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The cover is not the worst of all time no doubt - but let me ask this - has this magazine ever shown a positive cover about Bush?

If 51% of the US public likes him enough to re-elect him - and give his party commanding gains in the House and Senate - does Speigal not think that there is anything positive to say about the man?

Or have they, and the rest of the German MSM pushed this caricature so far that they could not show another perspective without looking like asses

@ fuchur

"Meet the Fockers, eh? :)
It´s pronounced like it´s written, I absolutely don´t know what you mean :) .
(btw, Fuchur is the Glücksdrache from Michael Ende´s Unendliche Geschichte. I thought everybody knew that!)"

LOL now I really am LOLing a bit. Thanks for your sense of humour. No offense meant and I see that none was taken. Thats great. Its just that when I saw it and said it out load it sounds just like a friend of mine from Northern Ireland swearing. As for the dragon, thats exactly what my girlfriend said. So I guess everybody knew that but me :-) Medienkritik: Da lernt man was!

I think though that you have to take the "digusting" and "trash journalism" with the same sense of humour. After all it does say "you bet" (I certainly wouldnt be risking my money on anything else) and it did fit in so perfectly with the cover text.

@ fuchur

Actually, I have not made any comments about this cover, so I do not know what you are talking about. I have commented on the implications and the possibility of a war in Iran, something that other dailies and magazines talk about.

Do you know why I think Der Spiegel is Anti-American? First off, their overt Bush-hatred is just a cover for their hatred of the American people, the very people who elected him TWICE. They can't say America sucks straight out and get away with it. The Ivory Tower at Der Spiegel have to use Bush to bash America. I think I have gone to school enough to read between the lines, and catch nuances whenever they arise.

Furthermore, this blog gives a laundry list on Der Spiegel's anti-Bush/anti-American rant. By the way, Stern is guilty of doing the same thing. I don't speak or read German, but thankfully, this blog gives me an insight to the insidious machinations of the German media.

-Conspiracy theories that showed how the system fooled those dumb Americans. Damn, those Republicans are getting better at cheating. Those dumb Americans do not know any better.


*this particular entry infuriates me because of Der Spiegel's "Blut Fur Ol" (sorry, the computer I am using has no umlauts), with a flag closely similar to the American flag. Not anti-American, fuchur? Well, I think you need a bigger lense!

*and then there is Stern's "Wie Amerika Die Welt Belog" (Why America Lied to the World, please correct the translation if I am wrong), with a background that had Bush waving and right below him is New York City simmering after the terrorist attacks. Oops, no anti-Americanism there!

-the Der Spiegel cover with the blind-folded Statue of Liberty speaks for itself. Not anti-American enough, fuchur?

Well, I am not going to go over the internet, and particularly this blog, to find the anti-American sentiments of Der Spiegel and other German publications and media outlets. I have made my judgement that Der Spiegel rivals Michael Moore's anti-Americanism (Oh, the German elite love that lying sack of crap!). I do not make judgements by pulling stuff out of my ass. I have read enough entries on this blog that show Der Spiegel's false generalization of Americans and slanderous statements about Bush, something the German and European media won't report. I used to get only one source for German news, and that was DW-World. I think this blog replaces DW for honest reporting.

But then again, Bush is an idiot who deserves the scorn, and the American people deserve double the scorn for re-electing him. (Please note the sarcasm.)

@carl Thanx for the insight. I forgot that was at S.F.U. Anyway, I heard that a couple of soldiers went A.W.O.L., and ended up in the Bay area...LOL


That particular gesture raised a lot of eyebrows in the Norwegian media, as they show Bush raising the devil sign.

However,that hand gesture was just his way of showing his appreciation for the "Texas Longhorns," a university in Texas. Of course, it was appropriate for the Bushes to do that since George W. Bush was the governor of Texas from 1995-2001.

Though the hand sign of the "Texas Longhorns" and heavy metal is the same, Bush was referring to the school and not to the music genre.

George Bush, The Metal Years.

Appeasement at it's best:

"Die Europäer sollten überlegen, ob es nicht klüger wäre, die iranische Atomwaffe unter bestimmten Voraussetzungen zu akzeptieren, statt Bomben auf Iran zu schmeißen."


Von Max Boot in der Los Angeles Times:

Digging Into Seymour Hersh
You don't have to scratch too deeply to find an enormous reservoir of left-wing bias.


Wichtig vor allem deshalb, da der SPIEGEL eine dreiseitige Übersetzung von Hersh's Artikel abgedruckt hatte. Was damals der "militärisch-industrielle Komplex" als Großverschwörung war, sind heute die "Neokonservativen". Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore, Susan Sontag und schließlich Seymour Hersh - alles Lieblinge der Deutschen, wenn es darum geht, die Welt zu deuten.

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