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Hitler was Austrian. Don't lecture us.

To me, the funniest aspect of the Jellinek interview is that she makes grand pronouncements about the States and then admits she's never been there.

In these days both the Nobel Price for Literature and the Nobel Price for Peace are encouraging silly conspiracy-theoreticians.
In defense of this Nobel Price for literature it can be said that it is possible to be a great novelist and nevertheless to have silly views on politics. Jelinek would not be the first example, though I should confess that I tend to loose my interest in a novelist, once he or she gets the Nobel Price awarded. Clearly, Jelinek has got a lot of fantasy. And she is at least more consistent than the elsewhere mentioned Wim Wenders: she really left Austria for some time after Jörg Haiders political party got its share in the Austrian government under the leadership of Wolfgang Schüssel.

She only got this award because she's a chick! And like the peace prize, the nobel for lit. is always and probably will be forever more political.

"I would attend the ceremony if I were able to. But unfortunately I'm mentally ill with agoraphobia. I'm unable to be in crowds, and I can't bear to be looked at."

I know it's not nice to laugh at the handicapped but shit that last line made me laugh out loud. I can relate, lady.

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