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This is good news- I hope it spreads far and wide.


"ist man jetzt schon antisemit wenn man jemanden fragt ob er jüdisch ist? lol" (are you at present already antisemitic, if you only ask someone whether he is jewish?)
What does "lol" mean here?
The answer to your question, if it is seriously intended to be a question, is NO. However, I would be somewhat more suspicious if you asked someone whether he was a Jew because of his being concerned about antisemitism. For in this case it is not unlikely that you think it's irrational for non-jews to be concerned about antisemitism, or that concern about antisemitism is somehow due to an irrealistic jewish hypersensitivity, and can be dismissed accordingly.
I object to the very idea that you need not take someones concern about antisemitism seriously because he or she is jewish. Inversely, if someone who is not jewish is concerned about antisemitism, this is in no way additional proof that this concern has to be taken more seriously. You can have realistic or erroneous views, regardless of whether you are jewish or not. Suffice it to say that one need not be jewish to be concerned about antisemitism.

Interesting reading. FYI: lol means laughing out loud. I'm an American, born and raised in Los Angeles. We used to view Euro's as our brothers and sisters, our greatest allies. Those days are gone now. We now view Euro's as big time Liberals with "No Balls", spoiled brat peace loving sissies, that want others to do everything for them. The biggest allie to America in the world today is Australia. Most Americans go about their lives, working hard to maintain a decent life style, playing hard to maintain sanity, and praying hard to maintain some form of spititual foundation. While doing so, we watch closely to see how the world is behaving in general, and we keep a close eye on how the world behaves towards Americans. We have watched as our brothers and sisters in old Europe have moved away from us while stabbing at us through the media and TV. This has been a consistant pattern for decades now. The generation of Americans that have now reached the voting age see's old Europe through a completely different set of glasses than the eyes of this 51 year old man. The relationship you once had with Americans is gone for many years to come. The United Nations scandel that is currently unfolding will go down in history as the biggest world wide scandel in the history of civilized life. Old Europe will have it's place right in the middle of this tragic display of scumbag politics. Americans took a huge blow on September 11th, 2001. We watched as our brothers and sisters jumped to their deaths from the sky. We watched as our fire fighters and police charged into blazing buildings and never came out. We watched closely to see who our brothers and sisters from around the world were. Tony Blair is a hero to Americans. The brave men and woman of the Great Britain military are hero's to Americans. These people stand side by side with us and fight for freedom and liberty for all. We wonder what happened to your culture over the past years that would allow you to elect such absolute "Liberal Wimps", what allows you to breed such Liberal pussies that call themselves "men", what allows you to take a stand for appeasement while burning the American flag and torching a photograph of the President of the United States. We watch these acts while shaking our heads with disgust. Our brothers and sisters you are no more. Uuro's are on their own now. Americans will stand "shoulder to shoulder" with our allies, and fight to the death for the right to live in freedom and liberty. The rest of you can fight however you can or will. You will watch as America closes our military bases throughout Europe over the next 4 years. The people of America have spoken, we have sent a message to the world, and we have sent a clear message to George Bush. Europe will understand that message as we go on from here. Protection you will not receive from us. The American people will not spend our tax dollars to protect a people that would burn our flag and torch our President. America and the great allies that stand with us in this brutal war, will once again change this world for the better, for the sake of all mankind. Our history books will tell this story, and the youth of this country will learn about the brave men and woman from so many countries that fought and died so that the world could be spared of terrorism and the attack on civilians around the world. Europe will also have it's place in our history books, so that the people of America will not forget the truth about our old allies.

article in DER WELT regarding cowardly Europe is excellent and needs further publication. I can't translate the German articles but wonder how many are in agreement with the thesis expressed, but would guess the majority would disagree. As an
ex GI from WW 11, this strikes a chord

@Kim Skelton,
"Europe will also have it's place in our history books, so that the people of America will not forget the truth about our old allies." I hope the people of Europe too will come to see the truth about themselves one day. But possibly, in the nearby future, there will be history books written by Europeans and for Europeans, in which Europeans will find the truth that suits them best. Possibly the oil for food scandal (the biggest world wide scandal in the history of civilized life) will not even be mentioned in it, or, if mentioned at all, only in a footnote as something unimportant. Instead: Arafat resistance hero, the unilateralism of Bush, the failing WMD, the fundamentalist christians succesfully mobilized by Karl Roove to reelect Bush and so on and so on. Perhaps, after 100 years, Europeans will learn more about the errors and the cowardice of their grand-grandparents, but the then living generations will not be bothered, let alone ashamed by it, just as the present generation apparently is not bothered nor ashamed by our knowledge about the majority of our grand-grandparents supporting the appeasement policy of Chamberlain c.s.

Great Posting, Kees, to let it not happen, we are here!

The truth will win.

Dishonesty in media and politics will loose.

Terrorists will be called terrorists because we will help the media to become honest.

We will fight for information without propaganda,
For politicans with goals, ideas, missions and not only for being elected.

We will fight for calling Palestinian terrorists terrorists not freedom fighter. Germany should be first to realize what dangerous pathway we are walking on.

Media without spreading hatred.

We will get the media we deserve. Are we ready to get up together and spent our time to stop all these lies? I think, many many are ready all over the world. WE are connected like the terrorists are but stronger, much stronger, for the goodness in this world, for whose who believe in goodness.

With goodness I mean: Das Gute, Wertvolle in dieser Welt.

And who does not know what good is. Then you are a poor man/woman. Then wait perhaps you will find out.

according to j a pate:

the enemies of liberal democracy [...] HAVE WON POWER. they were put there by BY THE PEOPLE


sniff sniff you made me cry

Thank you for your article. As one who remembers WW11 (as a small
child), I see Europe falling into the same pattern it displayed during the 1930s. The newspaper picture of Chamberlain proclaiming "peace in our time" is forever etched in my mind. Hitler's SS troops and the radical Islamic suicide bomber are cut of the same cloth and must be eradicated. You cannot talk to a rabid dog!

I blame Clinton. The last time a European nation rose up to deal with Islamic terrorism, Clinton bombed the beejeezus out of them.

not to mention that europe used us for WWI, WWII, the cold war, kosovo, etc. letting ronald regan almost bankrupt the country for the sake of outspending the commies, instead of using it for infrastructure, education for the inner cities (which has came back to bite us in the ass). the liberals of today would've never fought for democracy in WWII.
your belief against the death penalty, but all for the abortion pill says it all. selfish and materialistic.
islam is a cult-not a religion.
george bush committed war crimes, america committed war crimes, britian committed war crimes, everyone but saddam hussein. where was the outrage to him.
i for one am extremely glad dictators, extremist, communists, and all the other bad guys hate us.

He actually has a point. Karl Popper called it the "paradox of democracy," by which a democracy can vote itself out of existence. One man, one vote, one time, as they say. Besides, didn't they have an election in Germany in 1933?

The last fully free elections in the Weimar Republic were held on November 6 1932. Result: 33% of the votes for the NSDAP, an awful lot of support for Hitler, though declining since July 1932 (from 37.4%) and not exactly a mandate for Hitler to be the dictator. The thesis that Hitler was the product of democracy is surely debatable.

"an enemy that cannot be tamed by tolerance and accommodation but only spurred on by such gestures, which will be mistaken for signs of weakness."

That's no mistake - accomodation IS a sign of weakness.

If Europe is an appeaser, and it is a dangerous trend, admittedly, there are far worse in the USA...namely those "Progressives" that seek to vietnamise Iraq in order to push their agenda.

Commenting on the post about Andrew Sullivan's blog: These people are trying to get Congress to reinstitute the draft, not because they care about how many troops we have in Iraq, but because it's a lot easier to push soldiers to desert military service if they have no choice in the matter. Kinda hard to do with an all volunteer army.

But, regardless of your point of view, cutting and running (like we did in Vietnam, 30 years ago yielding to the anti-war movement and the left stream media) is not an option for us in Iraq.

Millions died in the aftermath of our premature ending of the Vietnam war. I think this November, the American public (yeah, those dumb bible believing hicks) sent a clear signal to President Bush that we were willing to stay the course.

The Progressives will continue with their anti-war rhetoric and campaign. I only pray that the American people will contiue to remember the high price *we* will pay if we leave now.

While Europe may have a record of appeasement, America's record is not clean either. American built up a bank of altruism in WWI and WWII. But committed idiocies as well, but for different reasons. It has blundered in based on $$. Wherever insiders had money at risk, or an opportunity, send in the Marines.

Iran in 1953. Central and South America numerous times. Panama. America installed Saddam. America mucked up SE Asia. All in the name of 'making a friend in a troubled area'. Bollocks. There was money to be made. Drugs to run.

In 1979 the Shah was overthrown. No one in the US 'Intelligence Community' saw it coming. So we funded Saddam in its war against Iran. then Saddam's war against his own people hit the news wires and the US had to back off a bit. We started helping Iran again. Naively thinking that we could make a friend there. We succeeded only in making enemies of both.

1983 Reagan launches attack to defend America from immense festering evil - Grenada. US wins, but it was close. American people forget about Reagan's idiot domestic policies to cheer a stupid war.

1991, US Ambassador tells Saddam US has no protection agreement with Kuwait. Saddam invades. US bribes world to help repel him. Big win for Bush, Sr., eh wot. NOT. Victory described as saving democracy. Where??? Kuwait, never had it, never will. Saudi - same. US - wasn't in danger. A hollow victory fueled by oil money. More a PR campaign than a military one.

Bosnai, Kosovo. no one cares because no money there. Clinton finally got disgusted and started to help. Still a quagmire of sectarian violence today.

Iraq 2003, W learns from his father's mistake; tells a bigger lie to the American people. WMDs, booga booga. Mission accomplished in a few months. people still dying by the dozens. American people too stupid to realize it. They reelct Jorgito Borracho. Halliburton rakes in Billions; but still losing money. Must be that legacy of smart fiscal management left by Cheney. But I guess, if ya can't send other men's children off to die to make your friends some money, what's the draw for being President?

As for the Middle East in general, America is so beholden to Israel that it can't see anything that is going on over there. Sure, in 1945 israel was the underdog, and needed all kinds of support for a homeland etc. But now Israel is the bully who has made it to the top of the mountain. And wants to deny everyone else the homeland and liberty it has. What hypocrites.

And Israel as a friend of the US?? HAH. All I need to know about Israel's friendship of the US I learned from the USS Liberty, Jonathan Pollard, and AIPAC.

If money from Muslim charities in the US is suspect when it possibly goes back to terrorist groups, then aren't US synagogue donations just as guilty when they go back to Israel to fund the slaughter of women and children in refugee camps that the Israelis built??!! Isn't the use of the Army against those civilians 'state sponsored terrorism'?

So, is Europe without sin? No. But comparing them to other countries, they come out about the same. Isolationist until they can profit from it. Or win an easy one. Selfish until shamed into helping. So what else is new? People are petty little shits. nations are petty big shits. Stop the self flagellation and just make some noise. Exercise term limits - throw the bums out every chance you get. incumbency is the enemy.

"Unless Europe learns that democracy requires sacrifice, it will have neither"

This is really a nonsense. You better learn History. Never heard about "Risorgimento" or "Primavera dei popoli" and all the insurrections during the XIX century all over Europe? European nations had fought for their freedom and democracy.
I'm disgusted...

I hate to be a critic, but the expression, used correctly would be "Cowardice, thy name is Europe". The adjective comes first, then the proper noun.

"When you want to cook a frog, they say, don’t throw it into boiling water, since it will only jump out. Instead, place Froggie in a pot with tepid water and, ever so slowly, continue to increase the heat. When the poor fellow finally realizes he is being cooked, he’ll have no more strength to resist."
(quote from http://www.newsmax.com/archives/articles/2003/8/6/12803.shtml


I am sure you are aware of this article. As a mother, whose son was in Iraq for a year and is currently stationed in Germany......I want him out of Germany! I am sick to death of the mind set of Europeans! I have many German friends and will be in Germany this summer. For the 1st time, I regret I'm going! If it was not for my son being there, I would stay in the USA!

Please, tear this article and the sub articles apart! If you need any help..write me back! I'd love to help!


I can get what that cowardice is expressed by? Their policy? No, they lead peaceful police and do as much as they can to protect European citizens.

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