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so what?
Why does it hurt so much? Because you deal leader will loose soon?

Note from David: You're Chinese, Mistel?

I am shocked and outraged by this pathetic attempt to influence the outcome of the U.S. presidential election.

Showing an anti-Bush film one day before the election on German television is clearly out of line.

American voters visiting Germany could be swayed the night before the election.

Apparently, German anti-Americanism has no bounds.

Note from David: I just won my bet. Someone would claim we criticized PRO7 for influencing the U.S. election.

You made my day, anonymus!

So Haim Saban is a top contributor to the Democrats and is very interested in U.S.-Israeli relations. Hmm, something doesn't sit right. Sounds like he should read this article: International poll: The world opposes Bush, except Israel

That should fit nicely with the support he's getting from Iran, not to mention all the arab support he's getting at home.

Hoffen wir, daß diese Pro 7 Sendung nicht durch Nachrichten von Anschlägen unterbrochen wird

Hier ist das Gegenmittel zu "Fahrenheit 9/11"!http://www.fahrenhype911.com/
Schaut mal dort rein, lest auch die Kommentare dazu!
English: Here´s the antidot for Fahrenheit 9/11!
Have a look at the website above, read also the comments!
Grüße/greetings von/from F. Hoffmann

What a fool believes a movie showed on german television would influence the US election? And why are Bush supporters affraid from this movie anyway? Bush has nothing to hide! Or does he?

how could it influence the us election? we here in germany (and the rest of the world) always hated bush, and will hate him and all who vote for him. you bush voters are all maggots, you see only your little safe america and you are way to blind to see what your stupid bush did an will do to other countrys. believe me we germans never understood how americans can be that stupid to elect bush for a second time, and this movie has nothig changed on this. otherwise, we cant vote for the us president, so why is it a problem?

Note from David: I did not delete this comment because it serves as a perfect example for the quality of critique that is so often leveled against George W. Bush by the German Left.

I tried to watch the film, however, I fell asleep. It was so borrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiing! I'm sure Micheal Moore made some more money from his German fan club. Keep making him richer, he needs your hard earned money. As long as you keep buying his hogwash, he will keep writing, producing and filming it.

als deutscher muß ich mir deine totalitär-kollektive vereinahmung verbitten. wer bist du um für die deutschen sprechen zu können. wie kannst du es dir erlauben deine agressiven haßtiraden im namen von 'wir deutschen' auszukotzen. kümmere dich um dein eigenes denken, und überlasse das der anderen, eben diesen.

what hard earned money?
1. PRO7 is a free TV with commercial brakes, you dont have to pay for it.

2. Michael Moore allows it to people all around the world to download it for free from the internet. show me another hollywood movie you can download for free

3. he gives up all chances of winning an oscar because documentaries can only get a nomination if they don't air on TV until nine months after their theatre release.

4. and if youre from the US you should know that this movie is free to borrow in many video stores in the us

and 5. if you dont want to use the internet or any other gratis way to see this movie, youre free to buy the dvd, you also buy other good movies dont you? and this was one of the best in 2004. i dont get your thread

We here in Germany? Don't include me, skeleton.

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