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European Union is against US and against European Union's own list :


"EU chief 'held talks with banned Hamas'
10:24am 25th November 2004 EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana had secret talks with the Palestinian militant group Hamas even though it is on the European Union's list of banned organisations, he said in an interview broadcast today.

"I have had direct contact with Hamas but not in the last few days," Solana told BBC Radio. "Those meetings were not long. They were just to pass a clear message of where the international community was."

He declined to say who he met or where the meetings took place. Asked how long ago they took place, he said: "months".
Source: Daily Mail

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Apopos BBC, hier wiedermal ein guter Kommentar aus der Zeit:

Das dort über die BBC gesagte gilt 1:1 auch für die größten Teile der deutschen Presse.


dunno if it's smarter, seems like the fatalistic approach...


Uncle Sam doesn't look Jewish at all.

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