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On sunday Wolfgang Schäuble sold out at Sabine Christiansen's talk show, and now Broder. Shame on him. Is there anyone out there who has not defected to the dark side yet?

>Update: NEW YORK (Reuters) - Blue chips fell on Tuesday in a sharp reversal that trimmed gains in other indexes as Internet sites suggested exit polls had Sen. John Kerry ahead of President Bush in key states in the U.S. presidential election. ... Lisa Hansen, head trader at Transamerica Investment Management, said, "Apparently the blogs are saying that Kerry is ahead in one or two of the swing states and that's why the market dipped."

Yeah - stock markets are the most reliable and reasonable indicator for almost anything...

Deutschland is crazy in it's animosity towards Bush and "Amerika" in general. I had a guy in Germany tell me he knew everything about the U.S. because he had read Michael Moore. Having lived in Germany as a student abroad and as an intern the average German newspaper and therefore the average German doesn't know jackshit about America.

We overthrow a facist dictator and we are in the greater wrong because we violated international "law." Achtung Deutschland! Achtung Herr Grass! Amerika just put down a fascist dictator. Bush put down a fascist dictator. What did you do to stop Saddam Hussein from harming human beings because of their political beliefs, ethnicity, or religion?

Furthermore... the killing of Van Gogh better send the idiots of the left in Europe a wake up call. You got some wacko immigrants in your country who resent you for being better off than them. Forsicht, don't let them bully you.

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