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@ Niko

Danke für den link erstmal. Hab den Artikel gelesen. Ich hab den Film nicht gesehen, aber mir wurde auch gesagt wie verharmlosend er wirkt. Du hast natürlich Recht, hatte den Film schon fasst vergessen. Die ganze Sache gefällt mir auch nicht besonders, der Film vermittelt ein völlig falsches Bild.

Günther Grass...kann man den den überhaupt noch Ernst nehmen? :) Der gibt zu allem ungefragt seinen Senf dazu. Gott, der geht mir unglaublich auf die Nerven. Plappert irgendwelche dämlichen anti-Amerikanischen Sprüche daher und verkauft die als große Weisheiten. Grrrr...

Muss leider zugeben dass du Recht hast. Die Rechte und die Linke arbeiten neuerdings ja prächtig zusammen um Amerikaner zu dämonisieren. Wie z.B. bei den NPD und PDS Demos gegen den Irak-Krieg. Seltsame Allianz. Hoffen wir mal, dass sich diese Sichtweise der Dinge nicht durchsetzt.



I live in Washington DC. I don't meet that many Germans here, but some. The victimhood thing shows up about half the time when the subject has come up - and this is in view of having looked at over the course of the past decade.

Face the fact, Americans and Germans don't like eachother much, they never did. They are too different and have nothing in common. This is not about Bush , maybe Bush gave the Germans a good reason to express their views about America and Americans, but Antiamericanism was there in Germany long before Bush became President. You call us Krauts , Huns, Nazis and smear our country whenever there is a chance, we view you as uneducated, uncivilized, childish , naive or plain stupid. Thats how we think about Americans, sorry I'm just honest and I'm not liberal, I'm a conservative German, who would never vote for Schroeder or the Green Party ( in fact I would prefer every American Republican over some German Green Party nutcase).
But it is what it is, we are not your allies, the British are your allies, they were your allies in WW I, WW II and in Iraq. We're not your friends, Israel is your friend, you support them and they love the US of A, you never liberated us, France was the country you liberated, Germany was bombed into the ground by Americans in two World wars and at least in the first one for no reason at all.
I want American and British people as far away from me as possible and I hope the Iraqis kick these allied agressors out of their country.
After all I think it is time to tell the truth and say what we really feel, so I appreciate this site and every American who hates Germany should express his views. There is still too much phony diplomacy and " nice talk " between our countries and I hope we come to the point when there is nothing left to say,when people in both countries finally draw the conclusion that it is the best for everyone to ignore eachother.

Christian ( PROUD TO BE GERMAN )

Now this Christian post, definitely has to to be the most stupid post ever written on this blog.

Know what asshole? Why dont you just ignore us all? How do you think your crazy dream will fulfill if you dont make it a start?
Ask me: to me it would be highly appreciated if you just started to ignore americans and also germans who communicate with americans as a bright example for those who are blind enough to follow you on on your trip.

Germany itself only knows too good what is dictorship and oppression so don't expect so much from them !!

@ Christian ( PROUD TO BE GERMAN )

Thank you. I know that I should not expect something. Why would this possible ? Look at the history of WW2 and you know why.

I hope we come to the point when there is nothing left to say ...
Thank you for this. So you started WW 1 "Lasst endlich die Waffen sprechen". Should I go on and speak about "Herrenmenschen", "Ausrottung" and this other ill stuff.

Some german media uses this technique to blame America. Not too clever but for them it's enough like it always was.

German -- > bad 1914 - 45 (militaristic)
Germany -- > then good
USA -- > sometimes good most bad, especially now (also militaristic)

Germany started WW 1 ? Well , yes maybe in an American history book. But who knows Americans don't talk much about WW 1 for good reasons, talking about WW 1 could raise some good questions about their new idea of a New World Order in the Middle East, which in fact is an old idea President Wilson dreamed about when he started American imperialism more than 80 years ago by entering WW 1 and attacking a country that never attacked America and up to that day never was an enemy of America.

You're right , you should not expect anything from a German .The number of people in Germany who have a positive view about America is even lower than in France. That's why I dont understand the intention of this blog. Left wing Germans love the socialist media we have, they enjoy bad press about America and these funny movies made by this mobidly obese American communist Michael Moore. And the right wing Germans like me, they hate the socialist media, but the only thing they hate more than the socialist media is America. So there is no German interested in your views. We Germans don't give a damn what you think about us.
But please feel free to speak about "Herrenmenschen" and " Ausrottung". A left wing German do gooder would counter that with some essays about your history, he might start at the point when you killed the red people, or the time of your history where you put the black people into chains or maybe when you threw Napalm at the yellow people. I'm not interested in such an historical debate. I'm so proud of our 1000 years of German history that I tend to ignore your shameful 200 years of American history.

Christian ( PROUD TO BE GERMAN )

With respect, I strongly disagree with your views. It may be that the US is an adversary in the sense that it weakens you, but Islamic expansionism is your and our mortal foe. You won't be able to run from them forever. Muslims are outbreeding Europeans in Europe. If you let things go, in a few generations Germany will be a Muslim land. Don't let it happen.

I think the US should have stayed out of WWI. Certainly, the Versailles Treaty was a complete and utter calamity and injustice, making WWII almost an inevitability. I also think the incessant anti-German propaganda from Hollywood and Madison Avenue has had the reverse effect on a lot of people, including me. It makes me (an American) much more pro-German and sympathetic to the Germans. For example, besides traumatizing me, watching the film "The Dirty Dozen" helped turn me into a permanently pro-German US national. (A very morally evil film from my view.)

I recommend you read Guillaume Faye, probably the most insightful right-wing thinker in France (Germanophilic too).

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