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Ich kann nicht viel über Hillary Clinton sagen, mir hat sie in dt. Talkshows gefallen. Sie hat vor dem Irakkrieg mit viel Selbstbewußtsein die amerikanischem Positionen dargelegt und ließ sich nicht verleiten, beim dummen Bush-Bashing mitzumachen. Deshalb hat mich positiv erstaunt, daß sie noch immer Darling in Deutschland ist und nun die Wahl auf sie gefallen ist.

And I though "creative" campaign financing was a German specialty, what with black suitcases, forged donation receipts, murky real estate holdings, and the like. Not to mention the latest craze, "telecommuting" for VW.

To be fair, bending such rules is probably a specialty of politicians everywhere, since they, after all, make the rules themselves.

I think it should be "the president the German media LOVES". They didn't love him that much when he was in office. At least, it didn't keep them from using all those anti-American stereotypes they are using now as well. The German media learned to love Clinton only after they recognized that they HATED Bush and could use the Clintons as the symbols of the "other America". (Although on many questions, Iraq among them, both Clintons actually were quite supportive for Bush in most aspects.)

I think Euro-lefty love of Clinton pre-dated Bush - it was when he was (rightly) impeached for perjury, obstruction of justice and abuse of power, after having been caught out by his own sexual harassment law. I cannot understand what the German media is thinking in giving Hilary its prize, though. It will have no effect on American politics and Hilary did basically nothing for women anyway. Her only serious involvement in American politics as I recall was her healthcare failure.

Still, I think Clinton himself deserves the Adolf Hitler award for Contempt for Democracy and Legitimate Government. I heard recently that he only held two cabinet meetings in '98 - one to deny an affair with Monica Lewinsky and one to admit it.

yeh if bush aint hilter than clintin must be. good thinkin their dude. qod eret demostradum baby. er q.e.d. anyway. in phasycs this is knoan as teh 'law of conservation of hitler'. somebody tel godwin...

HA HA HA, heh, heh, heh, been driving long dude? Just can't get that keyboard to go around those corners, eh?

More of the usual "Stepford Children" nodding by the European media. How very sophisticated of them, don't you think?

I find this very odd. I've been raking through my brain, and truly cannot remember one thing that Hillary did in '94 that hit my radar screen.

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