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hey anonymous kid-
Yeah, the US does have some ghettos, and yes some people in Houston are fat. Man, have a seen some huge and fat people all over bavaria, so we all know fat people are eveywhere.
Unfortunately, what you see in miami is a mix of lunatic Haitians, Dominicans, African Americans,as well as lunatic Columbians and Brazilians.
There are indeed many people from all over the third world tht have come to the US, and have no abiltiy to handle their own fredoms and follow the laws.
Unlike the Turks, Morrocans and others in Gemrany who are looking to blow you up, here you just might lose a wallet. I could name over 1 dzen palces in berlin that you'd get a turksih knife in your arse if you visitid there, so please make a point that is a bit less juvenile.
Your comments are pretty funny in that everyone I have ever met in Germany has always asked me about where I live " Aren't you afraid of the "brown man" while living in LA"? It always made me laugh my ass off, becausse they were really referring to the "blacks".
All of them, and you, need to go out and visit the world more often.
As far as me being proud- yes, I am very proud of what the US stands for, and I am very proud the the US knocked the living hell out of germany 60 years ago, but I am not very proud that we foolishly gave you money, and stood beside you in germany while we re-built your country, helped you with democracy and kept the Soviets from taking you over. Man, that was the dumbest damn thing the US ever did, and it's 85 billion in todays money overall that went to europe.
And all of that money and re-building has done nothing but turn germany into a primarily backwards, economically crushed, and ideological starved, and intellectually impotent place here in modern times. You aren't ever going to get another check from the Uncle you now spit at from below his ankles. Prove to the world you have ANY capabilitiies within Gemrnay to get things done on your own, junior. Only then may I become impressed.

yeah thats indeed a country everybody would like to live........haha

Hey, kid, haven't you noticed how many people do want to live here in the US? How much immigration we have?

How many Germans applied to emigrate to the US last year? And how many Americans applied to emigrate to Germany? We're not perfect, but more people would like to live here than anywhere else.

Still don't like the US? That's fine! You're welcome to your opinion. As for me, I've been to Germany and had fun there. It's a nice country to visit. I like the US more, but that doesn't mean I have to shit on anybody else's country. What's your problem, bozo?

Pato, our anonymous friend had the bad luck to visit America's fattest city, so ordinarily I would cut him or her some slack and say that the sample size was just too small to support the conclusion. However, our anonymous friend also picked #3 on the list of worst US crime rates for large cities. With a second uncanny selection, I begin to suspect bias. I could just as well go to the middle of the Rhine and conclude that Germany was under 5 meters of water.

A wise man once said that the plural of "anecdote" is not "data."

@ Anthony:
"Do Germans tend to uncritically believe what they read in the papers?"

Well, I´m afraid they do. They believe what is said in the mainstream media, e.g. the FAZ has good reputation. And the two tax-payed TV-channels are even said to be more objective and of higher quality than the private ones. But their reports are very often highly anti-American. All this sounds, as if I was not German, but in fact I am. The way the German media talk about the U.S is a shame, but are they to blame or do they simply say what most Germans like to hear? Did the media create anti-Americanism? No, it existed long before. But do they reinforce it? Yes, undoubtedly, yes. Why is anti-Americanism so popular in Germany? I guess, I will never understand.

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