

No, the US has never experienced a battle as bloody as Verdun. My recollection is that the French had close to a quarter of a million FATAL casualties at Verdun (and the Germans slightly more,) which was just one battle in WW I. My recollection also is that combined fatal casualties North and South for the entire Civil War did not reach that magnitutde, nor did fatal US casualties in WW II.

Nor do I see any analogy with Srebrinica. Verdun was a fortress protected by and attacked by uniformed combtants.

That European pacifism is short-sighted (and ultimately guilty of free riding on the US) is one thing; to not recognize the terrible toll war had on Europe during the 20th century and the role that toll has played in creating that pacifism is just silly.

Apparently that 'creation of pacifism' still took some detours after Verdun. At least Germany didn't immediately learn much pacifism through WWI.

If I am not all wrong, France too still tried to fight (colonial and other) wars after 1918. And they are still bombarding and shooting Africans if they feel the imperative to do so. Furthermore the 'Force de Frappe' and aggressive Anti-American U.N. intrigue aren't exactly tools which would have been chosen by Ghandi.

To call German free (or at least cheap) riding and French corruptness and hostility 'pacifism' is a joke. A sad joke for all the victims of tyranny.

Better 100 Verduns than one Vichy.


Thanks for posting the e-mail from that dweeb Mainzer functionary. I don't care if the floats came from Germany, Basutoland or the US. The humor was inappropriate in a public setting. Perhaps those who constructed the floats do not have the intellectual resources to construct more sophisticated, and yes, more nuanced attempts at satirical expression.

French military adventures continued post WW2 as well. Witness Dien Bien Phu.
To attribute pacifism to the human cost of WW1 and WW2 only partially define the root cause.
One should also examine the role of French philosophy of existentialism.

@ Huan

I did not mean to imply that European pacifism was solely influenced by the historical experience of WWI and WWII.

@ ch

Nor did I mean to imply that European governments have all been pacifist since 1918. In fact, the French government as you point out has never been pacifist. But the political positions that you object to on the part of European governments generate tremendous popular support because they can be disguised as some sort of principled pacifism.

@ niko

I am still not sure I get the analogy, but I have no problem with your point. Decency, democracy, rule of law etc all may need to be defended by military means against their enemies. Pacifism generally is free riding of the most blatant sort. That does not mean that many people are not emotionally convinced by it.

OT: Did anyone see "Spiegel TV" with Annika de Buhr last night? She interviewed two talking heads (e.g., Herr Doktor from the Institute of Peaceful America-bashing) about how North Korea's nukes are somehow the fault of the U.S. and Bush. Real bizarro world stuff. The striking thing to me was that througout the long discussion there was no disagreement between the participants. In America, political talkshows feature people who have differing views of an issue being talked about. This can be lively and informative and allows one to consider various sides of an argument and draw one's own conclusion. European political talkshows - including those on the BBC - tend to feature people who all agree on what they're talking about, and follow a leftist, anti-American line. The point seems not to be debate and dialectical discussion, but the fleshing out of the "European point of view" on the issue in question.

In America, political talkshows feature people who have differing views of an issue being talked about. This can be lively and informative and allows one to consider various sides of an argument and draw one's own conclusion. European political talkshows - including those on the BBC - tend to feature people who all agree on what they're talking about, and follow a leftist, anti-American line.

Fox News is now on Kaiway (sp?) digital tv in the Netherlands. Fox News has been in Canada now a couple of months, long enough for the CBC (Commies Broadcasting in Canada) to put out a hit piece on Fox News. Wait till the French and Germans get a piece of this. Heheheh.


"My recollection also is that combined fatal casualties North and South for the entire Civil War did not reach that magnitutde, nor did fatal US casualties in WW II."

U.S. Civil War Killied in Action (KIAs):

Union KIA 634,703
Confederate KIA 335,524

Combined 970,227

Indeed Fischer does not know jack shit about American history. Maybe he should have studied in his yourth, rather than spending his time working as a Kappo for Baader-Meinhof and Carlos.


fair enough, to that I can agree.

The free population in the US in 1860 was a little over 27 million.

I wish to salute the Marines who were at this airport. As an American in Germany, I find it difficult to meet them personally. I grieve for the families who have lost their loved ones in this war on terror. It is through their sacrifices that we are able to sit and debate the world's political problems.

I would also like to say that the sacrifices have not been in vain. With the elections that have taken place in Afghanistan and Iraq, democracy is advancing. Their form of democracy is still developing. I hope that they find a good working government for each country. For only through democracy can this world of eternal peace happen. As long as there are oppressed people in this world without any say in how the government operates in their countries, we are at risk for radical groups forming and becoming terrorists.

Democracies are found all over this world, they are all similar and yet none are exactly alike. There are also false democracies, dictatorships really, hiding behind a loosely put together government to symbolize a democracy. These are found mainly in Africa and the Middle East. These areas will need strong encouragement to change into true democracies. The injustices that have occured may never ever fully be compensated for. This is something that people need to forget and move ahead. There are cultures where only a blood feud is considered compensation, and this type of thinking must be changed, but only in a democracy with strong laws and strong court systems to administer those laws. Strong judges to hand down strong penalties to shape a new and peaceful world.

Those who believe in peace without a strong will to fight for peace if need be, are cowards who would run away from any sort of squabble. The price for peace is a strong will to fight for it and preserve democracy. Democracy is a fearful concept for some, who would rather have a dictatorship for themselves where they can then abuse their own people. There will always those who will want more than they have, who will try to abuse the system. One task of a democracy is to find these individuals who would try to subvert their governments and then put them on trial and if found guilty by a jury of their peers, punish them, rehabilitate them if possible and if not keep them in prison for life. In extreme cases, execute them.

For those government officials who have lived under a curtain of peace not won by themselves and then criticize those who actually protect them show a definite lack of gratitude and fortitude. In addition to this, they have lived and profitted from the umbrella of protection provided by the United States. For those who say that the U.S, doesn't have a history, you are completely ignorant, for the United States has been a Democracy since July 4, 1776, when the Declaration of Independence was signed. It is true that our history is much shorter, however, we have had many challenges to our union. It is the union that makes the United States strong. It will be through future unions with all democracies that world peace will be won and kept. Long live the true democracies of the world.

How about a Social Monroe Doctrine? The EU can keep its taxes and airy pretensions to itself, and the US will resist any and all attempts to export it.

Eure Toleranz bringt uns in Gefahr
Beispiel Zwangsehen: Warum rot-grüne "Islamversteher" die Lage der moslemischen Frauen nur verschlechtern - Essay

von Necla Kelek

"Die Deutschen haben eine in ihrer Geschichte begründete panische Angst davor, als Rassisten oder Ausländerfeinde zu gelten. Sie versuchen alles, die Migranten und ihre Kultur "zu verstehen". Das ist in Ordnung, aber es ist nicht beim Verstehen geblieben, sondern das Verstehen ist zu einem großen Mißverständnis geworden. Dieses Mißverständnis hat zur Hinnahme des Islamismus, zur Tolerierung von Diskriminierung von Frauen geführt. Und zu diesem Mißverständnis gehört auch der von Teilen der rot-grünen Koalition verfochtene und betriebene Multikulturalismus."

http://www.welt.de/data/2005/02/26/544429.html oder


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