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It's not only the nuclear energy lobby who hates him, he is hated by everyone I know
...which isn't saying much as all Americans I know hate George W. Bush. Still, he got an impressive number of votes.

Christian Stroebele , another Green Party member and former RAF lawyer
While I'm not too keen on Ströbele at all, that isn't saying much, either. Schily used to be an RAF lawyer, too. And he's now very much bound to become best buddies with Günther (Günter?) Beckstein, who's far right-wing even in the CDU/CSU.

brought to life just two weeks ago was a national muslim holliday in Germany.
Actually - Ströbele said he wanted it, while Trittin said he was "open-minded" about it. Actually, he expressedly said he does not want to create a muslim holiday. There is very much a difference between being open-minded (i.e. open for discussion) about something and actually wanting that something.
See also here and here. Actually, even here.
Also bear in mind that Trittin is an atheist...
Last not least - he's not the minister in charge of creating new national holidays.

Trittin said a national muslim holliday instead of one of the christian hollidays , like f.e. Eastern would be the appropriate answer to the killing of Van Gogh in the Netherlands.

Seriously - that's just plain wrong. Ströbele said something along those lines, Trittin didn't. He I know BILD created that impression, but even BILD had to report otherwise later on. He expressedly said he did not want to cancel or substitute any existing public holiday.
See here.

Trittin is completly out of touch with this country, in fact he hates Germany and he is working hard on the destruction of Germany, culturally and economically.
Is he?
How fortunate he's minister of economics and culture.
BTW - the two things that stand out most in Trittin's record - opting out of nuclear energy and deposit on cans and such - were not actually his original ideas (although he probably was sympathetic with them). The first is apparently an idea not only shared by both the SPD and die Grünen, but also by a significant proportion of the population at the time (I'm not aware of current polls, so I'm being careful here). The Dosenpfand was originally Klaus Töpfer's (CDU) idea, later on "refined" by Angela Merkel. Trittin just carried it out. He did bring in his own suggestions to this, but they didn't pass the Bundesrat.
Please also bear in mind that opinion polls showed a steady support (of some 66% I think) for the deposit on cans even when the trade industry campaigned to prevent the almost 10-year-old law actually being applied.

He is the main reason a liter of gasoline is now at 1.20 Euro ( 6 $ for a gallon)
Actually, his party was behind that idea. So it could have been any politician from that party. Bit pointless to blame him alone.
Never mind that he also is not the reason for gasoline (95 octane) reaching a level of 1.15 (I'm quoting prices from the gas station round the corner). There haven't been any increases in the additional tax on petrol in almost two years and prices have still risen by some 0.15 EUR.

compared with a country like Austria where the liter is a 0,84 Euros and they have a higher sales tax.
...or countries like the Netherlands, where the litre costs almost 1.30 €
As far as I know, they have a centre-right government which has so far done very little to change that.

Trittin is the reason people can't find beer cans in a German supermarkets anymore
What a pity they have to resort to drinking from bottles now.
Germany is really going down the drain...

and he is the reason Germany will shut down the safest nuclear power plants in the world
...not saying much, is it?
If I say that - for instance - the Boeing 777 and the Airbus A340 are the safest planes in the world (none of them have ever crashed), it won't help you when you're aboard the first 777 or A340 that does crash. Which is just bound to happen at one point. Except the effects of that would be way easier to contain than the first German (or French...) nuclear power plant seriously malfunctioning.

You might also put it the other way round - Trittin is giving us a head-start in developing environmentally-friendly technology. That argument would be equally valid. Although - mind you - I'm not saying I completely agree with it.

I can prove anything I've said about Trittin with links on the internet, if there is something in question.

I seriously doubt you can do that in the case of the muslim holiday.
Again - check this out, they got the debate about Trittin, as created by BILD, covered. Basically, the impression created (by BILD) was that what Ströbele said was actually said (and/or shared) by Trittin, which very simply and plainly isn't true.

Then again if by your standards being "open-minded" towards a muslim holiday disqualifies a minister from being able to do his job in the way that comparing George W. Bush with Hitler does...

Just for the record: I am opposed to both - the muslim public holiday in Germany and moving the national holiday from the 3rd of October to any other date.

...which isn't saying much as all Americans I know hate George W. Bush.

Might I suggest you seek a better class of friends..or Americans you know.

"These people from the so called 68 er generation have hijacked the institutions in Germany"

Oh my god! That is terrible! Everywhere hippies, in the Bundestag and all the institutions! They hijacked us and took away our beloved beercans! They are communists and hate freedom! America, save us!

Note from David: old school, take a week or so off from this blog.
You are trying to be funny, but you're not.

Don't litter my blog with this trash. Go away.

Actually a boycott of American products would be good for Germany. In time this boycott by Germans might actually get some media play by MSM in the US. It is even possible several tens of millions of Americans might reciprocate.

This combined with a lower dollar and increased oil prices would have a hammering effect on the Germany economy. It would probable cause unemployment to rise, deficit spending to increase and even more firms to relocate from Germany. The social welfare state would be under tremendous pressure.

All of this would be good for the Germans and Berlin. They then could get serious about what structural changes they need to make to sustain their standard of living and them implement those changes.

As it is now and this has become the pattern in “old Europe” they just talk about it and do not really do anything but at the most minor changes.

As it is now and this has become the pattern in “old Europe” they just talk about it and do not really do anything but at the most minor changes.

This isn't a phenomenon just in Europe. Institutional reform, is difficult in the US too. To the point where some people (John Chubb, Paul Peterson) see the governing capability of America in serious danger ... .

Germans will not boycott American products, there is absolutly no widespread movement of boycotting US products. However it is not easy to find any American made products in Germany, all consumers could boycott are American companies , who produce products in Germany /Europe, most of them not even with an American brandname like Procter and Gamble or Kraft Foods, who use German names for most things they sell. Face it , the meat in a Big Mac at a German McDonalds is German meat, the potatos they use for their french fries are German potatos and the Coca Cola they sell is made in Germany at a Coke botteler and not exported from the US. The GE light bulbs are made in Hungary, Wrigley Chewing gum is made in France, Heinz Tomato Ketchup is made in the Netherlands and Colgate toothpaste is made in Germany, Schwan Foods makes their frozzen Pizzas in Eastern Germany and Marlboro cigarettes are made in the EU ( they don't say in which country). The Ford cars sold in Germany are made in Cologne / Germany and some other European places, GM sells cars under the Opel and Chevrolet brands, the Opels are made in Germany, Poland, Netherlands and Spain, the Chevrolets are formerly known as Daewoo and are made in South Korea, the Chrysler Crossfire is build in Osnabruck / Germany and is exported to the US. American made cars account for only 0.4 % of all cars sold in Germany. Boycotting American made products in Germany is not that easy, cause their aren't that many of them. The only American made product I found in my household are Ocean Spray Cranberries and they also offer some California Walnuts at my supermarket . Thats all I could boycott.

who cares about any weak and disjointed attempt at boycotting? who cares?

Germany could easily boycott American movies and entertainment, this is a substantial export to Europe: that would really show the Americans! The Germans would have nothing but increadibly boring German TV and movie productions to watch. *Yawn*

The knock-on would be doubled: ZDF/ARD would see an increase in viewers thereby justifying their sheltered tax existance. Perhaps this would lead to more productions and employing more Germans.

Arbeitsbeschaffungsmassnahmen : The German Way!

old school,

You should be hopeful you will not need America or Americans to save you at some point in the future. I am not so sure they will next time.

Well they could boycott Hollywood, but I would guess that a Hollywood boycott is somwhat counterproductive since most actors and directors are liberals, such a boycott would even include Michael Moore, a man loved by the German media. His Fahrenheit movie was shown a few days before the US election, but not on public television, it was on private Pro 7 , a TV station owned by Haim Sabban, an Israeli born US citizen.
And by the way speaking of public and private Television, the only TV station with a pro American bias in Germany is Bayrischer ( Bavarian) Rundfunk and that is a public TV station. Not that they show a lot of American movies, only some old John Wayne western at night, but their news and political magazines have always been American friendly and also not very critical on the Bush administration compared to all other channels, public and private.

[b]but increadibly boring German TV and movie productions to watch[/b]

Tastes are different, I don't like American TV productions and I consider them to be increadibly boring.
Don't get me wrong, there are some great American movies made for the big screen, but movies and tv series made for television just suck.
The drama shows are politically correct and completly forseeable crap and the sit coms are pure junk tv for retards.
I wouldn't shed a tear if all US TV productions are boycotted and the private TV station have nothing to lose, only the smaller ones still show US shows on prime time, cause they can't afford to produce German shows.

The times when US TV series like Dallas or Miami Vice had high ratings are long gone. In the late 80s , early 90 s the private TV stations started an overkill of US shows, it worked for a few years, but about 10 years ago they started producing more an more German shows and that was their way to overturn the public broadcasters in the ratings.
These days you wont find a US TV series at 8 p.m. on RTL or SAT 1, the two biggest private TV stations. They have to bring up a movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jennifer Lopez or some other Hollywood stars to get some better ratings.

American Tv shows were exciting and interesting for Germans as long as there were only a few of them like in the 60s, 70s and 80s, but once they were bombarded with US shows they 've lost interest in them.
I don't think this trend in German television has anything to to with antiamericanism or boycotting American products, but when Americans turn on their TV they want to see Americans, when Italians turn on their TVs they want to see Italians and when Germans turn on their TV they want to see Germans.


Where did you ever get the idea that this website is unbiased? It is not unbiased, in my opinion, and is not intended to be. Its intention, from what I gather, is to present the other side of the story, the side the media doesn't tell people.

That he allows you to come in here and give your comments for all to respond to, even when you disagree with him, says a lot about his attempts to be fair.

Contrast that attitude to that of your more "liberal" brethren...whose first response to criticism is often to launch an ad hominem attack upon their critics.

Frankly, I rely on this website and other alternate news sources on the internet to give me another point of view from the vitriol and hatred, emotion and illogic that I get from the left wing media in *my* country.

Okay, that does it. I am now officially boycotting products from any country whose people speak a language that employs the umlaut.

Until, that is, I see some product they produce that I really like. Then I will likely change my mind and buy the thing, if I haven't already forgotten my boycott.

It's called "human nature", and it's why boycotts don't usually work over the long haul. Plus, I always want to reward people who make something good, not punish them because of some unrelated political crud that they had nothing to do with.

I'm betting that the guy who designed the Mercedes I like didn't have anything to do with Schroeder being an ass. And even if he did, what does that have to do with how well he designed the car?

Economic warfare is a stupid way to fight. It's like pulling the pin on a grenade, dropping it down your own pants and then hugging your enemy.

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