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Slightly OT or maybe not? This is over a year old, but I just found it and thought it , um, interesting

>For today's Europeans, there is no consolation, neither the old pagan continuity of national culture, nor the Christian continuity into the hereafter. The French know that Victor Hugo, Gauloise cigarettes, Chateau Lafitte and Impressionist painters one day will become a matter of antiquarian curiosity. The Germans know that no one but bored schoolboys will read Goethe two centuries hence, like Pindar. They have no ambition but to die quietly, no concerns except for those amusements which might reduce boredom and anxiety en route to the grave. They have no passions except hatred born of envy. They hate America, a new kind of universality that succeeded where the old Christian empire failed. They hate Israel, which makes the Jewish people appear all the more eternal in stark contrast to Europe's morbid temporality. They will pass out of history unmourned even by themselves.


Neuer "Trend" in Europa?!

Dienstag 14. Dezember 2004, 13:53 Uhr
Gewaltbereite Jugendliche gehen in Irak

Brüssel (AP) Gewaltbereite Jugendliche aus Europa und den arabischen Staaten gehen nach Erkenntnissen der EU zur paramilitärischen Ausbildung in den Irak. Darauf wies der EU-Koordinator im Kampf gegen den internationalen Terrorismus, der Niederländer Gijs de Vries, im Gespräch mit der Nachrichtenagentur AP am Dienstag in Brüssel hin. Angaben über Herkunft und Zahl der Personen wollte er nicht machen. «Ich könnte das, aber ich werde es nicht sagen, weil diese Informationen geheim sind.» Erkenntnisse darüber, wie viele der betreffenden Personen zu terroristischen Aktivitäten in ihre Heimat zurückkehrten, seien eher dünn, sagte De Vries weiter. «Nicht jeder, der ein solches Ausbildungslager besucht, greift danach zu den Waffen», sagte De Vries. «Was aber wichtiger ist, ist der Trend.»


German legislators have tried to stiffen their anti-terrorism laws in recent years and have made it easier to deport immigrants for belonging to Islamic radical groups.

Well, in many cases, domestic intelligence agencies prefer not to deport immigrants suspicious of terrorist activities because information gathering will be mase easier.
When you deport a terrorist, he's out of the country, but his further plans and activities will remain more in the dark.
When you don't deport him, it's easier to spy on him, but he may strike right in your country.
It's a difficult decision.

Hence the old philosophy of "catch and release"... The Saudis did it with Bin Laden, the Germans, french, and italian did it with BMG, Action Directe, Red Army Faction, the IRA, etc...
One of the many brickbats that European leftists throw at the US is ending this policy - thus their fevered obsession with Camp Delta, making any sort of set of arguments availiable (no matter how self-contradictory) about them...

They have capitalized so much of the world's attention, that they're hard to take seriously anymore.

In Germany it is not a crime to assist the killing of US citizens and Jews. I thought everyone knew that. (I am joking.)

After the total abuse of justice during the NAZI period it is better Germany keep it difficult to convict persons under the law. The number of the non-guilty that were sent to the guillotine, hangman and firing squad after being tourtured (real torture not made uncomfortable or yelled at) then put on trial makes this necessary. Germans should not give that power to anyone in the future ever.

I do not understand however the reluctance to deport those persons to places where compentent courts can try them. I believe that is a political failure of the government not of the courts. How hard is it to revoke a visa and put someone on a plane? If someone is a guest in your country do you not have ther right to make them leave when they become poor guests?
That is how Germany is "unhelpful" to the US who wants to bring all those who had part in 9/11 to justice.

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