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"It is not clear what the reasons are for a help offer from the US. ...the American airplane carrier "USS Abraham Lincoln" ... has left Hongkong."

It's the oil stupid ! ;)
( Any other reason possible ? Like helping people ? Nay... )

And how many ships is Germany sending and what are their capabilities?

when the FAZ reports that "not every kind of help is welcome", then this may be right or wrong, but where is the anti-americanism?


Only in a socialist, liberalistic and unmoralistic country such as Germany, can this type of travesty of justice occur. What level of idiocy has the German media now stepped up to? Who are they serving? Does this come from the leadership of the country or are they just playing to the millions of lower educated people? Are they writing this only to stir controversy or to just sell more newspapers? Whatever the reason, this level of journalism is nothing but horsefeathers. Even for German media, this is an all time low.

While the media may be printing this trash, it is the German people who are buying it and reading it. Then they apply this knowledge in the anti-Americanism and ever increasing anti-Semitism propaganda. I don't know who is more foolish, the media who prints the trash or the people who read it. It is becoming harder to distinguish the difference.

In my opinion, many German newspapers are nothing more than a cheap substitute for toilet paper.


The anti-Americanism is in the tone and the pattern of the reporting. Another article in the FAZ (http://www.faz.net/s/RubFC06D389EE76479E9E76425072B196C3/Doc~E463749440C094364AEA6900B17E36CD1~ATpl~Ecommon~Scontent.html) appears to finally report some facts concerning U.S. aid to the affected areas:

"Die internationale Hilfe, die Anfang der Woche angelaufen ist, scheint sogar geeignet, eine Wende in den verspannten Beziehungen zwischen Amerika und der muslimischen Welt einzuleiten. George W. Bushs Ankündigung, die weltweiten Hilfsmaßnahmen "anzuführen", deutet darauf hin, daß er die Krise als Chance begreift, das ramponierte Ansehen der Vereinigten Staaten in weiten Teilen Asiens zu verbessern. 350 Millionen Dollar hat er am Freitag versprochen - zehnmal mehr als Länder wie Deutschland, Frankreich und Japan. Mehrere Flugzeugträger - Sinnbilder amerikanischer Hegemonialmacht - hat der amerikanische Präsident Kurs auf die Katastrophengebiete nehmen lassen. An Bord ist das, was am meisten gebraucht wird: Hubschrauber, ausgebildete Helfer, Frischwasser in rauhen Mengen."

But the author of the article isn't satisified with reporting the facts, he feels compelled to add this smear in the last paragraph of the article:

"Die von Bush ausgerufene Koalition der Rettungswilligen umfaßt die Vereinigten Staaten, Indien, Japan und Australien. Daß weder Europa noch dessen Lieblingskind - die Vereinten Nationen - in seinem Hilfsplan auftauchen, wird wohl in der Alten Welt zu recht als Affront verstanden werden. Statt auf den Weg des Multilateralismus zurückzufinden, der sich vielleicht nicht immer im Kriegsfall, aber doch meistens im Katastrophenfall bewährt hat, zementiert der amerikanische Präsident den Pfad der nationalstaatlichen Außenpolitik."

There you have it; Bush and the U.S. work with other countries to provide rapid assistance to disaster victims and the German press prattles about insults to Europe and nationalistic foreign policy.

What difference does it actualy make any more what the Euros think? We will to continue to go about our business and soldier on regardless of what they do or say. They are whinning so loud out of simple impotence and irrelevance. so why should we even care what they think. That´s all they can do. It´s not like they will act or take a stand on anything. when i was in the army we had an expression. "Lead, follow or get out of the way." It seems that most Euros are not capable of any of these. I feel very bad for the tourists who lost their lives or loved ones. But it´s the people who have no place to go who need the help. From watching ZDF al i see is mostly talk of those poor German tourists. I know that they were hit terribly hard. But they get to come home and receive help. It appeared to me that most of the German govts. response was aimed at aiding the stranded tourist and not the suffering of the millions of locals. To be horrbly cynical I guess that it´s Gerd who´s rubbing his hands! He´sg ot himself another flood where he can appear as "der Reter des Deutschenvolks". You are all welcome to disagree with me on this if you want. That´s just how I see it.

Take care and stay sane.


The article actually refers to the government in Sri Lanka not liking Israeli help (irresponsible) and to the Indian government rejecting foreign aid.

'Noch deutlicher soll sich die Regierung in Delhi geäußert haben. Agenturen zitieren Regierungskreise, die sich sämtliche militärische Hilfe aus dem Ausland verbitten.'

So I disagree about the content of the FAZ article having an anti-american bias. Instead I feel disgusted by governments who reject help although they desperately need it.

Monkeyhead, can you let us know who claimed that there was anti-American bias in the article you cite? Look, the major German news organizations are at their core just that, major news organizations, and most of what they do is to report the news. Much of the reporting on SPON is accurate and timely, and all news organizations make mistakes and have some biases. Nevertheless, the pervasive anti-Americanism woven into the reporting by the German press has been well-documented on this weblog, and must be obvious to anyone who is regulary exposed to the German media (Just look over the posts here of the last few days. Heck, the SPIEGEL covers alone should be adaquate).

Furthermore, you make it sound as if the article is pro-American, but I don't see any "lauding" of the US Navy (not Air Force) in the article, just dry reporting of the fact that they are there. What else should they report, when no one else is actively assisting flood victims in inaccessible areas yet? This was reported two days ago in the American press. The article also reports without criticism that the German Army is not ready yet. Again, simple reporting of the facts.

It is also instructive that you feel compelled to bring this example of competent journalism to our attention, as if you had stumbled onto nugget of gold in a worthless rock pile.

"Not every kind of help is welcome" to THEM maybe. Becuase it's not politically useful to a German media outlet.

beimani spewed- "What else should they report, when no one else is actively assisting flood victims in inaccessible areas yet?"
BS little man, get your fact checker fixed.
The german media is a simple antennae for the intellectually starved german masses, just a sophmoric medium that attempts to bury the insane levels of impotence that permeates the entire country. Who cannot see through this?
Spend a moemnt to read a few posts on this blog for a real assesment of what is occuring in indonesia- http://diplomadic.blogspot.com/
No mention of dudes named wolfgang or heinz can be noted.
And for a real perspective on current dillemmas that face the new german pimp (the french govt) spend a moment here-
http://www.iht.com/articles/2005/01/03/news/politicus.html and at the intl herald home page- www.iht.com
Note the article from a frenchman begging the US to stop it's hatred of france, and then check out the french media's view of the US here-
You have to wonder what it was that kept the mental retardation inflicting europe under the covers for any period of time. Is the internet the tool that permitted others to get an instant view of a country's focus, or was it simply that the stink created by the french and german govts simply came up from under the covers like a horrible passing of gas?

Pato, I may indeed spew sometimes, but I believe you have misunderstood my comment. I read the blogs you mentioned and generally agree with them.

BTW: Your prose reads like the Hustler "Asshole of the Month" feature. Do they still have that?

Yes, I misunderstood your post and aplogise for tossing a little flame your way. I am guilty of mis-interpreting some satire at times, but I did miss the point of your post.
I am not too sure of Hustler's current ahole of the month award, but I am working on having germany's govt and media outfitted for a centurium award for "Aholes of the century", labeled as such-
"German govt Aholes and the childish and intellectualy starving fools who've guided them to their current reality-defying utopia".

great pics of great Yanks heading into another muslim disaster area, just one place among many beyond the "un's" infantile reach -


Sounds good to me.

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