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Come on Joscka, don't be so hard on yourself. You have nothing really to be sorry about: you never did ANYTHING!

This American doesn't say 'sorry'. He says 'Kiss my tookus'!

Even Better, visit:


We really don't care what the world thinks.

What about an apology from Hitler, the Kaiser or Bismarck dammit? Surely they have more to apologise for than any living German (or American for that matter).

I am lucky Arafat is dead. Has anyone read Frankfurter Allegemeine Sonntagszeitung of last sunday? a good article about Arafat by a Mr. Rubin!

Gee, Nicole, consider what David has to work with. I can only imagine how hard it must be to paint lipstick on the pig that is the German media in order to meet your standards of readable and interesting.

I too find that exposing liberals' assinine behavior gets old, but thanks are due David for tirelessly reporting it in a way that demonstrates their hypocrisy and ignorance.

Remember that "intelligence index of states" chart that someone put up. I found out where they got it. It's actually an index of charitable giving cross-referenced to the presidential election graph listed by state.
It's called the 'generosity index' and indicates the states that have the highest per capita charitable donation. It's quite telling.


"Tookas"? Don't you mean "tuchas"? And what is this, a yiddish site? Am I surrounded by members of the tribe? Is that why the polemics have gone from bad to worse?

@ Joe N.

I live in the worse state and work in the next to wosre state. The later is John Kerry's home state. I can validate this information because I have seen it in other sources.

Next to charitable giving, I suspect that these blue states are the worse tippers. We saw that when Mama T hit the road. Also, when the Kerrys both filed their taxes, their charitable giving was pretty dismal in comparison to their incomes.

They've got it wrong. 'America' isn't apologizing -- just those insecure teenagers among us who think it's more important to be well-liked than to do the right thing, or those who seem to be locked in a dysfuntional relationship with manipulative European 'parents' who are always critical and never satisfied.

The idea of apologizing to people who gave us a pair of global wars, invented industrialized genocide, and inflicted one utopian political ideology after another upon this planet is ludicrous.

@ Nicole

How can Schroeder or Fischer be boring? Especially, if you mention Fischer and his past ties to terrorism:


Don't you Germans find it comical, if not ironic, that the man that is advocating that Germany has a permanent seat on the UN Security Council, once worked for Ghadafi and Karlos?

The German analogy to the site "America says sorry" by disgruntled Kerry-voters would be the creation of a site "Germany says Sorry" by disgruntled Stoiber-voters. Where are they?
But what would be the point of saying sorry for not having attracted the majority of voters? It would be more significant if some people who voted for Schröder and Fischer would regret their decision and say sorry, we do it never again...

@ Kees Rudolf: damn right you are! Hopefully a lot of German voters start to regret bigtime, though I doubt it yet.

Couldn't you all talk more quietly? A "man of great courage is dead," sayeth Frogmeister Chirac, about the terrorist Arafat. Remember Munich Olympics and all the little "insurgencies" since?

Burn, baby, burn. (take your pick)

David's Schroeder and Fischer are not the first Germans ready to accept they made mistakes, too!

Check this guy out:

actually the linked spiegel article is quite tongue-in-cheek and far from the total nervous breakdowns you can read about elsewhere among the US left.

A helpful blogger has provided appropriate captions for some of the "Sorry" graphics here, and another site makes it clear that not only are we not sorry, we are ecstatic! It's been so great watching the reaction of the bigotted, intolerant, and arrogant European and American left to the result of the election. As the late, great, American entertainer Jackie Gleason once said, "How sweet it is!" Here's a big, personal, "In your face!" from one mind-numbed, slack-jawed American yokel. Allow me to add that your attitude, beautifully captured by the image of the Statue of Liberty on the cover of a recent SPIEGEL, is perfect. Please, please, preserve your arrogance, your faux virtuous indignation, your anal self righteousness, at least until 2008, because it will guarantee us another even sweeter victory!

This "entry" is one more reason NOT to vote for you on the BOB awards. You spew the same sense of hatred that you so much condemn about the German media.

Why should anyone be sorry for their true nature? I don't understand this? Is this an affliction of the left?

im still waiting for Bush to say " world Im so sorry for beeing so f... dumb"

Well, Kohl began to screw up the economy. Schröder just continued... After all, Schröder is a man, who stands to his words (not going into Irak).

Couldn't resist today!

"I feel I must appologise for ze war"

UK readers will understand!

Rob you mentioned it once, and I think you got away with it.

Hey, Fischer's even got the compassionate head-tilt thing going.

Germany, in general, is all too arrogant and self righteous, to say they are sorry and truly mean it. The students I have, feel that the world owes Germany an apology for the atrocities that occurred during WWII. Specifically the bombing of Dresden, and the Russian advances into Germany from the East in which an estimated 1.4 million civilian causalties resulted. From very biased broadcasting of historical data, Germany is often being shown as the victim of WWII and not the progenitor.

I will admit that not all Germans feel this way, but the majority of my students have been very effectively brainwashed by the news media of Germany. They are able to quote the headlines clearly, but not able to form their own opinions. In addition, they are unable to produce facts and figures to substantiate their prejudiced claims based solely on the propaganda spoon fed to them by the media.

It is through outlets such as David's that this media conspiracy can be challenged and disproven. This is also a great way for all who wish to post here, to express themselves regarding the media in Germany. I have enjoyed reading the postings as much as posting here at this site. I will support this site as much as I can. The postings range from strong, factually based information to heated, reactionary mudslinging.

The mainstream media has all too much power today to manipulate the news in order to promote their particular agendas. They have to be stopped. The news can only be a facually based report without the conjecture of the broadcaster being forced on us. Let the consumers of the news media decide what is right and what is wrong. The media does not respect the consumers of their products enough to let them form their own opinions about news stories. It is time to make the media outlets responsible for their actions, just as you or I must be for ours.

After all, Schröder is a man, who stands to his words (not going into Irak).

No, he isn't (not campaigning on anti-American demogoguery by using Iraq as a campaign issue).

Schröder standing by his words because he doesn't join the USA in Iraq? That's a laugher. Maybe you could say that he stands by his word if he had not, just a few months before his Iraq-campaign, promised "unconditional solidarity" to the United States. So how can someone stand by his words if his words change almost as often as the coaches of Eintracht Frankfurt?

oh, our very special friend pitzke is back.
and with a very suprising new thought: W has stolen the election. poor little marc. please don't cry.

TED is misrepresenting the article. Pitzke acknowledges that Bush has clearly won the popular vote and that even if several thousand votes were counted wrong, it may not make that much of a difference.

Doch selbst wenn zehntausende Stimmen falsch gezählt oder unterschlagen worden sein sollten bleibt festzuhalten: Nach dem bisherigen Ergebnis hat Präsident Bush bei der US-Wahl am 2. November 59,7 Millionen Stimmen erhalten - sein Herausforderer John Kerry nur 56,2 Millionen. Und niemand behauptet bisher, dass bei der Wahl mehr als 3,5 Millionen manipuliert wurden. Nach absoluten Stimmen hat Bush die Wahl also klar gewonnen.

Zum Sieg in Ohio - und damit zur Mehrheit der Wahlmännerstimmen - hätten Kerry zwar rund 130.000 zusätzliche Stimmen genügt, doch auch dieser Vorsprung Bushs war den Demokraten viel zu groß, um sich erneut auf juristische Scharmützel einzulassen. Bisher.

BTW, our self-absorbed friend "I am not convinced" Fischka will apparently be attending the terrorists funeral tomorrow...


Pitzke is definitely back.

"Ein schwerer Vorwurf, doch er kommt nicht von irgendjemandem.

There's just a problem with that, these are some of the books that Pitzke's unimpeachable source has (co-)authored:

The Joker's Wild : Dubya's Trick Deck
50 Reasons Not to Vote for Bush
Bushwomen: Tales of a Cynical Species
True Lies

Furthermore, Pitzke complains that Kerry lost New Mexico by only 8000 votes. Funny, becasue I didn't hear him complaining when Bush lost NM by 366 votes in 2000.

Ausschnitt aus einem Artikel der FAZ Das rote Auge:

Hinter dem Mord an dem niederländischen Rechtspopulisten Pim Fortuyn vom 6. Mai 2002 scheint es keine Drahtzieher gegeben zu haben; der Mörder war wohl ein linksorientierter Einzeltäter. Im Falle des Mordes an dem Filmemacher und Publizisten Theo van Gogh ist das anders: Er muß im Auftrag irgendeines religiösen Führers oder einer solchen Macht geschehen sein. Denn ein Islamist kann sein Leben nicht ohne weiteres aufs Spiel setzen, wenn nicht bestimmte radikal-religiöse Kreise solche Taten gutheißen und dem Attentäter dafür das Paradies versprechen. [..]

Daß bislang keine einzige namhafte arabische oder islamische Persönlichkeit, sei es eine politische oder kulturelle, diesen Mord an einem Künstler in gebührender Form verurteilt hat, dürfte den Attentäter mit Genugtuung erfüllen, denn so darf er eine, wenn vielleicht auch nur stillschweigende Duldung oder Komplizenschaft voraussetzen. Gerade in diesem Schweigen, das auch der Amsterdamer Politologe Paul Scheffer beklagt, zeigt sich der hilflose Zustand einer aus allen Rahmen und Fugen der Geschichte und der Vernunft geratenen islamisch-arabischen Gesellschaftsordnung, die sich gegen jede Idee der Freiheit, des fairen Dialogs und der Meinungsvielfalt stellt und einem festgefahrenen Diskurs verfallen ist, aus dem sie sich nur durch noch mehr Blutvergießen zu retten versucht.

Manche Hochschullehrer, Islamgelehrte und Fernsehprediger sind nämlich gegenwärtig darum bemüht, ihren Gegnern das "rote Auge", wie manche Araber sagen, zu zeigen. Der bekannte Al-Dschazira-Fernsehprediger Yusuf al-Yarzawi forderte seine Anhänger mit einer "Fatwa" sogar öffentlich dazu auf, amerikanische Zivilisten zu entführen und zu töten. Und aus dem Beispiel eines Mordanstifters wie des libyschen Revolutionsführers Gaddafi, dessen Blutspuren bis nach Berlin reichen, lernen die potentiellen Dunkelmänner des Terrors gegenwärtig, daß der Westen Terror durchaus vergibt. [..]

Text: Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, 12.11.2004, Nr. 265 / Seite 40

Ausschnitt aus einem Interview in Die Welt mit dem Nato-Generalsekretär Jaap de Hoop Scheffer "Europa braucht die Nato":

DIE WELT: Die Kluft zwischen Europa und den USA in der Nato ist tiefer geworden. Wieviel Europa wollen die Nato und die USA?

de Hoop Scheffer: Europa braucht die Nato, die Nato braucht Europa, und im Verhältnis zwischen der Europäern und Amerikanern ist es genau dasselbe. Eines ist doch klar: Eine stabile Weltordnung ist unmöglich ohne die Vereinigten Staaten. Tatsache ist aber auch: Alle Parteien haben aus ihren Fehlern gelernt. Wir müssen unsere Differenzen im Dialog überwinden. Nur gemeinsam können Europa und Amerika Werte wie Freiheit und Demokratie verteidigen - Werte, die sie nach wie vor gemeinsam haben. Und weder Europa noch die USA können es sich leisten, den Irak zu verlieren.

DIE WELT: Stichwort: "sich leisten können". Kann es sich Deutschland leisten, sich auch künftig aus dem Irak herauszuhalten?

de Hoop Scheffer: Das ist eine legitime deutsche Position. Deutschland bildet nicht im Irak, aber außerhalb des Irak aus, wie andere Mitgliedsstaaten auch. Wichtig für mich ist: wenn es einen politischen Konsens in der Nato wie bei der Ausbildungsmission gibt, daß alle Offiziere, die in integrierten Nato-Kommandostäben arbeiten, sich an der Mission beteiligen. [..]

DIE WELT: Wird die Wiederwahl von Bush sich auf die amerikanische Nato-Politik auswirken?

de Hoop Scheffer: Ich bin optimistisch, daß es einen zweiten Krach wie im Fall des Irak nicht mehr geben wird, denn wir haben alle dazugelernt. Es sollte auch nie wieder eine Spaltung innerhalb Europas geben, das ist weder im europäischen noch im amerikanischen Interesse. Ich glaube, daß der Präsident das bereits vor der Wahl erkannt hat.

DIE WELT: Es hat also auch in den USA einen Lernprozeß gegeben?

de Hoop Scheffer: Sicher, davon gehe ich aus. [..]

DIE WELT: Der Atlantizismus hat sich dadurch ausgezeichnet, daß es auf beiden Seiten eine Generation gab, die an eine gemeinsame Bedrohung und daher auch an ein gemeinsames Bündnis glaubte. Woher soll dieser Glauben bei einer neuen Generation kommen?

de Hoop Scheffer: Das ist der Grund, warum ich bei meinen Reisen immer auch Schulen und Universitäten besuche. Denn es geht nicht nur um die Eliten. Wir müssen der jungen Generation klarmachen, daß Terrorismus, Massenvernichtungswaffen und gescheiterte Staaten eine riesige Bedrohung darstellen. Lassen wir dieses Thema unberührt, geben wir Terroristen nach. Und die bedrohen uns doch nicht, weil wir eine andere Meinung haben. Sie bedrohen uns, weil wir sind, was wir sind: freie, demokratische, liberale Gesellschaften.

Artikel erschienen am Fr, 12. November 2004

Please excuse my bad English!
I have never ever heard that Germans were victims in WWII. In school they taught us the exact opposite which is of course true and I've never read something like that in a newspaper over here. I don't know which students you are talking about but I really can't imagine it. Everyone knows we were the aggressors. There isn't a single person I know of who questions that. Well, except a handful of persons on the very far right... Some NPD guys maybe. But that could hardly be evidence for mainstream opinion...
Are you a teacher/professor? Where? I have never heard something like that, really. Please give me a link or something like that to see it with my own eyes. If that really was the case it would be disastrous.

the scary thing is how german media just love its prophets like pitzke.


even "bild" got hooked on him:
Donnerstag, 11. November 2004, 12.46 Uhr
US-Reporter Greg Palast behauptet, daß John Kerry und nicht George W. Bush die Präsidentschaftswahl in Amerika gewonnen habe. Das berichtet Spiegel ONLINE.
Bestseller-Autor Palast sagt: „Kerry hat in Ohio und New Mexico die meisten Stimmen bekommen. Sie sind aber zu Tausenden nicht gezählt worden.“
Angeblich gab es viele Ungereimtheiten. So verbuchte eine Wahlmaschine in Ohios Hauptstadt Columbus 4258 Stimmen auf Bushs Konto - obwohl dort nur 638 Leute gewählt hatten. In Youngstown/Ohio behaupten Demokraten, daß die Maschinen ihre Stimmen nicht für Kerry, sondern für Bush registrierten.
Die drei demokratischen Kongressabgeordneten John Conyers, Jerrold Nadler und Robert Wexler haben den US-Rechnungshof GAO jetzt aufgefordert, den Zweifeln am Ablauf der Wahl "dringend" nachzugehen.

btw i'd love to see a pic of pitzke. anyone ever seen him? is he writing just for spon or any other medias as well? is the already a antifa sponsored pitzke fan club out there? eh sorry guys don't take me serious. but its just ridiculous how this little puck now crept back out of the bush-hater forrest.

@ blabla

After all, Schröder is a man, who stands to his words (not going into Irak).

And that was something really difficult to do! Because nobody in the U.S. ever expected German troops on the ground in Iraq. Nobody has ever asked for them. The only thing the U.S. was probably expecting from Mr. "Uneingeschränkte Solidarität" was that Mr. Schröder not use anti-Americanism as a tool of his reelection campaign and not actively confront the U.S. in its efforts to put pressure on, and if necessary, oust one of the world's most ruthless mass murderers.

Now, I know that's an awful lot to demand of someone like Mr. Schröder. And he wasn't able to live up to these expectations. But at least he found enough naive people who believed his fearmongering and / or agreed with his anti-American turn to assure him reelection. And what a great time our country has had because of it! (0.1 growth this quarter; compared to 3.7 in the U.S.; some ten thousand jobs lost this month compared to over 300.000 new jobs in the U.S.)


As you seem to be a teacher or lecture you should know that there is no such thing as complete objectivity. No media will ever achieve it and that's why I find the slogan 'Fair and Balanced' so ridiculous. Please don't claim that you're the only one who knows what's going on while all your students are 'brainwashed'.

You want the consumer's to decide what's right and what's wrong. You have made your decision, now you should respect others who decided as well but but who arrived at different conclusions

would you have tell the same the people of Germany in 1932 and later? Don't you think there are limits? To call Bush and Scharon Hitler and Arafat a peace hero - I think half of this world got something totally wrong.
I am so arrogant to think that I am right with my opinions. On this other side I don't see OPINIONS, I see acrowd full of hate and anger and no information about facts, they are complaining about LIES and don't know the fact. Don't call this "different opinions".

I call them victims of propaganda. We in Germany know what propaganda is. Takes time to discover it.


Ich denke mal Phil hat sich wie ich darauf bezogen, dass behauptet wurde, die Deutschen würden sich alle als Opfer im 2.Weltkrieg sehen. Und das ist einfach nicht wahr. Vielleicht ein paar durchgeknallte NPD-Aktivisten, aber ich habe noch nie etwas ähnliches aus meinem Umfeld gehört, schon gar nicht in der Schule oder in der Uni - und darauf hat N.Hale sich ja bezogen! Das glaube ich nicht. Ansonsten stimme ich dir natürlich zu - gerade wir Deutschen, die Erfahrung mit einseitiger Propagande in unserer Vergangenheit haben, sollten uns nicht ständeig den selben Anti-Amerikanischen Einheitsbrei von den MSM um die Ohren hauen lassen.

Obwohl ich selber kein Deutscher bin, glaube ich nicht dass nur ein paar durchgeknallte NPD-Aktivisten sich als Opfer im 2 Weltkrieg sehen.
Für rezente Bücher wie "Der Brand" von Jörg Friedrich oder "Im Krebsgang" von Günther Grass gab es doch weitverbreitete Interesse. Was man davon auch haltet, ich verstehe nicht wozu geleugnet werden soll dass nicht auch Deutsche Opfer im 2 Weltkrieg gewesen sind. Etwas anderes wäre es wenn man sagen würde die Alliierte hätten daran Schuld, statt die Nazi's.


This was irony. I did not vote for him and I won´t do that in the future.
(Yes, he found enough idiots to win and I hope he won´t do this again.)


I totally disagree with you. I don´t know any persons who thinks that we were victims. I wonder where your students come from. Perhaps from Saxony.
We must talk about different countries.

@ Kees Rudolf

Natürlich hast du da Recht. Aber in N.Hales post stand, dass seine deutschen Schüler/Studenten sich quasi nur als Opfer sehen. Und das kann ich mir beim besten Willen nicht vorstellen. Darum gehts.

This woman is clearly not sorry.

It Must be now obvious that Postmodernism has passed its used by date and now becoming mentaly sick institution, Observe the Obvious aggressor, at that time, and the death and mayhem created, by the aggressors, A guilt trip exposee explains the demand of appology, It ought to be observed also, if nuclear weapons were available, and the extent of dammage caused by war lord Germany, It would be now a flat earth , The appology is demanded by Civilization, not the offender, Posmodern versions of history is garbage and the demand is a unhealth sign of the mental institutions and the inmates writing the Academic Journals, in this instance History, and it will punnish them in the future Big time, Lies are temporary state, the truth denied will be victorious in the end. Some people need to Increase their medication, or increase the electric shock.


I ran into someone from Germany who gave me a pretty scary lecture here in the states shortly after 9-11.

I have a very very German last name. So he chose to lecture me to my shock and dismay about choosing the Anglo side during World War II. I was not alive at the time but hey. Then brought up the brutality and blood bath that was the Eastern Front as an example of American's guilt As if FDR could have some how controlled Stalin. Then proceeded to wax poetic about how he could care less about American's jumping to their deaths and they certainly deserved it.

I bit my tongue and quitely steamed. I have no clue how widespread his view was but in my book it was a pretty scary view.

I can't imagine this is a widespread view. I know that many Germans these days are Anti-Americans but I think you must have run in an old nutter who whishes Hitler back. It is a pretty scary view. But I haven't heard such a thing before, at least outside of reports on Neonazis. Be assured that most Germans know that Hitler was the monster and not the American soldiers who risked their life to liberate us.


Thanks, An America on the side of the Third Reich is a pretty scary world that we all would have ended up living in or dieing in pretty quickly.

To clarify though. He is a customer of my business. He is either a tourist or traveling business man that spends time on both sides of the Atlantic. He is probably somewhere between late 20's and late 30's. And he cleans up pretty nice for a NeoNazi as in he is a pretty sharp dresser. :)

He also seemed to be the most bitter about American ending up in the Anglosphere and he really did not understand how this could have happened. He appeared to view it as an evil British plot to systematically destroy the German in German-American's.

"Tookas"? Don't you mean "tuchas"? And what is this, a yiddish site? Am I surrounded by members of the tribe? Is that why the polemics have gone from bad to worse?

Probably. Actually I'm a goyim of the goyisch spelling phonetically a word I've only heard on TV. So you're not 'surrounded' by yiddish. As you might well have inferred from the misspelling... ;)

@ J-me

Gaaah! You just had to crash my hopes. If a young man said something like that...I don't know what to say about that. But as I said, most of us don't think that way.

A conspiratoral theorist he was? *snicker* How very fitting. I met one of those a few days ago. He sat down beside me in the train and rambled on and on about some connections between Russians and Aliens. I really have quite bad luck when it comes to such things...Lunatics always seem to think I would understand them :(

Next time you meet someone like him don't seeth quietly. Talk some sense into him! No, no. I'll take that back. The bloke would probably use your arguments as an evidence for American arrogance ;)


As a German I'm glad George W. Bush was re-elected. For some simple reason, he unlike the long-faced Senator will not try to get our soldiers into this Iraq mess and his chances to get any financial support are very low. With a left winger in the White House it would have been much more difficult for our socialist chancellor to say NEIN. So no German will have to die in Iraq and the German taxpayer will save his money thanks to President Bush. But there is also an economic reason, George Bush supports free trade, and since we export much more to the US than we import from there we're interested in a "free trade" President . Kerry also had the intention to raise taxes for wealthy Americans, unfortunately these are the Americans who buy many of our exports. Now these Americans can keep their taxes , good news for Porsche, Mercedes and BMW. The Re-election of George W. Bush was in our best econimic interest, that's the reason many American subsidiaries of German companies like Deutsche Bank Securities donated to his campaign.
And believe it or not I did not agree with President Bush on the Iraq issue, but I like him as a person and I like Rumsfeld and his sense of humor.

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