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The disease that has reduced the mental age of the European press to about 12 is more serious than it may appear. It's in the process of destroying a great civilization. The disease affects the U.S. too. It's called moonbattery.

"Since Germany submitted to French direction, the country has plunged relentlessly into the pit... a dark and dangerous future... and thus coast toward a disaster comparable to Hitlerism."

Schadenfreude is a German word isn't it?

Arty --

Schadenfreude may be fun for a moment. I am sure in 1940 some Americans pissed at France had a chuckle. They were not laughing 4 years later.

That is my fear. That in a few years the crisis wil hit Europe and we will have a chuckle. Then find ourselves really really fighting a war of survival. And those who would have been our allies (the France and Germans) are already finished.

--The Axis of Weasels, while funny, was hardly helpful.

Tina, they can't take "Old Europe" or Axis of Weasels or Worm via Britain, but the stuff they've been spewing about US for at least 2
decades now we're supposed to accept.

Internet allows US to respond. I don't think they're used to that.

re: Aceh

I may be completely wrong, but if I unterstood the German media correctly and if they are to be trusted (which, of course, they are not) the Bundeswehr made its main help efforts in... Banda Aceh? Now, isn't that part of Aceh? And doesn't that mean that one of our politicians is claiming that the Americans only went there because of the oil, while we have also gone there, but for purely idealistical reasons? Hello!?

And Wuldorblogger, the whole thing ultimatly is that Aceh was the hardest hit. But because there is oil there, were our troops susposed to go, well where?

Maybe to places with no oil. Maybe they should have been hanging out with the UN hotshots at a bar someplace.


I don't think the US would ever let Europe down, if they had a crisis and needed our help. There are too many connections between us, and even though some on this side of the pond may not like it, it's what we do as Americans. Need help? Well, we say, shrugging our shoulders, let's get to work then. For as much crying and wailing as has gone on over Iraq, when everything settles down Europe and America will be old friends again. Hell, I've still got family in Germany by the North Sea; I wouldn't let them down. They're family, even if I've never met them. I think that's the attitude that most Americans have anyways.

In any case, I enjoy the site guys. Keep after the Euro-libs!

@ Bsc:

Speaking of the UN: One funny thing is that, as far as I can see, America has received more criticism for effectively helping in Aceh and elsewhere than the UN has for their soldiers raping girls in Congo. That was kind of a non-issue over here. It doesn't get much weirder, does it?


I share your belief that a crisis will hit Europe. I fully realize as I am sure you do too the Europeans do not see this just as they did not see the war clouds in the 1930’s or as Americans failed to see 9 11.

What the US does is all a matter of when this crisis hits. What do I mean? Well I surely do not see a change in attitude of the elites in Europe be they of the left or the right toward the US. In fact, I see a growing split between much of Europe and the US. The leaders of this split on the European side will be the members of the “chocolate summit” plus Spain and of course Greece. They will continue to attempt to establish a counter pole to the US.They will fail to act even when it is in their own best interests to do so. These efforts will aided by their comrades in the media and in academia. This anti-Americism is well entrenched both in the elites and now has infected much of the general population. Like the need for massive and painful restructuring of the German economy and the need to change the attitudes of what has become an entitlement society, I have no clue as how you change this.

There will be many flash points as we travel this road. One will occur by the end of the summer. It will be the decision by the EU to lift the current arms embargo on China. Most of these flash points will deal with trade as the European nations find it more difficult to compete in the world and at the same time require huge amounts of money to support their failing welfare states.

So should the crisis hit in the next 3 – 8 years, then I fear America will become involved. If it should hit in 10 or more years, then I think we, as a nation will watch from the sidelines, as we probably should. I use these ranges because I think that is how long it will take to destroy NATO and for the EU to be near collapse. The longer it is before the crisis hits the less likely it will be that America becomes involved. This will be the result of several factors. Some of these factors will be a new focus toward SEA and Asia, a changing of the population of the US to more brown and yellow, the idea that Americans are paying a huge amount of money for their protection and the Europeans are not, the attitudes of both Americans and Europeans toward each other and of course the actions the Europeans take in the intervening years prior to the crisis. Finally there is a loss of America’s European heritage, which played a huge role in getting us involved in both world wars.

One thing I do know is Americas are learning more and more about the attitudes of the Europeans. What they are learning they are finding they do not like. This for sure does not make us want to send our sons and daughters off to die for them. I know I surely do not. I have become most European in that sense. My attitude is we owe them nothing just as they feel they owe us nothing. I consider it is time for the US to move on, the sooner the better.

Besides I think one important lesson from the last war is if you win you get france. That alone is reason enough to sit this next one out.

BSC so the bottomline is if the Europeans are not worried why should the Americans. As Sandy said we have been stumbling along now for 228 years without a lot of help.

And I fear you suffer a little bit of whatever it is that Tina has in that there is some obligation we have toward Europe. As I said I see none. I am indifferent.


As you might be confused there are now two Joe's posting plus a Joe N.

Please do not confuse my post with the other Joe's posting of January 21, 2005 01:07 AM.

I think once reading them and the respective logic you will see where there is a huge difference in where we stand on your question.

I know of no one personally either in the US military or in my civilian world that has any desire to die for old europe.

No, Joe - Send over the artwork, libraries, dismantle a few castles, but depending on where the trouble is, they can handle it in their diplomatic way, it'll give them another chance to show US that their way works.


The article Sandy P posted was written by a Brit. I realize you do not have a lot of love for them either as they always seem not to be on your side in history, just as the US normally is not either.

As for the artilce, I wished she had not posted it. I think these are things you as germans need to discover for yourselves.

It is apparent you feel this article is well off base and very incorrect. So be it. Given the actions taken in berlin, I would have to assume the red-greens agree with you. For your shake I hope you are correct as are the red-greens.

For me personally, I am indifferent to the internal affairs of your nation.

I would however think that even you would have to admit the german model is not one that is being followed in most of the developing world. That might be a huge clue.....but then the obvious is always the most difficult to recongize.

Well I'm not sure I would leap to my feet to help "Old Europe" if they get hit (and we know they will) It has seriously lost it's way and has deluded itself inot thinking it can solve all the worlds problems with "soft power" or whatever their EU overlords are saying these days. When they eventually get sucker punched by Al-Qaeda I know I'll have the decency not to say "You should ask yourself 'why they hate you?'"


My plan of action is to light a candle at the German mission here in Atlanta.

Then I intend to go to church and say a prayer for those who have died and suffered.

Then being a "real ally" I shall go back to watching tv.

Given that I got the last of my relations out of Europe (a little problem with pogroms and anti-semetic riots) this year, I could give a toss for Europe at this point. Germany will never be a place for me to visit, nor France. It's too dangerous

What I have learned in the last few years (since Sept. 11, 2001) is that Europeans and Americans have quite different political systems. Germany, France, Belgium, others, are ruled by elites, whereas Americans routinely "throw the rascals out" every few years.

In addition, the success of soft communism, i.e. socialism, has weakened the average European's ability to solve problems. Europeans may stand helpless in the face of the on-coming disasters. Or, they will take to the streets again--a diseased form of political activity.


You are spot on. I've just realized over the past year how much the Euro left hates the US and the France under Chirac's leadership is leading the force to become serious rivals to US influence and economic power in the world. I used to care about Europe and admire their culture, etc but that has all changed. I now see them for the spiteful, jealous, envy ridden, prideful, decadent, arrogant (over compensation for feelings of inferiority), gullible brain-washed fools that they are. The stupidity of the Euro leaders (Chirac and Schroeder primarily) is breathtakingly appalling.

They are consumed with hatred for America and Israel. They are perverse in their alliances with very bad people. I say let 'em rot. No American should so much as suffer a stubbed toe in defense of Europe ever again.

Joe and BSC,

You two make fantastic points. I can hardly disagree. The anti-French temperment in the US right now is really based on French action, not really on MSM (which has really given the French a pass, as usual).

Joe, I did hear (live) Bush's speech and it was a zinger. I loved it! And you are indeed right, it highlighted the ever growing differences between Europe and the US.

Understand, you are talking to someone who really would like to remain "friends" with European nations, even though I am completely aware that you are right that France is becoming more obviously an enemy. Germany is up in the air, in my book. Russia never got off the ground, and Spain just threw in the towel.

Also, one of you mentioned if a crisis hit Europe, would the US respond? Mmm, that is a great question. If the situation was bad enough, we likely would. This is a predominately a Christian nation, so we would probably help based more on that rather than any residual alliance to a perceived "friendship".

I don't think public support would be right there and I do believe that whoever the president would be at the time would have to sell the idea pretty heavily.

Would mainland Europe return the favor? I would like to believe they would, but I no longer have such confidence.


Everytime I think about the Germans and French sniffing at our bathed and deodorized selves...

It's called moonbattery.

Since I am one of those spiteful, jealous, envy ridden, prideful, decadent, arrogant (over compensation for feelings of inferiority), gullible brain-washed fools I don't know the meaning of "moonbat" or "moonbattery". Could you please tell me?

Why did the chicken cross the road?

Orders! He was only following orders!


Moonbats via Wikipedia:

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Moonbat is a pejorative political slogan coined in 2002 by Perry de Havilland of "The Libertarian Samizdata," (http://www.samizdata.net/blog/) a libertarian weblog. [1] (http://www.samizdata.net/blog/archives/000615.html) The term enjoys great currency in the libertarian blogosphere, where it is used to disparage modern liberals, peace protestors, and other ideological opponents. SEE ALSO: Feminazi, Idiotarian.


1. "Someone on the extreme edge of whatever their -ism happens to be." (de Havilland )

2. "someone who sacrifices sanity for the sake of consistency" (Adriana Cronin)

3. "... human whose cerebral cortex has turned to silly putty causing him or her to mentally slide down the evolutionary ladder to the level of a winged rat who is influenced by the moon and wants to suck your blood. Also not-so-affectionately known as a "Democrat"." (www.barking-moonbat.com F.A.Q)

4. Not liberals, but leftists. Whereas liberals are patriotic, leftists seek to undermine their national strength. Anti-war protestors, likely to call the US military "nazis," apt to blame the 9-11 attacks on a US government and Zionist conspiracy, are moonbats. Liberals who oppose the war, are not.

5. A poster at the liberal/progressive website Democratic Underground."

Moonbat always meant a lunatic, probably taking the same lunar reference to insanity. Recently it has been coined to mean the left Islam alliance, the moon reference being apt. Its generally somebody who doesnt let facts get in the way of a good conspiracy theory and will usually end any discussion by shouting "Bush lied people dies" or "No blood for Oil" etc.

I liked what beimami said:

"It strikes me that the article above is not just an attack on Bush, but a general attack on democracy as well. Anyone who has even a passing understanding of history must realize that there is little more precious than the right to periodically go to the ballot box and cast one's vote for the candidate of one's choice. A record number of Americans went to the polls last November and cast their vote. This was truly a victory for democracy everywhere."

Thats very true. The US election this year was so widely discussed and debated and because of blogs and the internet the discussions were so deep and so many voted. A big problem Germany had was that the media called the Whitehouse for Kerry about mid September. I was reading the US news and my German flatmate the German media. He was convinced from the bias reporting that Kerry had it in the bag. I was amazed as the race was pretty close at times. It won me a crate of beer but in general most Germans seem to think that there was something fishy about the elections. After all their media was shouting that Kerry had won but he didnt. This, combined with Pro7 showing F911 before on Nov 1st has lead to quite a lot of suspicion towards this election. Of course not everone has joined the tin-foil hat voting machine manipulation conspiracy theory BUT hardly anyone in Germany who relies on the German media would ever call the last election the victory for democracy that it was.

As for the differing views on transatlantic relations I reckon that as soon as the "world opinion" became an issue in the Democrat election campaign that it is just as important to try to convince Germans that they are losing a lot if they move away from the USA, as it is to remind Americans that the media bias here is such that the "world opinion" is not something that should take so seriously when deciding who their President should be.

My mother in law was listening to Swiss t.v. talk about the election in late October. It was a round table diuscussion (apparently, Swiss t.v. loves round table discussions).

All of the commentators were anti-Bush. She said that one of the commentators was warning the rest that despite their claims of Kerry winning, the polls showed that Bush was ahead by 1 point and that he thought Bush would win.

They laughed at that apparently.

Why you should never hire a German plumber.

Who wants a plumber who can't tell the water pipe from the gas pipe.

It’s nice to see that in the future when the whole world goes to hell, Mickey Mouse and Disney are still around.


Any alliance between the "eu" and the US is dead, as there exisit a multitude of differences (primarily intellectual) that makes a continuance impossible for the US people to swallow. The "eu" is preparing the sheets in her death-bed just at the time she destroys ANY respect any american ever had for the fetid wasteland that is europe.
"Old Europe has been unmasked. For decades it played at being a grateful ally that shared the same values as the US. Its recent diplomatic actions coupled with its stupid anti-American public discourse gave it no strategic or tactical advantage but helped render it transparent to millions and millions of Americans. Its famed diplomacy proved to be a disaster of epic proportions. Opportunistic politicians burned the goodwill of the world’s sole superpower for no visible gain. We have to thank them for their shortsightedness. Besides, Americans who used to spend a couple of weeks each year in Old Europe admiring its landscapes and cityscapes now have a much deeper knowledge of how the whole continent and, in particular, the EU work. Old Europe is now quite rightly seen by a large part of American public opinion as, in the best case, a nasty and envious rival, and, in the worst, as an enemy and a covert ally of the most obscurantist forces of the Muslim world."
read it all http://europundits.blogspot.com/
Europa '05 Nelson Ascher

the great Denis Boyles sums things up-
This is the "eu" today-
"Let's say you take a chunk of real estate the size of a small continent, devastate it with two of the biggest wars in the history of human conflict, then add a couple of massive genocides, a near-total collapse of most social structures, a megadose of intolerant secularism, a decline in educational standards, a flat-line birthrate and a truly impressive brain drain. Now try to imagine what kind of ideas would survive to emerge from the wreckage. That's right. You get nihilism, anti-Semitism, and anti-Americanism, the three knee-jerk, irrational sentiments — they fail to rise to the level of actual "ideas" — that inform the modern intellectual life of Europe. In other words, you get cockroaches.


Very interesting thread - I particularly like the observations about how misled the Europeans were about our recent election. The power of the media is awesome - and so if everyone on the BBC and 4 out of 5 UK papers say Bush is an idiot - then of course the people are confused when he is re-elected.

I don't read other Euro media - but I cannot imagine it is better in this regard

As for the US "being there" for the next Euro crisis - don't bet on it

There are lots of American's who really have no connection to Europe at all - and some who do - my family are immigrants from Europe and I have lived in the UK and travelled widely there.

Let me say this - when the crisis comes - and its coming - I won't be argueing that we should help Europe - and neither will most Americans

If Europeans can't understand that Islamic Facism is not just the problem of America and Israel - and they choose to be critics and not help in this struggle I certainly won't get too misty eyed when the Ayatollah of Paris decree's that Notre Dame is infidel and should be shelled to dust like the Afghan Bhudda's well I will just look at my pictures of it and be sad at the loss

So "when the crisis hits Europe" (as for most of you seems to be unavoidable), the response of the land of the free and home of the brave will be to wait and see? Is that your way to bring "the untamed fire of freedom" to the darkest corners of our world?


Actually we all think you will be able to handle this on your own and determine what is best for you. You seem to give every indication that is what you are now doing. You are making your own history and your future.

It is obvious to most Amercians you have already turned your backs on the US.

While I am totally indifferent to what course you choose, all I can do is to say "Go for it" and wish you good luck.

the response of the land of the free and home of the brave will be to wait and see? Is that your way to bring "the untamed fire of freedom" to the darkest corners of our world?--

We've been over there 3 times in the 20th century alone, you're supposed to know our history better than ourselves and you still choose failed ideology which has killed hundreds of millions.

You want it, you got it.

Enjoy being in China's sphere. Or the ME.

You're a lot older, as you keep reminding us, and much more worldly, educated and sophisticated. Can't teach an old dog new tricks.

As long as it requires no more American blood or money, I agree w/Joe.

And welcome to the Blogosphere (coined by Bill Quick - Dailypundit), zeta, hope you start surfing American sites, left, right and center as well.

Zeta wrote - So "when the crisis hits Europe" (as for most of you seems to be unavoidable), the response of the land of the free and home of the brave will be to wait and see? Is that your way to bring "the untamed fire of freedom" to the darkest corners of our world?


What can we do when free people voluntarily choose to become slaves in Eurabia?

If we are successful in Iraq and the broader ME europe may be saved

If we are not - and in no small part thanks to the complete lack of support and indeed constant critcism from europe - then europe is doomed in the long run

Your low birth rates and increasing immigration from the muslim crescent will swamp you

in 40 years young Osama from Munich won't exactly be inclined to pay 95% taxes so his 80 year old neighbor Hans can get his State pension

The optimists would say you have a while - until the muslims reach 51%

Of course, muslims who lack such a majority have found ways to get their way in recent years - and europeans have been quite receptive to the tactics

When the bombs start going off in Stuttgart we will find out if the blame the victim game continues - or is it only jews who deserve such treatment

so yes - America will stay on the sidelines next time if I have anything to say about it

SPIEGEL ONLINE - 21. Januar 2005, 13:37
URL: http://www.spiegel.de/politik/ausland/0,1518,337878,00.html

Eklat im US-TV

"Je schlechter der Krieg, desto größer die Party"

40 Millionen Dollar kostete der Party-Marathon zur Amtseinführung George W. Bushs. Während der US-TV-Sender Fox mitjubelte, kam es vor laufender Kamera zum Eklat: "Vanity Fair"-Autorin Bachrach kritisierte Bush so stark, dass die Fox-Moderatorin schließlich das Gespräch abrupt beendete. SPIEGEL ONLINE hat den Dialog übersetzt.

Das ist also ein Eklat. Und das ist ein Skandal nach Ansicht vom Spiegel:


Empörung über Holocaust-Vergleich

Die NPD hat im sächsischen Landtag ihr wahres Gesicht gezeigt. Während einer Schweigeminute für die Opfer der Nazi-Diktatur verließen die Rechtextremisten den Saal. Kurz darauf bezeichnete der NPD-Abgeordneter Gansel die Angriffe der Alliierten auf Dresden als "Bomben-Holocaust". Die Politiker der demokratischen Parteien waren schockiert."

So war es oft in der Vergangenheit. Die eigentlichen Schocknachrichten Deutschland betreffend wurden in kleinen Artikelchen abgehandelt, Bundeswehrmißhandlungen, alles schon vergessen, Antisemtismus, wo denn?, usw. usw. Wir sind wahrhaft groß und großartig und guuuut.

Die wahren Eklats, die sehen wir nur in den USA, und sei es auch nur eine unbekannte und unwichtige Autorin von Vanity Fair. Lächerlich, dies als Eklat zu bezeichnen, während sich im sächsischen Landtag 12 NPD-Leute weigern, der Bitte des CDU-Politikers des bevorstehenden 60. Jahrestags der Befreiung des Konzentrationslagers Auschwitz am 27. Januar und des 60. Jahrestag der Bombardierung Dresdens am 13. Februar zu erinnern. Die Volksvertreter der NPD verließen den Saal.

Was interessiert uns eine Autorin von Vanity Fair und ihre Bush-Kritik???

Da sucht man täglich nach Anti-Bush-Leuten und präsentiert diese wie Helden in unseren Medien. Wäre es nicht so niveaulos, man könnte drüber lachen.

I think that obituary author missed one thing - by the time Bush passes on, that obit would have likely referred to the many violations of sharia law, and maybe even written in arabic.

why americans always think they have to SAVE and protect europe or the whole world? fact is you can not even protect your own poop-country! where did this biggest terorist disaster happen? wasnt it in your country? you should better face the vulnerability of you own homeland and not pointing fingers on others! If you americans ask nicely maybe the mexicans or we canadians will help you out with knowledge to make your country safer!

Note from David: Normally I dedicate intellectually substandard comments like this one to the trash bin. But this guy is so obviously lunatic and inadvertently funny I decided to keep him in. Enjoy!

Canadian Guy,

Well I guess s***head because we've done it twice in the last century alone. Mainly from the sophisticated German dookey on a plate in the loo examining nation. And some little pussy canadian who has been protected under our umbrella and still has the snot nosed perdiffery to run his mouth needs a pole rammed up his ass. Sorry, but you people are too much to take. It makes me embarassed to be a New Foundlander, and to part of such a small minded, shallow, weak willed country.

Have a nice day,


And to clarify I'm canadian-american...still eat s***.

canadiangay, if you fruits in barneyland want to help us, you can start by building that fucking wall along the border you keep saying you need in order to keep American culture out (and coincidentally keep ringmeats like you in).

@ Canadians

It bad enough that we Americans have to be lectured by the Country that allowed Mohamed Atta and his crew to fly from Germany into Montreal, to Halifax, to a sleepy border crossing point in Portland, ME, to Boston.

Canada's contribution to the world is that it invented ethinic cleansing.

Where do you think the term "Cajun" came from? It is a corruption of "Canadien."

Cajuns are Franco Americans that were kicked out of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia by fleeing British Tories, during the American Revolutionary War. Louisiana was the last French outpost in North America.

General Gage figured that it was bad enough that American Colonials were treacherous, why should we (loyalist) take it from the French....the rest is history.

Besides, I'd rather have Paul Prudhomme (Famous Cajun Chef) than Celine Dion. Celine is a good talent. But you can't eat Celine's music

Tina wrote the following three paragraphs:
"Also, one of you mentioned if a crisis hit Europe, would the US respond? Mmm, that is a great question. If the situation was bad enough, we likely would. This is a predominately a Christian nation, so we would probably help based more on that rather than any residual alliance to a perceived "friendship".

I don't think public support would be right there and I do believe that whoever the president would be at the time would have to sell the idea pretty heavily.

Would mainland Europe return the favor? I would like to believe they would, but I no longer have such confidence."

I would hope that Europe would return the favor as well. This is only a pipe dream though. Europe hasn't got the military to reciprocate. They only have meager forces to act with NATO. The United States has the largest military contingent in Europe and has provided an umbrella of protection since the end of WWII. The European countries of NATO, with the exception of United Kingdom and France, have little actual knowledge of warfare in the 21st century. With the current level of anti-Americanism in Europe, and the anti-Europeanism in the United States (mainly anti-French and anti-German), there would be little hope for any assistance from Europe if it were needed. The only exception would be "hot air". There is more than enough hot air being pumped out of Germany ,France, Belgium, and Spain.

The fore mentioned countries have built up their social assistance programs at the expense of the American taxpayer, rather then build up their militaries to provide for their own protection. Their social systems are collapsing slowly around them, due to the lack of money. They are dying like the ancient Roman Empire. The need for reform of their socialized systems is self evident. When the United States pulls out of Europe, these social systems will collapse completely. And Europe will have little structure to provide for a common defense. European Union Forces, hahahahahahahahahahaha, hahahhahahahahahaha. ROFL

Note to Gabi: stay the course, stand your ground. You are one of the best informed posters at David's Medienkritik. I admire your courage and knowledge. Keep up the great commentary girl!

Note to David and Ray: Thanks again for the great site, your postings ring true, your "Kritik" is clear and fair. David's Medienkritik is truly a lifeboat within a surly ocean otherwise known as the German media. BTW congrats on 1,000,000 plus visitors to your site.

If you americans ask nicely maybe the mexicans or we canadians will help you out with knowledge to make your country safer!--

Even your Canadian Senate gets it, and you don't.

Approx 85% of your trade is with who?

BTW, dhimmitude is not an option. You've already chosen, live w/it.

As for the Canucks, They're still pissed at the way the Continent was divied up. They got the tundra and all the beaver they could eat and we got stuck with the deserts and beaches. Buy the way, how's that NHL strike working out for you in the fridgid north, aye. Congrats to Davids Medienkritik for being a Million visitor blog! Best regards from the Rocky Mountain red States.

Hey, they had the chance in the Articles of Confederation to come aboard no questions asked, no votes to accept required.

AFter all, while the 18th century belonged to the Americans, the Canadians would sit astride North America in the 19th.

That's "misunderestimated" to you fools at Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

>So "when the crisis hits Europe" (as for most of you seems to be unavoidable), the response of the land of the free and home of the brave will be to wait and see? Is that your way to bring "the untamed fire of freedom" to the darkest corners of our world?

Zeta, my response would not be to "wait and see." It would be to sit out entirely. And I have relatives and in-laws in Europe.

At least if the "crisis" does not cross over into Poland. I am not Polish, but when the crisis moves into Poland, it is usually a bad thing.

Just one final comment on this topic. As many of you have probably noticed I some times come at a topic a bit differently than the german MSM. So here goes…..

What the writer is talking about is almost 20 years from now.

So a german today who is 20, 30, 40, will in that time be 40, 50, 60

Now think about where these people are now and where they will be in those 20 years. Will their futures and lives be bright and full of hope? Will their standard of living be better?

The one thing we do know at the current birth rate there will be a lot less ethnic germans and those who do remain will be a lot older.

So will the social welfare state continue to provide all to these graying germans and at what cost? And what of the freedoms they will have as time goes along? Will they just be nameless and faceless robots in a world, which they do not control and cannot change? How much of their sovereignty will they give to the EU and in doing so to the Turks, Poles, french and British?

In other words, who will history reward? GWB or the german people?

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