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don't forget also that the americans conspired with osama to have jews fly into the twin towers. that they're all working together. first it was just the jews, but when osama admitted it, then the leftist and the extremist had to find another story. just ask the moron who wrote the book in france. and all the morons who bought into it.

The German media loves to play the good Jew , bad Jew game. The God Jew is the bolshevist Jew or the radical liberal Jew, the atheist Jew, the Jew , who criticizes Israel or the United States. Haim Saban is a good Jew , Susan Sontag was of course a good Jew. The Jews ( Weinstein Brothers ? ) who published Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 are good Jews, Daniel Cohn Bendit is of course a good Jew, because he loves France and hates America and yes George Soros is a good Jew, because he gave millions of his own money to fight George W. Bush and he gave millions to the communist party in Hungary. The bad Jews are the Zionist Jews, the religious jews, the conservative Jews, the pro Israel and pro America Jews. Paul Wolfowitz is a bad Jew, Alan Greenspan is bad, of course Ariel Sharon is a very bad Jew.

Michael Wolfssohn, a professor at the Bundeswehr academy was demonized by the Media as a Zionist and warmongerer and nearly lost his job because of his support for the Iraq war. Of course they hated him before, because he calls himself a Jewish- German Patriot. Patriotism is something the German media hates, because Patriots are right wingers and right wingers are Nazis.

The Left wing media ended the political career of the CDU politician Martin Hohmann when they accused him of beeing an antisemite. True he held a speech in front of about 150 people where he talked about the Russian revolution and the involvement of bolshevist Jews. Which of course is nothing but a historical fact. The true reason why they wanted to get rid of Hohmann was that he is a conservative christian and was one of the few politicians who spoke out against muslim mass immigration to Europe on a regular basis. Muslim mass immigration is the biggest threat to the Jews who live in Europe. He was labeld antisemite by the same media that has no problems whith somebody who compares the State of Israel with the Third Reich or George Bush with Adolf Hitler.

For the left wing media a Jew is only good if he is a left winger and antisemitism is politically correct if it is left wing antisemitism.

@ Knitterface

Danke - ich bin hinter dem eisernen Vorhang geboren und weiß diese Art von Kunst echt schätzen:-)
Ich habe den Idioten gegoogelt - er scheint ganz populär zu sein!!!

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