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Good job Moore, Soros, Air America, Vote For Change Tour, and Dan Rather! You accomplished much. Always remember, Choose Or Lose then Vote Or Die.

On the O'Riley factor, they went over the most stupid comments made during the election.

Number one: Walter Cronkite telling Larry King that he thinks that Carl Rove called Ossama Bin Laden and asked that he produce a menacing tape for the election.

Michael Moore is secluded in his private suite at The Red Lobster and is drowning his sorrow's with pitchers of melted butter. Moore cost sKerry more votes than Nader did Gore. If Hillery Clinton runs in 2008 she'll see to it he never leaves the buffet.

Every time I go to the video rental shop I see the 20 copies of Moore's F9/112 all of them unrented. But my County went 66.69% for Bush too.

We should all be thankful to moore. That sleazebag maybe lost the election for kerry :-)

Here's an e-mail that John Edwards and John Kerry sent to Mike:

Thu, 3 Nov 2004 06:30:04 -0800 (EST)
From: kerryedwards@yahoo.com
Subject: Why did you fail us
To: MMFlint@aol.com

Just a quick note Mike to let you know how disappointed we are in your total lack of effort to help us win the "maison blanche". We know if you had really tried, you could have helped us volez plus de voix. You just didn't dites-à assez de mensonges vous gros morceau de merde. Now that the election is now over, John and I espoir que vous éclatez de manger des twinkies!!!!!

Your best buddies

Frick and Frack

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