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As a Libertarian Party activist, it need hardly be said that I consider Bush's first four years an unmitigated disaster on the domestic front. And I, like any sensible person, am dismayed at the ham-fisted incompetence of the Iraq reconstruction (though the work in Afghanistan seems acceptable). And yet ...

The salient argument in his favor is international credibility. (Yes, you read that correctly). In all of its pre-9-11 communications, al-Qa'ida returns again and again to the theme that America is the "weak horse" to their "strong horse", a "paper tiger", a nation of cowards that retreats in the face of attack. They openly mock Bill Clinton and William Perry's hollow threats and weak response to the murder of Americans. They cite Lebanon, Somalia, and Vietnam, as well as our failure to respond to the 1993 attack on New York, the USS Cole, the Khobar Towers, the bombing of our embassies in Africa, etc., as evidence that we will placidly submit to any outrage without meaningful response.

Thus our enemies failed to anticipate America's all-consuming fury at the murder of three thousand American citizens on our own soil -- before our very eyes. I accept the argument that GWB's swift, sure response is what has kept America terror-free for the last three years. They fear him, as do rogue states like Libya. His defeat would signal weakness, and that would mean death. This is why our enemies favor a Kerry presidency. This is why I voted for Georgw W. Bush.

Because Bush believe that democracy and freedom is the solution to counter hatred and fundmentalism giving rise to terrorism, and he is willing to make tough decisions to make it happen.

well, voting for bush just because europeans dont like him is very childish..

voting for bush just because europeans dont like him is very childish..

Is it as childish as voting for Kerry because Europeans don't like Bush?

neo: well, voting for bush just because europeans dont like him is very childish.

A vote is a vote is a vote.

There are countless petty reasons select Kerry voters offer for voting against Bush, too.

Personally, I go with Dennis Miller's idea - I like that W wakes up in the morning, scratches his balls, puts his two feet on the floor, and says, "Think I'll kill me some f***ing terrorists today."
I was amazed that Kerry a)thought this was a "nuisance" akin to fighting gambling and prostitution b)admitted that September 11 "didn't change much" for him. Where the hell was he, Mars?
Look, when we win the war, we can go back to figuring out gay marriage, minimum wages, the sad fact that some women have to pay for their abortions, Kyoto, and whatever other cause comes across our transom. Till then, we'll keep W...and yes, pissing off the Eurotrash on both sides of the Atlantic is a nice added touch.

I just saw the film "Voices of Iraq" shown here in NYC (unfortunately only one of five cities in the US) This film was made by giving 150 digital cameras to go around Iraq and ask Iraqis what they think.

If you can get your hands on this film, I encourage you to do so. It can be purchased at www.voicesofiraq.com

The people who opposed this war to remove Sadaam should be ashamed of themselves. After you see this film you will understand why not going to war to remove Sadaam was itself evil.

President Bush did exactly the right thing in going to war to remove Sadaam and his evil spawns from power.

Modern Liberalism is completely backward.

If you truly think that we went to Iraq so we could bring freedom to people there, or to find WMD, or to fight terrorism, you haven't been paying much attention to the history of the United States and Iraq/Middle East. The reason we went there, and the reason we're still there, is money and oil. Plain, simple.

Ask almost any soldier who has been over there, and they'll tell you the same thing.

Yeah sure Alex, it was all about oooiiilllll!

Do you then believe that Theo Van Gogh's assassination by a radical Islamic Fascist was justified?

Maybe the killer was pissed because the Dutch are using Arab oooooiiiilllllll.

Alex, to reduce the hell Iraqis had to endure while the corrupt United Nations, specifically France, allowed Sadaam to continue ruling while certain UN members received millions in BLOOD MONEY through its oil voucher kick-back scandal to an idea that Americans when in for the oil is cruel and heartless.

You seem to be paying attention only to Michael Moore.

By the way, why is France bombing the Ivory Coast as we speak WITHOUT UN security counsel approval!!!!! Where's your outrage at this violation towards innocent lives?

I believe we went to Iraq so we can bring freedom to the people there, find Sadaam's WMD's(though by the time we received UN permission Sadaam moved them to say, Syria) and to fight terrorism.

Keep your well-oiled head buried in your bloody lies while enriching the life of the well-crafted propagandist Michael Moore.

It is both cheaper economically and politically to buy oil than to wage war for oil. Those who think the war was for oil still don't get it. The hypocrisy of those who claim to champion freedom and life but in reality they merely want to protect oppressed lives and discard any need for freedom.


And just how many soldiers have you asked who gave you that opinion.

I would like to know the units they were assigned to?

In teh sense that turning off the taps of the middle east would have a far harsher immediate effect on Mediterranean Europe, Africa, and most of teh Arab world which IMPORTS oil, I think it makes sense that Alex thinks it was all about OOOOOOIIIIILLLLL!!!!

Joe N,

Well it sure would make the Greens happy. They could then meet the goals of Koyto.

Alex is a Green can't you tell.


What does a Chomskyite/Mooron believe is the reason the US boycotts Iranian oil? Why wont anyone else in Europe join?

Yeah, huh...


I am not sure how to answer that.

If I were to believe Niklas it is because they cannot tell the difference between good and evil.

If I were to believe Gol, it is because only Europeans want freedom.

If I were to believe paris, it is to increase the influence of Europe.

If I were to believe Berlin, it is contracts and exports to prop up a failing social welfare system.

I just don't know what to believe.

I am sure Alex will tell us.

"well, voting for bush just because europeans dont like him is very childish.."

Did you somehow miss the abundance of logical reasons given on this page by a wide varitey of American voters???

I particularly want to commend Caroline on her letter. She eloquently captured what were the main issues for me. She also showed that one can be a Democrat and have common sense and integrity. (Some of us were beginning to wonder.)

Yes. DM got my vote! I won't go into it at length here because of the fraught situation here in the Netherlands. I just want to point out this absurd comment from Denmark's Politiken (11/10) about the situation in the Netherlands: "Following the murder of Theo van Gogh, the Netherlands is running the risk of following the logic that led to Kristallnacht in 1938, which marked the beginning of Nazi opression of the Jews." This remark is outrageous in my opinion, and more besides. And this blog is one of those that help(ed) me to become focussed, so my thanks go to you for exposing biased, inflammatory and inaccurate media. All the best, folks.

Sorry everyone. That last comment pertains to "Medienkritik Nominated for Deutsche Welle Best of Blog Award".

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