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Die Kommentare dieser Seite enthalten zahlreiche Beiträge, die nicht immer nur auf Fakten, sondern oftmals auch auf Verschwörungstheorien basieren.

What the heck is DW talking about?

@ eisealuf,

Yes, I was also irritated by that phrase. I have written DW's BOBs staff and asked them to remove the phrase 'conspiracy theories' from the description of the commenters here on our site. I told the BOB staff that I found the phrase to be inappropriate as a part of the description of our site, regardless of whom it refers to.

---Ray D.

What? You guys would be willing to accept an award from the Main Stream Media?!?

Hey I'm willing to vote for your site
but why do I think I'm really just
entering a "free" chance to win
a prize sweepstakes?

Does individual freedom and personal responsiblity fall into this being radical too?

Yes, I voted for you, then looked at the results so far. Oh, well, I voted Libertarian (America) for years and never regretted it.

Vote early and often. Have your grandparents vote, and their grandparents.

I tried to vote but am a dumb American can't figure out how. Seriously I followed your instructions and it looks like the winners have been picked. What to do?


@ Trish,

Those aren't the winners, they are just the results of the voting up to this point. We have already moved up several positions. Keep votin!

Here's the direct link:


Now you just have to click the vote button twice !

To add to "map fever", I'm sure SPON would love this one:


Well I like this. This is the second time in a week or so that I actually got to vote for something I believe in. Smile!!!


You got my vote!

You were third when I voted for you. Get out the word....vote often!

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